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Phoebe's Pharm Phresh Eggs My happy hens make better eggs!

For the first time in 8 years, I don't have any hens on the farm.  I will miss having them around, but as you know I hav...

For the first time in 8 years, I don't have any hens on the farm. I will miss having them around, but as you know I haven't been able to give them and those who enjoyed their eggs proper attention since my baby sister Cooper was born 2 years ago. When she gets a little older, I might show her how much fun it is to be an egg farmer. Thank you all for letting me and my hens be a little part of you lives!

Richmond council votes to allow backyard hens

Richmond council votes to allow backyard hens

The Richmond City Council unanimously adopted the final set of regulations that will make it legal to own up to four hens in residential areas, marking the final chapter in a saga for the dozens of backyard-chicken advocates who showed up Monday night to see it adopted.


It's springtime! Here on the farm that means it's time for chicks! These are our White Leghorns, Brown Leghorns and Golden Comets.


To celebrate the 100th day of school, Ms. Sullivan asked that all of her 2nd graders create something using 100 items. I chose eggs, of course! This EGG contained 100 eggs and measured 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft.


Happy New Year!


Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! The hens laid more eggs yesterday than they have in a month. They haven't really enjoyed the snow, but we give them the option to go outside if they like even on the coldest, snowest days.


Happy Thanksgiving! I know my hens are really glad they are not turkeys.


I would like to thank Caitlin Sullivan for coming to visit our hens last week. The picture below is featured on the front page of the November 3, 2010 edition of the Washington County News. I forgive her for misspelling my name. Phoebe


April 12 Today I bought little, little baby chicks. They are so cute. When I was at school I could not wait to go home. In the school bus I was so happy. When I got home I got my lunch box and socks and went to the kitchen. I went straight to the chicks. I was late for school because I went to get baby chicks. I LOVE my baby chicks. Phoebe Price


We're getting up extra early in the morning to make sure we get our chicks. Dad is letting me and Quinn go before we go to school. I'll post some pictures of the chicks tomorrow evening.


4 days until baby chicks!!! In addition to Rhode Island Reds, we going to get New Hampshire Reds. Now you only have three more breeds to guess!


New chicks are only a week away! Can anyone guess which kinds we are getting this year?


Happy Easter! Eight days left to get ready for our fourth batch of spring chickens.


Only 9 more days until baby chicks!!!


Spring is in the air! We took the winter coverings off the chickenhouse windows yesterday. Only 10 more days until we pick up our new chicks.


11 days and counting . . .


There are 12 days until baby chicks!!!


There are only 13 days until baby chicks!!!


Only 14 days until new baby chicks!!!


Now 15 days until baby chicks!!!


17 days and counting...


Now 18 days until baby chick!!!


Now there are only 19 days until baby chicks!!!


Tell us what you think - answer our two questions which you can find under the Discussion tab.


Now there are only 20 days until baby chicks!!!


21 days until baby chicks!!!


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