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Taylor Fence Inc. Taylor Fence is a family owned and operated electric fence charger manufacturer based out of Ashvill

Electric Fence Solutions, AC and DC Model Fence Chargers from Taylor Fence, INC. Electric Fence Chargers featuring the best lightning protection in the world!


Taylor Fence Inc. has a job opening. A Printed Circuit Board assembler carefully and quickly places parts in small holes in printed circuit boards, cuts and crimps the parts, and otherwise aids in the process of making completed soldered, inspected and tested circuit boards. We need reliable, on time, responsible, motivated individuals that can keep their mind on the work at hand. We can train the skills needed for the job. If this is not you, please don't waste our time. The job is in an unconditioned warehouse until our building is finished and then it will be air conditioned. The job starts at $12.00 per hour and increases as skills improve. Hours are 8 to 5 M-F with an hour for lunch. We do not have insurance, etc. The address is 4097 County Rd. 22 in Ashville, AL. Send a resume to [email protected].


troubleshoot and repair diodes, etc. on circuit boards and some assembly


Due to the Corona Virus, our Electric Fence chargers will not shock as hard.
Just kidding, they will still knock you on your butt. Ha. Ha.


Taylor Fence will not be attending the Sunbelt Farm Expo this year. Crowds have dwindled since 2008 and prices for tent, lot, etc. have increased until it is not feasible for us. Things are going well for us. Actually, we are struggling some to manufacture fast enough to meet demand. We are here if you need a fence charger or help troubleshooting a charger or a fence. Just call us at 205-594-5971. Thanks for your support.


Check out our Youtube commercial at this link.

Taylor Fence is a family owned and operated electric fence charger manufacturer based out of Ashville Alabama. We sell and ship to anywhere in the world.


Alex is working at Sunbelt Farm Expo.


Using fiberglass fence posts:
The failure mode is important in fence design. When using fiberglass posts for electric fence posts, if you use a smaller gauge wire to hold the fence wire, then the failure point is the 9" piece of wire used as a clip and the 12.5 gauge fence wire will not break.


At the hottest time of the year you don't want to tighten the fence too much. The cold weather will contract the metal and tighten the fence for you.


OK, we are going to try to keep this face book page more up to date. We are preparing for the Sunbelt Farm Expo. We do not have our remote control finished but we are working hard to get it done by the Expo. We are going to make some video's to post soon. Thanks to all of our customers. We appreciate you.


It's raining but we are dry and we're demonstrating our new remote control for electric fence chargers at the Sunbelt Farm Expo. Remote is not in production yet. We are showing our prototype.


Counting down to the Sunbelt Farm Expo! We hope to see you there!


Share our page with your friends, we have a charger for all your needs! We are proudly made in the USA!


Who's gong to the Sunbelt Farm Expo?
We hope to see you there.


We are developing an electric fence charger remote control.
It will also measure current and voltage.
It will work on any charger and is not tied to one fence charger.
It is in development and we hope to have a working prototype ready for the Sunbelt Farm Expo Oct. 14.


Making a new instructional video tomorrow. What would you like to see a video on?


So what is your favorite thing about a Cyclops electric fence charger?


Now that summer weather is here it is the time to get out and start fencing.


New blog being written today. Let us know if you have any topics you would like to see us cover on the blog.


Less than 2 weeks till the N.C.B.A show in Nashville. We hope to be able to meet talk with some of you there.


Working hard to reach new goals in 2014. Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us the past few years and for helping us grow these next years.


Gearing up and getting ready for the NCBA trade show in Nashville. Who all is going to be there?


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The only person willing to try one of our free samples. I think he learned to respect the Boss.


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4097 County Road 22
Ashville, AL

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm


(205) 594-5971


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Here's kind of an overview and chit chat about a great brand of electric fence chargers, Cyclops. This is about the really good and the not so bad issues with this brand. There's definitely a lot more great things about this brand vs the bad. Taylor Fence Inc. are the people that design and build these units right here in the United States.
Lightning protection - real world results! I installed 2 fences with Cyclops chargers right next to a fence with a Brand X charger from a long time charger manufacturer. The neighbor with the Brand X said he had to buy a new charger because he said they just had "the worst lightning storm he ever saw here." The neighbors AC Cyclops blew a fuse, while the DC Cyclops in the solar shock box was unaffected. Cyclops lightning protection works!
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