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BawkanQuack Farm BawkanQuack Farm is a small hobby farm in the lovely Shenandoah Valley. We are no longer selling egg


This new black vulture patient was rescued when he couldn't fly. His exam and radiographs show he has been shot through the wing.
Some people don't like vultures but our environment needs them to keep it clean by eating carrion. Vultures are a keystone species and our world would have a lot more disease and smell a lot worse if we didn't have them. Value the Vultures!

Ellie having a bad feather day.

Ellie having a bad feather day.

I'm selling these shirts to raise some funds for vet care. Please Share!

I'm selling these shirts to raise some funds for vet care. Please Share!

Our little farm is located in the Shenandoah Valley. We have mostly chickens and a couple of ducks. I'm selling this cute shirt to help raise funds for vet care. We have a special rooster named Hoppy who was born with a deformed leg. We want to have Hoppy's bad leg removed because it gets stuck in t…

Hanging  around, waiting for Spring!

Hanging around, waiting for Spring!


My girlfriend just sent this to me, so I thought I'd share it with you all! Egg 'float test' to determine how fresh or
old your eggs are! .... - Yvette

I started a fundraiser for Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. Aren't these cute shirts?

I started a fundraiser for Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. Aren't these cute shirts?

Whooo loves wildlife ? We do! I'm donating all sales profit of these shirts to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. These folks give so much time and energy to saving and healing our native wildlife. But they can only continue to help the creatures with our support.! They rely on our donations to stay a…

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had an adoption yesterday for a lonely male swan who was looking for a friend. Our female was lonely too and was finally strong enough to go to a new home after coming in emaciated. When they met the immediately made the heart with thier necks. It's always heartwarming to see love at first sight. We thought this was a perfect picture to celebrate Valentine's Day. Not only are we animal rescuers but we are matchmakers too!

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

Thanks for sharing Billy!
Pair of Mallards by Billy Houghton


Peace and Grace are two black swans at the rescue. They love the Playhouse. Grace goes inside and Peace like to come to her kitchen window to chat.


So, that happened.


Welcome to my new friends!


Goodness this page is outdated. I'm no longer selling duck eggs. We've sold and bought various chickens over time. We lost one duck, Ida Mae. We lost the male turkey to a predator. The female turkey now lives at Birch Hill farm in WV.


The ducks continue to lay nice eggs daily. Good girls!


Well Folks we have increased our bird population! We added 4 more pullets(young female chickens) ,3 Silkie chicks and 2 young turkeys! So once the pullets start laying we will have 8 laying hens.The Silkies are mostly just pets.We don't know their s*x yet.Nor do we know what s*x the turkeys are.


Well it looks like egg production is picking up again.I'm up to my eyeballs in duck eggs! Time to make some quiche.
Also Trixie the chicky that lays blue eggs is back in action! I'm very pleased about that. She had stopped laying in late summer.


I have ordered more chicks for the spring! We need more chicky eggs. I will be including Barred Rocks,Barnevelders and a Welsummer into the flock.They should arrive in early March. I'm very excited!


Hi folks. I'm just getting started on my duck egg business. I thought BawkanQuack Farm needed a page!
I shall be adding more information soon.


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