Black Walnut Meadows

Black Walnut Meadows Drama free horse boarding facility, located next to a honey bee and Christmas tree farm. 4 H program onsite.

Operating as usual

2-3 stalls available in our co-op barns. $400 includes hay & grain. Large pasture turnout with hay huts, grass riding ar...

2-3 stalls available in our co-op barns. $400 includes hay & grain. Large pasture turnout with hay huts, grass riding arena, trails and a track. Come by the farm for a tour. 339-222-8505


All stall are full :)



Did you know? The wild American Black Walnut is native to 32 states and is the official tree nut of Missouri, where the crop is most abundantly found. It is one of the most valuable and fully utilized natural forest trees in the United States.


Summer is coming to a close but there is plenty of BBQ time left. Take advantage of our great prices on delicious cuts of beef. All of these are 100% Grass fed. Let me know if you have any questions. All of these cuts are available a la carte as well.

Choose Package
Pick 5 – $150
Pick 10 – $290
Pick 15 – $430
Choose Items: (Multiples of one letter can be selected.)
A) 4 lbs Ground Beef
B) 2 lbs Sirloin Steak Tips
C) 3 lbs Beef Kabobs
D) 3 lbs Brisket
E) 4 lbs Short Ribs

F) 1.5 lbs Sirloin Strip
H) 2 lbs Flank Steak
I) 3 lbs London Broil
K) 2 lbs NY Sirloin
L) 2 lbs Ribeye
M) 2 lbs Tenderloin
N) 2 lbs Porterhouse
P) 2 lbs T Bone
Q) 2 lbs Strip Steak

R) 3 lbs Ground Lamb
S) 2 lbs Lamb Kabobs
T) 3 lbs Lamb Stew Meat|
U) 2 lbs Ground Pork

We also offer whole, half, or quarter cows for even more savings Please let me know if you are interested.


The mustangs will be at the GBHA show tomorrow!

Fun times at the park !!

Fun times at the park !!

Fairly fitting I think(Glenn)
You're The Buckaroo!

Fairly fitting I think(Glenn)

This is not your first rodeo. Your horse is not a backyard pet, but a valued partner. You’ve probably never braided his mane. When a horse interacts with you, it can instantly tell that you’re the real deal. You’ve been around horses a long time and you’re pretty darn handy. You actually pre...

Chow wagon is here!

Chow wagon is here!

Apparently the fairies like riding Devlin at night :)

Apparently the fairies like riding Devlin at night :)

I had never heard this before 😁

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

When it takes a long time to load your horse into the trailer. .....


Yankee Doodle Parade in September, GBHA Show this weekend and Equine Affair next month. We're still too busy doing horsey things to update social media !! Ya'll have to come by the farm and join us around the campfire some night. It's that scary time of year on Dudley Road🤣


We have a coveted opening in the full board barn. $550.00 includes everything. Our riding arena will be complete soon. Sane horse/owner only please.


Awesome day at the parade. We'll post lots of pics tomorrow. We hope to see everyone at the Greater Billerica Horsemans show on Sunday June 3rd


We realized that every time we wear our jackets to an event that the page gets a lot of hits! We really need to update it more often. So to keep y'all posted......Everyone has been riding a lot at the farm and the occastional trip to Great Brook. We did the Baystate Scavenger hunt two weeks ago and took 5th- womp womp. This weekend is a busy weekend as we decorate the Float, bathe all the horses and then ride in the Memorial Day Parade. The first week in June is Cowgirl Vacation and many of us will be camping with our horses at Myles Standish. Pics to follow :)


We have been having so much fun riding our horses and sitting around the campfire that we really should post some pics...but we're having too much fun in real life to care about Social Media !


Will anybody be at the barn tomorrow after three?


Hi Cowgirls, Bold Play was lame tonight. Tendon and heat in the left front. Same injury from the infamous Dudley Road jaunt a couple years ago. I buted him. If he has to stay in at all then Blaze will stay in too to keep him company. Her special hay is in my trailer. Please keep katie updated I left more bute (probably expired ) on his cabinet thank you


Hi folks. I'm asking all boarders to please stay off the track tomorrow Its melting and will get really torn up with more warm weather coming. Dog walking is still permitted. Thank you!!

Photos from Baer Horsemanship - Jacqui Baer's post

Photos from Baer Horsemanship - Jacqui Baer's post


Marie at Little Acres is missing her elderly white cat. He has blue eyes. Please let her know if you spot him.


BWM is registered for the clean up-green up day on May 6th. I will leave yellow bags and gloves for anyone that would like to help rid Dudley Road of roadside trash. Just leave the filled bags out where we leave trash when you're done. Thanks all.

Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S.
Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S.

Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S.

The world is seeing more and more new diseases, and the U.S. is no exception. We're living in a hot spot for tick-borne diseases. Some are deadly. The key to stopping them may be an unlikely critter.


Stalls still available!!


Still have two stalls available. Please PM for more information


Hello everyone, we currently have two stall openings, one in our Full Board and one in our Co-Op, please PM the page for information regarding these stalls if you are interested. We Are located in Billerica, MA


We have a coveted stall available in the co-op barn. $400.00 includes hay and grain, pass the reputable boarders only please. :)


Call Dodge if you want shavings. They are coming tomorrow.


Truck load of English saddles arriving 10 am Saturday. Stuebens, Crosby's,Corbetts etc all under $100. All are welcome !


100 Dudley Rd
Billerica, MA


(978) 319-0178


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Hi everyone, We are having a halloween party at our new barn.😘 I was wondering if anyone has a costume Treasure could borrow for one day. He refuses to be Mr. Ed.
Refreshments, anyone? Beautiful day to celebrate with Elisabeth Ward and Julie Bloch at horse (and human) heaven Black Walnut Meadows.
These beautiful girls let me touch them today. Visited the 1 Alpaca that was across from the cows and one horse that loved being scratched. Your place is beautiful. So relaxing.