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Littlefield Farm Located at 394 Littlefield Road, Boxborough MA 01719. We sell our eggs roadside and other produce seasonally.

Operating as usual

They have played "Christmas a la Mode" the last two years on the Lifetime Channel.  If you search for it, you may be abl...

They have played "Christmas a la Mode" the last two years on the Lifetime Channel. If you search for it, you may be able to DVR it since it will probably play during the day:)))


Still have some tomatoes, peppers and eggplant plants available at $3/plant. Stop by the farm if you're interested 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm today, Tuesday, June 8th through Friday, June 11th.

We've got eggs!!!  Our pullets are really producing now so we still have an abundance of pullet eggs for $3/dozen.  Many...

We've got eggs!!! Our pullets are really producing now so we still have an abundance of pullet eggs for $3/dozen. Many of the pullet eggs are large now too and qualify for our regular dozen eggs at $5. Our older chickens are producing really large, often double-yoked eggs which we sell in green quart containers - $3.00 for 7 eggs (a "half" baker's dozen). Come and get 'em😀

We've got eggs!!! Our pullets are really producing now so we still have an abundance of pullet eggs for $3/dozen. Many of the pullet eggs are large now too and qualify for our regular dozen eggs at $5. Our older chickens are producing really large, often double-yoked eggs which we sell in green quart containers - $3.00 for 7 eggs (a "half" baker's dozen). Come and get 'em😀

Need some more tomatoes, peppers or eggplants for your garden!!!!  After filling the orders I have some plants still ava...

Need some more tomatoes, peppers or eggplants for your garden!!!! After filling the orders I have some plants still available for sale. I will be open and available at the farm from 2:00pm to 5:00 pm this Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th. Plants are $3.00 each which includes a dose of "Tomato Tone Organic Fertilizer" for planting. Remember, there's always room for one more tomato...or pepper...or eggplant:))))


This year I decided to cut down on my growing of vegetable seedlings and took some orders before planting the seeds. I think most of you who purchased plants last year have already ordered but I wanted to let others know so they can look for other sources of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. I will probably have a small number of plants left over after filling the orders so stay tuned for more information about that at the end of May. Happy Spring All:)))


Well it's that time of year again when I begin planting seeds for the garden. This year I have decided not to do a public Heirloom Tomato Sale because, quite honestly, it was too successful last year (over 750 plants sold) and I was exhausted from all the planting and transplanting that I did in preparation:) So I've decided to cut back on the quantity of plants I plant and only take orders in advance. That way, I won't end up with hundreds of plants that didn't sell; I find it really hard to "kill" my baby plants and so my garden was overrun with those tomatoes, peppers and eggplants last year.

If you are interested in ordering tomatoes, peppers, eggplant or tomatillos, please message me with your email address and I will reply with an attachment listing the plants/varieties. You can then respond back with your order. Plants will be $3/plant which includes a dose of fertilizer. Please contact me before March 15 since I will begin planting peppers and eggplant in the next couple of weeks.

The most recent visitor to the farm😁

The most recent visitor to the farm😁


Today was a great day!!!! We had a visit from the great granddaugher of the builder of our house (Jacob Littlefield, house 1843). She was here with her nephew and the wife of her son. She had never been in the house although she lives only about 45 minutes from here. Showed her and her relatives the house and the barn. Saying goodbye, we found out that in mid-July, Betty turns 100!!!! Amazing!!! Couldn't tell at all...what a woman. Loved it!!!!!!!


The 4th Annual Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale starts tomorrow at 1pm. Thanks to everyone who has already preordered. Some procedures for the sale to keep up all safe during this Covid19 pandemic.

Everyone should wear a mask and maintain reasonable social distancing. We will be outside and contact should be quick but we all want to remain vigilant.

I will be setting up tables under a tent by the road for pickup of preorders. You can park on the street (but please don't block the driveway;)) Please have your money ready to deposit in the box on the table, $3/plant cash or check made out to "Diana Lipari." Someone will be there to assist you should you wish to change or add to your order.

For those coming to the sale, please enter the circular driveway on the left and pull around to the end of the grass circle on the right. We will be taking one group at a time beginning with the first car in line. Again please bring multiples of $3 so we don't have to make change for your purchases. Or you can pay by check made out to "Diana Lipari."

We look forward to seeing everyone in the next few days. So pleased to offer you my lovingly raised plants:))))


Hello All,Hardening off the plants now for the 4th Annual Heirloom Tomato Sale at Littlefield Farm.  Included in this lo...

Hello All,

Hardening off the plants now for the 4th Annual Heirloom Tomato Sale at Littlefield Farm. Included in this long post is a list of varieties of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants that will be available this coming
Wednesday, May 20 through Monday, May 25th. I have hundreds of plants but only a few of each variety. If you would like to pre-order I will have them available for you to pick up at your convenience. You can message me on Facebook to place an order. Below is the long list of plants (I tried to upload a .pdf file but Facebook told me it was having trouble dealing with .pdf's now:))) The price is $3/per plant which includes a dose of TomatoTone Organic fertilizer to get your plants off to a good start. See you this week.
P.S. You can just tell me something like " 4 Slicing Tomatoes, Red" and I'll pick out some good ones for you.


394 Littlefield Road
Boxborough, MA 01719

Wednesday, May 20 1pm – 5pm
Thursday, May 21 1pm – 5pm
Friday, May 22 1pm – 5pm
Saturday, May 23 10am – 5pm
Sunday, May 24 10am – 5pm
Monday, May 25 10am – 5pm


Slicing Tomatoes

Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red - Outstanding tomato produces 16 oz. tomatoes with old-fashioned tomato flavors. Exceptional slicing tomato. A winner!
Brandywine Red - Different regular leaf strain from regular Brandywine, which is slightly larger. Excellent, robust, full flavor.
Burbank Slicing - A very popular canning tomato. Complex tomato flavors with high acidity and amino acids. Good for farmers' markets.
Carmello - Very productive tomato, smaller in size. Popular for its exceptionally fine flavors. Produces well even in cooler weather. A winner!
Early Girl – Hybrid - This a proven all-round early hybrid. Use it to jump start your harvest. Early Girl bears lots of fruit for early harvest, but because the vines are indeterminate, they continue producing through summer.
Early Wonder - This extra-early maturing, compact variety makes an impressive crop of round, dark pink tomatoes with an average weight of 6 ounces. They have excellent, full tomato flavor, and earn their name since it is a wonder when an early variety tastes this good. Perfect for gardeners in short-season areas. Determinate. 55 days.
Fordhook First – Hybrid 90 days, indeterminate — The fruits average about six ounces in weight, are food flavored, and exhibit minimal splitting after late season rains.According to the 1899 W. Atlee Burpee seed annual, the variety originated with the well-known market produce growers, S. D. Woodruff and Sons of Hartford, Connecticut. Released in 1894.
Large Red- Highly favored for 100 years. 1-2 lb., tomato with old-fashioned acidic 'tang' that makes it a winner. Perfect tomato.
Legend - Early, 14-16 oz., tomatoes with delicious, balanced, sweet flavors. Suited to cool growing conditions of the Northwest.
Mortgage Lifter Radiator Charlie’s - An American favorite since the 1930's. HUGE, 1-3 lb., meaty and very flavorful tomatoes with few seeds. Exceptional!
Santiago – Prolific From Guatemala. 8-10 oz., fluted tomato with tart, sweet flavors. Good canning tomato. Suited to hot climates.
Stakebreaker - 2-3", tomatoes in clusters of 3 to 4. Delicious flavors with a pronounced acid tartness to complement its sweetness.
Super Marmande - Famous,10-16 oz., scarlet-red, tomato with full spectrum of delicious complex flavors. Great market or canning tomato.
Thieneman’s Australian Heart - LARGE, 1 lb., heart-shaped tomatoes filled with wonderful, sweet flavors. Just enough acid to leave you grateful.
Todd County Amish - HUGE, 1-2 lb., lightly-fluted tomato with wonderfully delicious flavors. Fabulous for sandwich or salad.

African Queen - Family heirloom from 1900s in North Carolina produces large crop of delicious, 1-2 lb., jade-pink tomatoes.
Earliana - Considered a perfect market tomato due to its visual appeal ideal sweet/tart flavors. Good for cooler growing regions.
German Giant - An old family heirloom. Similar to the famed Brandywine, but matures earlier. Sure to be a highlight in your garden.
Grandfather Ashlock - Treasured since 1920. Exceptionally delicious, 1 lb., pink, beefsteak tomato with truly impressive flavors.
McClintock’s Big Pink - Another large pink beefsteak that tastes good. This one is supposed to rival Brandywine in flavor but be more productive. The tomatoes are a nice 12-24 oz in size and are both meaty and juicy. Very nice.
Pink Ponderosa - Favorite since 1891. 1-2 lb., beefsteak tomato with an abundance of good, complex flavors. Great slicing tomato.

Dark Red/Purple:
Black Krim - One of our most popular black tomatoes. Fantastic, intense flavors. Perfect choice for slicing, salads and cooking.
Brown Flesh - Heavy crop of mahogany-brown, 3 oz. tomatoes that are semi-hollow with firm thick walls. Wonderful stuffing tomato.
Cherokee Chocolate - Chefs love this because of its exceptionally complex tomato flavors. A preferred market tomato with all growers.
Cherokee Purple - Very popular market variety because of its rich, complex and sweet flavors. One of the best tasting heirloom tomatoes.
Midnight Select - Intense blue color often flecked with green. Turns to gold when ripe. Full flavors and dense texture. Wonderful!
Paul Robeson - Exotic Russian heirloom. Winner of "Best of Show" and "Best-tasting" awards. Good for cooler growing regions. Delicious!

Aunt Gertie’s Gold - One of the "best tasting" yellow tomatoes. 1-2 lb. tomato, prized for its outstanding flavor. Lots of character.
Dixie Golden Giant - Amish family heirloom since the early 1930's. 1-2 lb., yellow-orange, meaty tomatoes. Sweet, fruity taste. Fabulous!
Gary Ibsen’s Gold - FAVORITE! Very juicy, 14 oz., brilliant orange-gold tomato with tropical fruit flavors and an acidic-burst to delight.
Homer Fike’s Yellow Oxheart - A distinctively beautiful, yellow-gold, heart-shaped, fruit up to 3 lb. Guaranteed to get a "WOW!
Lemony - One of the first Russian tomatoes popularized in the US. 16 oz., light-yellow, with luscious, sweet tangy flavors.
Moonglow - Beautiful, 6-8 oz., blunt-pointed globes. Brilliant, warm-orange slicer with great flavor. A winner in the marketplace.
Orange Russian - Fantastic, 1-2 lb., heart-shaped, meaty tomato with pronounced, complex, sweet flavors. Very popular.
Persimmon - Grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1781. 1 lb., meaty, orange tomato with few seeds and fruity flavors. A "best-tasting' favorite.
Pineapple - Beautiful, 1-1/2 lb., golden-orange tomato with luscious, pineapple-like flavors. Popular with chefs and markets.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green - Considered the "best tasting" green. 1 lb. tomato that ripens to a pale greenish-yellow with a pink blush. Superb!
Zebra Rita - 8-12 oz., green-yellow zebra tomatoes. Larger and sweeter than Green Zebra. Wonderful for salad or sandwich.

Ananas Noir - a.k.a. Black Pineapple. Yields heavy crop of 1 lb., dark-purple tomatoes with green shoulders and delicious flavors.
Big Orange Stripe - Produces hefty quantities 1-2 lb., orange tomatoes with light red striping throughout the fruit. Deliciously sweet!
Indian Stripe - 10-12 oz., dusky-purple tomatoes with complex flavors. Suited to late season coolness. Perfect for sandwich or sauce.
Mortgage Lifter Bi-Colored - Bi-colored version of the old favorite, Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter. 1-2 lb., yellow tomato with red marbling.
Thunder Mountain - 10-14 oz., orange tomato with deep blue around the stem and faint yellow stripes. Flavors are balanced and bold.
Watermelon Beefsteak - A FAVORITE for 100 years. HUGE, 1-2 lb., tomatoes loaded with deliciously rich, old-time tomato flavors. A show tomato.

Paste Tomatoes

Aker’s Plum - Fantastic, multi-purpose heirloom tomato. Jumbo plum tomatoes with excellent taste. A top choice with gardeners.
Alsakan Fancy - Earliest plum-shaped tomatoes available. Great for short, cooler, growing seasons. Delicious 2 oz., tomatoes.
Amish Paste - One of the largest paste tomatoes. Up to 12 oz, oxheart-shaped, meaty tomatoes loaded with delicious flavors. Also make a good slicer.
Andes - A very long, deep-red paste tomato, shaped almost like a red pepper. Exquisitely fine flesh, it's right up there with San Marzano.
Big Italian Plum - Regular leaf plants yield large paste type fruit that resemble fat banana peppers. Excellent for thick paste and canning.
Carol Chyko’s Big Paste - I-3 lbs., heart-shaped, meaty tomato with delicious flavors and very few seeds. WINNER of large tomato contests.
Makes a great slicing tomato.
Carol Chyko’s Big Paste Black - 1 lb., meaty, black oxheart tomato with mahogany colors and good flavors. Contains sufficient acid for great taste. Makes a great slicing tomato too.
Costoluto Genovese - Favored by generations of chefs in Italy and America for its flavors for wonderful, pungent, pasta sauce. Heat-loving.
Dad’s Barber Paste - Rare variety from the US. Elongated oval red (pasta) tomatoes. With the smaller fruits, there is a nipple on the end. Very firm flesh with little gel and seeds.
Ed’s Fat Plum - 3-4", oblong, plum-shaped tomatoes that are meaty and loaded with good flavor. An excellent canning tomato.
Eleanor - 2" x 4", meaty, paste tomato with pointed end. Unique sweet flavors well-balanced with acid. Good canning tomato.
Enormous Plum - 10-16 oz., 3-inch x 7-inch, red paste with good acid content and excellent flavors. Most respected choice for sauces.
Giant Paste - Large, meaty, tomatoes up to 5-inches long. Superior rich flavors for cooking. More juicy than many paste tomatoes.
Heart of Sambor - Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces large elongated red, paste tomatoes that are fatter than San Marzano.
Hog’s Heart - 1920s Italy. 12 oz., 3" long, paste tomato. Shape varies: banana shape to a heart-shape. Excellent sweet flavors.
Italian Heirloom - A Classic from Italy. 12-16 oz., pear-shaped, tomato. Abundance of rich, complex, sweet flavors. A favorite. TASTY.
Italian Paste - 100 YEARS a favorite from Italy. High yield of 3-5 oz., gorgeous paste tomato with few seeds. Good flavor. BRAVISSIMA!
Long Tom - HUGE paste tomatoes with award-winning, sweet flavors and few seeds. Makes a delicious sauce!
Milano Plum - Respected Italian heirloom. Large trusses of elongated, sausage-shaped, firm, paste tomatoes. A perfect sauce tomato.
Myona - 100 year-old favorite. Meaty and flavorful tomato. Great for sauce and canning due rich, slightly-acidic flavors. RARE.
Paisano - Thick-walled 4–5 oz. fruits in the true San Marzano shape. Good flavor and high solids for sauce or canning.
Polish Linguisa - HUGE, 10 oz., sausage-shaped, meaty, paste tomatoes with firm flesh and few seeds. Sweet for a paste tomato. WINNER!
Principe Borghese Sun Drying - 1-2 oz., plum-shaped, crack-resistant, paste tomatoes. PRIZED for holding more flavor than most other drying varieties.
Purple Russian - 5-7 oz., plum-shaped tomato with blemish-free skin and excellent flavors. A preferred tomato of ours for 30 years.
Rocky - Good producer of HUGE, 5", 8-12 oz., plum-shaped, paste tomatoes with sweet, tangy, flavors for a "best-tasting" sauce.
San Marzano - A standard with Italian farmers. Prolific producer of 2-3", paste tomatoes for a delicious sauce. Crack resistant.
San Marzano Redorta - Our preferred Italian paste tomato. Larger tomato (4-5") than San Marzano. Excellent flavor. Perfect choice for sauce.
Santa Clara Canner - Very popular since 1910. A standard for canning due to its uniform, 10 oz. size and exceptionally rich flavors. Also a good slicing tomato.
Super San Marzano - Improved variety of San Marzano. 5", paste tomato. Splendid for making sauce and salsa. Exceptional flavors.
Super Sauce Hybrid - Weighing in at 2 lb., a whopping 5.5" tall x 5" wide, SuperSauce produces gallons of luscious sauce from a single plant harvest - one tomato fills an entire sauce jar.
Ten Fingers of Italy - Wonderful paste tomato! Huge crops in long trusses of 3 oz., tomatoes. THE BEST of the best-tasting paste tomatoes.

Cherry Tomatoes

Angora Super Sweet - Beautiful ornamental tomato. Fuzzy like a peach. Yields large crop of 1" super-sweet cherry tomatoes. RARE.
Camp Joy - 1" cherry tomato with sweet tomato flavors. Our most popular and favorite cherry tomato. Disease resistant. A winner!
Chadwick Cherry - Very popular with home gardeners and farmers markets. Thought to be the best cherry tomato available.
Matt’s Wild Cherry - "Favorite," 1/2" cherry tomatoes, borne in clusters. Sweet & delicious. "Like eating candy." Does well in cooler areas.
Peacevine Cherry - High in Vitamin C and amino acid content offering a calming effect. Huge amounts of cherry tomatoes in large trusses.
Red Fig - Popular in America since 18th century. 1 1/2", pear-shaped, cherry tomatoes with exciting, delicious, flavors. RARE.
Super Sweet 100 – hybrid - Super Sweet 100 lives up to its name, especially when harvested at the peak of ripeness. The indeterminate vines continue bearing until frost.

Aunt Ruby’s Yellow Cherry - Copious amounts of 3/4", round, yellow cherry tomatoes that are loaded with delicious, fruity-sweet flavors. Rare.
Austin’s Yellow Pear - An impressive-cropping tomato giving an almost endless supply of big symmetrical trusses of baby, pear-shaped golden fruits. Lovely for eating, just like grapes, straight off the vine! A superb salad tomato.
Beam’s Yellow Pear - Zesty sweet and delicious! Great choice for a patio or planter garden even in cooler coastal regions. Good salad or snacking tomato.
Yellow Cherry Warren - PREFERRED, 1", yellow cherry tomatoes from cascading clusters with just the right amount of acidic tang to delight.

Dark Red/Purple:
Black Cherry - Our most popular tomato due to "Its splendid taste." Huge clusters of 1", round, deep-purple, cherry tomatoes.
Purple Bumble Bee - 1", purple/black cherry tomatoes with grey-green stripes that contain delightful, complex flavors. POPULAR!


Hot Peppers

Dragon Cayenne
Red Ember Cayenne
Red Flame Cayenne
Cheyenne Hybrid
Hot Rod Serrano
Altiplano Serrano
Jedi Jalapeno
Jalafuego Jalapeno
Early Jalaopeno
Park’s Whopper Jalapeno
Hot Paper Lantern Habanero
Pepperoncini Italian
Pepperoncini Orange
Highlander Anaheim

Bell Peppers

California Wonder Green
Karma Hybrid Green
Recovery Hybrid Green Early
Orange King
Islander Purple
Red Knight

Specialty Peppers

Round of Hungary Pimento
Sweet Pimento Pepper
Baron Poblano
Carranza Hybrid Ancho


Nadia (Italian black)
Hansel (small black)
Paloma (Italian white)
Annina (purple)
Orient Express (Asian)
Patio Baby (mini black)


394 Littlefield Road
Boxborough, MA


(818) 388-0444


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Fantastic! Love the pictures. Just wish we were closer to enjoy those eggs!