GavaTea GavaTea brings you the freshest premium single estate tea straight from the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. Be on the lookout for our store opening!

The word “gava” originates from the Badaga tribal community in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India.
“Gava” means “love” or “caring”, which perfectly describes the essence of the tribal people. Badagas are known for their unique customs, incredible hospitality and a century-long tea growing tradition

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Happy  104th Birthday, Estonia!As a small nation, Estonia has been fighting for independence throughout its history. It ...

Happy 104th Birthday, Estonia!

As a small nation, Estonia has been fighting for independence throughout its history. It gained independence from Russia in 1918 and then again from the USSR in 1991. This little country has come a long way to become one of the leading digital nations in the world.

Tech aside, did you know that Estonia has brought home a remarkable number of Olympic medal per capita and it's also home to some of the world's most renowned chefs?

What about tea culture you'd ask?

While many cultures will offer guests tea (or coffee) repeatedly until they accept or insist on serving tea regardless of the guests preference, Estonian hosts will assume that no really means no.

So, grab the opportunity when it comes along!

Happy Tuesday 2/2/22! Feel like doing something special today?We made some scones and inaugurated the new porcelain teap...

Happy Tuesday 2/2/22!
Feel like doing something special today?

We made some scones and inaugurated the new porcelain teapot from Victor and Victoria.

What was the lucky tea to be the first teapot pioneer? DRUMROLLS!!!! Nilgiris Oolong from the Red Hills Estate. This tea is so full bodied, mild and ultimately flavorful with sweet floral notes. Perfect to pair with some delicious scones or sugar cookies.

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Here is sweet and simple way to add a warm tea party break into a family walk or hike (and not only for Valentine’s Day ...

Here is sweet and simple way to add a warm tea party break into a family walk or hike (and not only for Valentine’s Day of cause). Making tea together is a wonderful way to help kids learn about the health and wellness benefits of herbs and plants. The ritual of drinking tea together helps to create a moment of quiet and warmth to overcome the chill and heighten your enjoyment of time outside together. Here’s how:

* Plan a walk: Plan an outdoor adventure that makes sense for your group, given weather, distance and the ages of kids
* Brew some tea: Brew a thermos full of decaffeinated herbal tea or a warm beverage of your choice. Some of the ingredients for making tea include:
* Lavender
* Lemon verbena
* Mint
* Thyme
* Chamomile
* Jasmine
* Rosemary
* White pine

* Pack a bag: Grab your thermos, some cups, snacks and even a blanket or two.
* Head outside: Head out on your walk and activate different senses along the way. Take deep sniffs to smell the cool air. Feel the air on your cheeks. Look with your eyes and notice how your outdoor space has changed with the changing season. Stop and listen to what movement (and stillness!) you can hear.
* Have a tea party! When your hike is almost done, stop to enjoy a special treat—an outdoor tea break! To get extra cozy, wrap a blanket around each person—or snuggle up and wrap one blanket around all of you. Pour tea and nibble treats. Notice how the warm cup feels against your hands. If it is cold outside, notice the steam that rises from your cup. Take a moment to appreciate how the tea warms the body from the inside out and how good it tastes after a good outdoor walk.

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Happy Lunar New Year!Based off the lunisolar calendar, the lunar new year is the first day of the first lunar month – th...

Happy Lunar New Year!

Based off the lunisolar calendar, the lunar new year is the first day of the first lunar month – the second new moon after the winter solstice.

Celebrating the beginning of spring, honoring deities and ancestors with an exhuberant blend of vivid colors, festivities and age-old traditions.

Celebrating with Chinese green tea and Puerh o:)

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I was never a fan of blends of flavored teas until I tried the creations of our amazingly talented blenders from the Nil...

I was never a fan of blends of flavored teas until I tried the creations of our amazingly talented blenders from the Nilgiris!

Want to experiment with blending yourself? High quality tea and ingredients is key to a delicious and healthy blend.

A fun combination of Nilgiris green tea, pea flower, safflower, rose petals and a hint of orange (and a few secret ingredients swished in by the unicorn tail). Brew it to see the magic!

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Whether you a parent, a busy entrepreneur (or busy anything for that matter), we all can use some self care tips. And ev...

Whether you a parent, a busy entrepreneur (or busy anything for that matter), we all can use some self care tips. And even better, if they are tea inspired.

1. Wake up early
Get some me time. Set intention for your day. Meditate. Drink a cup of tea in silence

2. Move your body
Walk the dog. Do yoga. Run. Do squats while your tea is steeping (a little goes a long way)

3. Set boundaries with work
Start early. Focus. Don’t overcommit. Take tea breaks

4. Social media
Follow the positive (like GavaTea maybe?). Set time limits. Don’t compare your life to others

5. Pick your friendships
Filled your life with people who truly love and support you, not those who bring you down. Preferably those who love tea o:)

6. Prioritize yourself
Do what you love. Be true to yourself. Rest when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7. Slow down
Life is busy, but rather than spinning the wheels all day, make it a habit to pause, take a few deep breaths, go for a walk and make yourself nice cup of tea.

8. Embrace the outdoors
There is nothing like spending time outside to help you release daily stress and clear your mind. Just a few minutes in a park, a trail, a lake or even walking on a road will make you feel rejuvenated. When you are there, pay attention to the birds chirping, running streams, wind blowing through the trees. Nature is truly magical

9. Have fun
I know, I know, we all have adult responsibilities, but it’s ok to be childish once in a while. Play dress up with your kids, jump on a trampoline, sled and tumble downhill, stomp the muddy puddles. Make a pretend tea party (or a real one)

10. Practice gratitude
Life sure has its hard moments but there is always something to be thankful for. Take a moment to find one thing every day

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with oolong tea!As a seasonal and mood based tea drinker, fall and winter is w...

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with oolong tea!

As a seasonal and mood based tea drinker, fall and winter is when I gravitate towards earthier, bolder and darker teas. Fall is definitely a huge oolong season here, but when winter comes around, I start craving chai, black tea and even the strong red tea dust that I’d drink straight or blend with the spices I have on hand. The hearty coffee-like feel and the higher caffeine content in black teas help to keep my energy up during cold and dark winter days.

Yet, this winter I can’t get enough of oolong!

My tea chest is stocked with a variety of oolongs, from the light Taiwanese gaba (thanks Dominion tea for an opportunity to finally try it) to very intense Red Robe from China. Yet, what my heart desires right now is my long time favorite Nilgiris oolong.

Unlike a traditional Chinese variety, oolongs from the blue mountains of the Nilgiris are light and smooth, more similar to yellow teas. They are partially fermented, complex, aromatic, with floral or sometimes fruity undertones.

Today’s chilly morning’s pick is Nilgiris Wulong from .

My tea infuser refused to cooperates, so I brewed a small amount in an infuser mug from , carefully measuring the water/tea ratio, the temperature and the steeping time.

It’d been a while since I had this tea and it pleasantly surprised my with a rather well pronounced honey aroma. It was just what I needed! Smooth, warming, with zero earthiness and all sweetness and light malty undertones, this wulong is simply extraudinary! The long and soft finish with nicely balanced floral tannins made me pause and savor every sip. I could swear I hadn’t felt the honey before but what your soul desires, it will find.

This is the beauty of artisanal small batch teas - they surprise you every time!

So, it’s January 3. But it’s Monday and it’s a snowstorm outside. This calls for another lazy day. There is always tomor...

So, it’s January 3. But it’s Monday and it’s a snowstorm outside. This calls for another lazy day. There is always tomorrow to start on your New Year’s goals, right? o:)

Personally, I’m not one of these people who just jumps into the new year or the new week with tons of enthusiasm. I first need to tie the loose ends from last year and set the base for the new start. This year, this base is organizing and decluttering.

There are a few major issues I have with clutter:

1. Constantly organizing and cleaning is time consuming and takes away from the time I could spend playing with my daughter, working on my business and doing things I love
2. It makes me feel overwhelmed and not in control of my life in general
3. It’s harder to keep inventory and find things, so that sometimes I end up buying more of I already have
4. It takes forever to pack for a simple picnic or a day trip because I need to find things in all the different places, pack them in small containers and undo it all after we came back.
5. All the stuff we accumulate reminds me about the effort, time and money we spent acquiring it and makes me feel wasteful
6. It makes it more challenging to teach our daughter to put her toys back because there is no visually appealing place to store them.
7. I’m pretty good having a system around organizing small things, but the issue comes when someone else need to find something. It is i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e!
8. I can’t ask anyone to help clean or organize it all because I’m the only one who has the ‘system’ in my head.
9. It prevents us from having guests over more often because the house is never guest ready
10. It keeps us from enjoying our own house the way we envision it

In 2022 I see more creativity, play, reading, time outdoors, blending tea, growing plants, playing board games and enjoying tea time with family and friends. Experiences and relationships over things, reusing, donating and using super glue if needs be!

To a simply happy 2022!


Brambleton, VA




Premium Single Estate teas from the Nilgiris:
- black orthodox
- organic green
- handmade white
- unique oolong
- golden tips (rare)
- frost tea (seasonal)


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GavaTea story

GavaTea strives to be an ambassador of the premium single estate teas from the Nilgiri mountains of Southern India. We work with the local small farmers to source the best quality tea and ingredients the Nilgiris can can offer. Our teas are grown at the altitude of over 6,000ft with no use of fertilizers or pesticides, only plenty of sun and clean rain water. We pride to deliver a variety of fresh high quality tea straight from the factories.

At GavaTea we believe in giving back and support the local communities by paying fair price for the leaves, educating farmers on the quality standards and supporting local communities.

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Tea garden
This Wednesday, at 7:30pm est, I will be interviewing my long-time friend and fellow running buddy Olesja Ossipenko, co-founder and owner of GavaTea. We will be discussing what teas to drink to support the immune system and thyroid, and which ones to avoid.

Olesja recently returned from India, where she had moved her family to create relationships with the tea growers. And, like me, she is a certified integrative nutrition Health Coach! You do not want to miss her inspiring story!!

Register for this FREE event at to receive the Zoom details, or click on the link in my bio above.

There will be time at the end to answer your questions (via the text box on Zoom)!!

Your goodie bag is growing!! We are happy to announce Last Forest as our "Sustainable Nilgiris Partner"

* All GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2021 runners will receive a Beeswax soap 20g as part of your goodie bag
* The top finishers (men/women) in open & veteran> 45 age category in all the 4 distance categories will receive a bottle of Honey and Wintergreen Balm from Last Forest

Visit to learn more.

About Last Forest

Last Forest pioneers in sustainable living choices by connecting communities with markets. For those seeking aesthetic and socially responsible solutions, Last Forest is a sustainable marketplace that provides eco-friendly, thoughtful, and meaningful options that directly involve communities. Last Forest offers an unparalleled experience of handcrafted, original, and curated choices.

"Teaming up with OOTYULTRA and its dedicated runners, we celebrate the diversity and the magic of The Blue Mountains through sustainable, healthy products from the forests, bound to keep the mind, body, and soul running!" - Last Forest

"Teaming up with OOTYULTRA and its dedicated runners, we celebrate the diversity and the magic of The Blue Mountains through sustainable, healthy products from the forests, bound to keep the mind, body, and soul running!" - The last Forest
We are happy to announce foodstrong as a co-sponsor and a nutrition partner for the GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2021, the Spirit of Ultramalaivasi Virtual Run!

"Foodstrong is proud to be associated with the OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra ultramarathon events. These prestigious events rooted not just the community of passionate runners but also deeply embedded in the communities of the places they are conducted are in sync with the Foodstrong way. We believe in the power of food, in the power of eating right and our mission is to empower everyday athletes to achieve their goals." - Karishma & Avartan, Founders, Foodstrong

Read more about the announcement here and also what this means to the participating runners -->

Happy to share these very important updates about GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2021, The Spirit of Virtual Run.

Hope you like the gifts!


- Coach Kay, Founder and Race Director

Video made by Aditya Kannan
"The 90k runners had already taken off and had been running for the last 30 mins.... and then you slowly hear the final countdown... 10...9...8...9...6...5...4...2...1....gooooooooooooooooooooo!! the clock just struck 6.30 am... you are dashing out of the start line at the OOTYULTRA 2020 already... "

I'm feeling very restless and my legs are wriggling since the last few days.

At this time, aren't you evoked by a strange feeling to run the GavaTea Ootyultra only in the minds?

I've been thrashed by the nostalgia and couldn't help assemble a small video for you... to cherish the moments. Those who have run the OOTYULTRA in the past, know what it is... but for the others, hear is an opportunity for you to virtually experience it (view this on a computer/ phone landscape mode to fully enjoy the drone visuals)

But, yey! time will fly fast...

What are you thinking? :)

Speak your mind and write in the comments section and of course

I would love to hear from you.

, Founder/Race Director,
Your ultramarathon coach, KaysFITAcademy
A limited number of GavaTea Ootyultra "Save Nilgiris" charity tickets are available till 4-Mar-2020 4.00 pm or until whenever all the tickets are sold.

The charity tickets will be priced Rs. 500/- more than the published ticket price and the money raised will support the "Save Nilgiris" campaign.

We are delighted to introduce Twin Birds as a co-sponsor for the GavaTea Ootyultra

The brand Twin Birds has been a global trendsetter in the women and children's clothing, including Innerwear, Activewear, Sportswear, Sleepwear, and in general, a daily wear brand for girls and women. OOTYULTRA is excited to have this association with Twin Birds known for its ultra-endurance 50 years journey and also a progressively fast-growing brand.

In a statement released today, Mr. Prakash, Head of Sales and Marketing said,

"Twin birds is very excited to be associated with OOTYULTRA. As a women's wear brand, we are committed to encouraging more participation of women and young girls in more such events. Out best wishes to all the runners and the team of OOTY ULTRA for the grand success of the event.

Fly every day with Twin birds!

The Twin Birds brand story

Twin Birds is the exclusive women wear brand from the Network Clothing Company, a renowned garment manufacturing, and export house, which has been completing close to half a century in the business.

The uniqueness of Twin Birds lies in the quality fabric, texture, styling, color, cut & fit, high-class tailoring, and overall, a new look and feel.

Twin Birds brand collection is synonymous with freedom for women and also the answer to the growing aspirations and expectations of Indian girls and women.

Buoyed by the response, the brand which started with the basic legging category for women has now diversified into clothes for girls and other products, including t-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, Bermudas, Palazzo, harem pants, scarves, shawls, activewear, and nightwear.

Twin Birds has become a trendsetter and leader in the legging category proud to have the respect of several million satisfied customers across the country and abroad.

The legging collection comes with the highest quality of super soft cotton elastane fabric, finished with broad elastic waistband and in as many sizes. The brand has not less than 100 colors available throughout the season on never out of stock basis in our large warehousing facility. No wonder we advertise with a tag line COLOURS YOU NEED; FIT YOU WANT.

Twin Birds regularly engages with its customer base very actively through our customer experience management team. Triggered by the chain of customer satisfaction feedbacks that we get daily and which keeps growing, the team is continuously motivated to live up to the expectations.

Consistency in the quality and service is the fundamental strength of the brand.

More about Twin Birds -->

Visit their online store -->
page -->


The 3rd edition of OOTYULTRA is just 46 days to go, and the registration closes on 28-Feb-2020 or before when we reach the maximum capacity.

GavaTea Ootyultra is proud to announce our co-sponsor and apparel partner, 42KM (

42KM is the newest kid in the block in sports merchandise and are run by a group of energetic young entrepreneurs.

We are also excited to bring you a beautifully designed, official t-shirt for OOTYULTRA 2020. Stay tuned for further updates!

We have a message from 42km store founders!

At 42KM, we are excited about this association and look forward to 'running' this journey with OOTYULTRA and its founder/race director, Coach Kay.

The brand 42KM resonates with and complements OOTYULTRA in what we believe and deliver. OOTYULTRA pushes runners to achieve their maximum potential, and 42KM intends to support each one of them with high-quality performance activewear for the energetic workout they'll have to endure during the marathon, as well as keep them comfortable for their victorious evening afterward.

Our brand name, 42KM, signifies what we stand for and how we believe that running can genuinely benefit one's life. Our vision is to inspire everyone to run by enhancing their experience with our high-quality, runner-friendly apparel and accessories that are affordable and accessible.

About the 42KM founders
Abinesh Kg and Gowtham co-founded 42KM in 2018. Aside from being a runner, Abinesh is a budding businessman in the textile industry. He is also the product manager for 42KM.

Gowtham is the business manager for 42 KM. He is a branding and marketing consultant and an aspiring entrepreneur, and has experience working for multiple leading companies


I'm delighted to announce that this marks only the beginning of many more exciting projects we intend to engage with 42KM in the future!

, Founder/Race Director, OOTYULTRA, KaysFITAcademy


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