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Lollipops made out of cake and confectionery in the shape of Cthulhu and other lovable creatures. This is my page since apparently I discovered I have my own interests page without my knowledge. This page shall be an account for my company and a blog for everything macabre in the baking world. If there is something cute and twisted out there baking wise I shall find it and comment on it here! Go Cthulhu!

Mission: To spread the Joy of Cthulhu Pops everywhere! And find Cthulhu-esqe and cute macabre baked goods.


Once again since I see some new likes. I've combined both Cthulhu's Cake Pops and my accessory store into one page. Cthulhu's Dungeon. Please like and hey we're selling truffles right now.


In case people don't know. I've transferred Cthulhu Cake Pops to Cthulhu's Dungeon on fb. My everything Cthulhu page! Cake pops, gloves, hats, bags and other paraphernalia.


Anyone need Cthulhu, ghost, cat, gremlin cake pops for their Halloween parties? I'm taking last minute orders for the Halloween season. Discount at $1.50 a pop.


For those of you who would like an order of Cthulhu Cake Pops or other creature shaped Cake Pops leave a message on my wall and I shall email you with order details.


One day soon I swear. I will have an ad for my Cthulhu Pops. Long live Cthulhu Pops!


pretty red and blue and white striped cake pops with monster faces are fun.


ah old school chocolate no bake cookies how i luv thee.


Testing recipe ideas for bleeding zombie cake pops.


Thanks Deanna Déadly and new fans for liking the page. Now for event announcements I will be selling at the July Craft Fairy and might be selling during the taste at the park nearby. Still working out details.


Which do you think would make a cool cake pop?

Woo hoo! 24 hours and I have 10 people who like the page.  I'm so happy I think I want some Monster Brownies!  http://ww...
Monster Brownies

Woo hoo! 24 hours and I have 10 people who like the page. I'm so happy I think I want some Monster Brownies! http://www.amandascookin.com/2010/09/monster-brownies.html

Thank you Maria, they were TOTALLY fun! :) Thank you Jose, you always say such nice things :) Thanks Sue! Coming from a master cookie decorator like yourself, I am honored by the compliment :)


Awww...........Cthulhu Pops has their own page now. Please Like it.


Chicago, IL


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