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MLPD - Horse Mineral Feed Trial

Not seeing the results you were hoping for with your current feeding program? We can help! Come by and see us today to start a Purina® horse feed trail. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Oyster Strong System

Help your chickens­čÉö produce strong-shelled, delicious eggs­čąÜ! Learn more about Purina's┬« Oyster Strong┬« System found in all our layer feeds! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Fetal Programming

What you feed your cows will impact not only her ability to perform, but also impacts the calf's development. Learn more about the nutritional needs of your cows today! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Fly Control

Keep flies ­č¬░ under control while providing the necessary nutrients to your herd. Now is the time to start your fly control program! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding Growing Chicks

There are 6´ŞĆÔâú important stages in your growing chicks ­čÉą that you need to remember! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Foal Feeding

It is important to supply your weaned foals with high quality nutrition. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Producer Lifestyle

Providing the right nutrition is the key to success. This is your legacy, fuel your passion with Purina. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Fly Control

Now is the time to start a fly control mineral plan. Let us help! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Hobby Farm

No matter what animals you own, we are here to help. Come and see us today. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Weaned Calves Starters RX3

Get your weaned calves set up for success with Purina RX3Ôäó Immune Support Technology! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Horse Feed Trial

Not happy with your horse feed? Let us help you find the right feed for your horse! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Lifestyle

We fuel your lifestyle. We are your local Purina dealer. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Accuration Sheep & Goat

Support body condition and reproduction in your herd with the Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - EquiTub with ClariFly

You can count on us for research backed equine nutrition! The Purina® EquiTub with ClariFly® is no different. For more information, come see us! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Mineral Trial

Looking to start a new mineral plan for your cattle herd? Come see us! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Show Life

Fuel your show animals with greatness! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Age Is Just a Number

We can help your horse age gracefully with Purina® Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed with Outlast! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Hen Treats

Spoil your girls, not their diet! Purina® Farm to Flock Treats are a fun and easy way to treat your hens. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Prebreeding Care with Mineral

Prepare for the upcoming breeding season. Let us help you find the right mineral plan for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Starting Your Flock

Are you ready to start a backyard flock? We can help you find everything you need! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Purina® Wind and Rain®

As winter shifts to spring, it is time to take a look at cattle management. Let us help you find the best mineral program for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Show Lamb Lifestyle

We fuel your passion for your show lambs. Start your lambs on Purina® Honor® Show feeds today so they can reach their full potential. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Outlast Horse Treats

Show your horses (and their bellies!) some love with Purina® Outlast® Horse Treats. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Horse Lifestyle

WeÔÇÖre passionate about helping horses reach their fullest potential. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - What is IM Technology?

Proper rumen environment is critical to your cattle's development. Learn more about how Purina's Intake Modifying Technology® can help! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Rebreeding & Body Condition

Are your cows in good body condition? Focus on optimizing your herd's body condition score at calving. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Mineral Trial

Minerals are the foundation of your cattle's nutritional program! We want to help set you up on a mineral feeding trial that is right for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


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