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Ag Plus Churubusco Ag Center Offer superior quality of Agronomy Products and Services, Livestock, Show Feed and Companion Animal Needs!

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MLPD - Feeding During Drought

Be prepared for anything that Mother Nature throws at you with high quality cattle nutrition! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Dealer Service

For feed for every animal on your farm and service that can't be beat, come see us. We are your local Purina® dealer. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - NEW ClariFly® Tub

Did you know you can now get gastric support, fly control and high quality nutrition for your horses in a self-fed tub? Learn more today! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Purina® Home Grown®

Looking for a high quality and economical chicken feed? Come see us! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding Trial

Are you interested in trying a Purina® horse feed? Keep watching! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feed for Success

Having the right nutrition program is critical for the success of your program and Purina Ambassador Luke Jones knows that! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Getting Calves on Feed

Get your calves off to the right start with Purina's RX3® Immune Support Technology found in Purina® starter feeds! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding for Lifestyle

Meet the nutritional needs of every horse in your barn with Purina® horse feed. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Cattle Mineral

Keep the flies off your cattle herd with Purina's Fly Control Mineral. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Managing Seasonal Diets

Seasonal changes can mean changes to your horse's feeding program. Does your horse feed meet the nutritional requirements of your horse? #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Why I Feed Purina®

Purina® has the tools to help sheep producers be successful. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Starter Feed Basics

Optimize your calf performance and promote healthy calves with Purina's cattle starter line! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - 24/7/365 Nutrition

Encourage your cattle to eat supplement multiple times per day with the Intake Modifying Technology® found in Purina® Accuration® cattle supplements. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding for a Shiny Coat

Everyone wants their horse to look good! Are you feeding the correct diet to help your horse have a shiny coat? #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreantess

MLPD - Lifestyle Spot

For a difference you can see in the passion that you love. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Feeding Trial

Are you interested in trying a Purina® horse feed? Keep watching! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Decrease Heat Stress

Summer heat can cause serious problems for your horses! How are you helping them beat the heat? #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Horn Flies Bite Into Profits

Can you imagine being bitten by flies 120,000 times per day? Help control the horn fly populations on your cattle herd! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


Our feed is backed by extensive research to give you the best quality! Learn more about what all goes on at the Equine Barn at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - 5 Tips to Maintain Body Condition

Health and nutrition are vital in helping performance horses be at the top of their game! Here are 5 tips to ensure your horses are maintaining ideal body condition! #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Mineral Trial

If you don't currently have a mineral program in place for your cattle herd, now is the time to try one! Come by and learn about a mineral trial for your herd. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Hobby Farm

Let us help you fuel your passion. No matter what animals you have on your farm, we can find a feeding program that works for you. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness

MLPD - Ambassador Testimonial

Purina Ambassador Dan Clasing feeds greatness! Learn more about his feeding program. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


Weaning calves can be a stressful time. Here are some tips to make the transition a little smoother. #mylocalpurinadealer #feedgreatness


9325 E. State Road 205
Churubusco, IN

Opening Hours

Monday 7:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 5pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 5pm
Thursday 7:30am - 5pm
Friday 7:30am - 5pm
Saturday 7:30am - 12pm


(260) 693-2161


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