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WindCrest Farm WindCrest Farm is located in Clarksburg, Maryland on 25+ acres near Sugarloaf Mountain. It is owned and operated by Davida (Dede) and Peter Bierbrauer

WindCrest is dedicated in providing private, unhurried, supportive atmosphere with individual attention in the development of the amateur or junior wishing to establish a strong base in solid, correct training and still enjoy the journey. Wind Crest adheres to the principles of correct training that are time tested and experience proven. Dressage is the basis of all training for all horses, not br

WindCrest is dedicated in providing private, unhurried, supportive atmosphere with individual attention in the development of the amateur or junior wishing to establish a strong base in solid, correct training and still enjoy the journey. Wind Crest adheres to the principles of correct training that are time tested and experience proven. Dressage is the basis of all training for all horses, not br

Operating as usual

Important read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Important read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing multiple videos posted by various breeders bragging about their 2 ½ year olds/recently turned 3 year olds and sharing videos of them cantering around in the arena, I have decided to once again circulate the below article.

First of all, breeders *should* have the knowledge to understand a horse’s fragile and slow maturing musculoskeletal system. Breeders should not condone their own horses let along anyone’s horses being cantered around under saddle at an incredibly young age. Period. This sets a terrible example and is quite honestly animal abuse. Just because a horse does not object does not mean it is right. And quite frankly, most of the videos posted show animals that are already in pain or developing pain…

As breeders, we should strive to produce healthy and sound animals. We should promote horsemanship that produces long term soundness. No, starting a horse later does not guarantee soundness. But it certainly helps.

I am a firm believer in scientifically backed approaches to horsemanship. You can’t argue with science that has been proven time and time again. Let’s dispel some stupid rumors:

1. There is no such thing as a (skeletally) slow maturing horse or one that is fast maturing. No horse is skeletally mature before the age of 6. And that is on the low estimate for age.

2. Growth plates are not just in the knee. Every bone behind the skull has a growth plate. Not every single one needs to be converted to bone before starting. There is a schedule of when bone fuses…this is the information needed to know when to start a horse. Not their outward appearance.

3. Starting a horse is not the same thing as riding a horse. Starting a horse does not mean cantering it 3-4 days a week in an arena.

4. Injecting a horse that is in pain does not mean you fixed a problem. You masked it.

5. You can build correct muscle and teach a horse how to move their body from the ground.

Hocks are “late” for maturity. The growth plates on the tibial and fibular tarsals do not fuse until a horse is 3-3 ½. Ever wonder why so many horses seem to have hocks issues?? Horses need to learn to carry themselves and their own weight well before adding a rider.

The growth plates that are LAST to close are at the base of the neck. This area is where we ask a horse to raise the base of their neck and come round. If under too much stress, the growth plates can fracture or be permanently damaged.

There are DOZENS of activities you can do with a young horse to build healthy muscular development. None of them involve a saddle or your weight on their back. Teaching a horse to carry themselves correctly BEFORE adding a rider is essential and cannot be done in a week. A 2 ½ year old horse is a baby. Mentally and physically. We see far too many injured performance horses at VERY young ages - broken down and/or sour from work. It’s wrong. Period. They need slow and steady work and need time to recover from even the slightest of injuries.

PLEASE, if you are considering when you should start your horse and what that work load should look like, please read the below. There are some wonderful things you can do with your young developing horse. Please don’t rush a year out of greed.


Time Schedule for Fix-A-Test Sunday February 23rd!
Attention competitors---video and picture services are offered!
9:00-Molly Sherman--- USEA Preliminary A
9:30-Margot Wolmam--USEA BN-A
10:00-Louise Foster--Second Level #1
10:30-Margot Wolman-USEA Novice A
11:00-Ray Foster--Second Level #1
12:30-Katie King-Training Level #2
1:00-Gaia Larsen--Second Level #1
1:30-Amy Gaynor--USEA Training A
2:00-Paula Nunez--First Level #1
2:30-Amy Gaynor---USEA Training B
3:00-Teri Murtha---Intro A
3:30-Keria Caffrey ---USEA BN-A
4:00-Stacy Jendrek---Western Dressage Intro #1

I want to thank in advance my wonderful volunteers!!
Sophia Fishman, Maureen Stefaniak, Eowyn Ellison,
and my daughter Erika!!!!


Florida horse friends- please stay as safe as possible! We have room if you need to come north for safety!! Our thoughts are with you

Miss Quinny has the horse bug!

Miss Quinny has the horse bug!


Check out the list of shows and clinics we are looking at!! Clinic's with an * are already signed up for
List of Shows/Clinics —2019
Below is a list of possible shows for the year—we will as a group choose where we will attend!

June 1/2 ---Loch Moy Dressage
6/7/8 –VADA/NOVA—Morven Park
15/16—Dressage at Culpepper
22/23---Ride for Life—PG Equestrian Center

12/14—Dressage at Lexington
27/28—Union Bridge Maryland

3/4---Dressage at Loch Moy


October 3/6---Region 1 Finals in North Carolina
11/14---BLM Championship—Lexington, Va.

9/10---PVDA---PG Equestrian Center
7/11---US Dressage Finals---Lexington, Ky.

Schooling Shows
April 13th---By Chance Farm [FADS]

May 11th—Woodvale Farm
June TBD
October TBD—Halloween Show and Party---at WindCrest
December 8th—Christmas Show and Party---at WindCrest


WindCrest Farm’s Young Horse Program--2019
The importance of the individual who begins the training of your young horse cannot be emphasized enough!! We have a wonderful staff who specialize in the training of young horses! Much like children, the horse is like an open book with empty pages, a blank slate, and the future of this horse depends on how well the introduction to their education is done. WindCrest Farm has a program which begins with ground work—lunging and long lines, and then progresses to under saddle all done by keeping in mind the individuality of each horse. A well designed program is done with respect to the basic temperament and maturity of each horse. The goal is to mold a confident, brave, and willing partner! We provide a variety of programs for the young horse from initial handling, beginning training under saddle to hacking quietly and trailering to unfamiliar places for a good experience away from home! For more information please message Dede Bierbrauer FB or [email protected] for questions or to set up an appointment to discuss your horse and your needs!

Dede Bierbrauer “R” Dressage Judge, FEI trainer/rider 301-528-6837 [home] 301-873-3573 [cell] [email protected]


WindCrest Farm now has several stalls available! We are a private facility conveniently located just minutes south of Frederick, Maryland, thirty miles of Washington, D.C and twenty four miles from Leesburg, Virginia!! Our farm is just one mile off of I-270 for easy excess! Our facility has all the amenities needed for complete training of horse and rider and our staff is dedicated to the comfort and care of all horses who reside at WindCrest Farm! We offer as well as board a comprehensive training and lesson programs designed to give our clients the opportunity to steadily progress at an affordable rate! Our main complex houses 23 horses and is connected to our large bright indoor with excellent footing and mirrors! The stalls are 12x12 or 12x 16 with tack rooms, bathroom also a wash stall with drying lights! The barn and arena have fans, sky lights for an airy natural environment. Our outdoor Dressage Arena is sand rubber mix with special drainage [pipes and gravel under the base] and is rideable after heavy rain and late into winter!! It is located next to indoor complex. Our block barn houses 6 horses with 10x16 stalls, tack room and storage rooms. WindCrest Farm owns several horses therefore we have openings only for a few more because of space! We offer individual, semi-private turn-out or small [same s*x and COMPATABLE] fields with four to six horses per field. We do not charge extra for individual turn out or other special needs in turn-out as long as they are reasonable. We will put protective boots, fly masks etc. at no charge! Winter we change blankets—again at no charge. We have bare fields for horses who must not have grass!! We have special mix feed—designed by an equine nutrient specialist and our hay is purchased by an actual hay farmer/dealer. The quality of feed and hay is of upmost importance! Our worming program is included in our board! Our veterinarians have our farm on a Wellness Program and our farrier is here on a regular schedule! You may, naturally, use your own veterinarian or farrier! Our amenities are too many to list! Therefore, for information on our facility—please email me at [email protected] or message me through Dede Bierbrauer on FaceBook

The Princess (Sally, on the left) and the Queen (Sunny)

The Princess (Sally, on the left) and the Queen (Sunny)

WindCrest Farm

WindCrest Farm

Cocoa Bear and Erika

Cocoa Bear and Erika

Callie - Assistant Manager

Callie - Assistant Manager

WindCrest Farm's box at Dressage at Devon

WindCrest Farm's box at Dressage at Devon

WindCrest Farms horses, at home and some at shows

WindCrest Farms horses, at home and some at shows

WindCrest Farms horses, at home and some at shows

Lucas and Spanky

Lucas and Spanky

Our grandson Lucas with his pony Spanky

Our grandson Lucas with his pony Spanky

Pictures of facility!

Pictures of facility!

Pictures of facility!

WindCrest Farm's cover photo

WindCrest Farm's cover photo

Lazy day of summer---having fun!

Lazy day of summer---having fun!

Lazy day of summer---having fun!

Just memories——

Just memories——

Scary Mommy Time Out

Love the pure joy!!!

May life bring you as much excitement as a tennis ball brings this pup. #tbt


We are happy to announce the return of Debbie Bowman for a clinic at WindCrest Farm on May 13--details to follow!!

I have just posted a number of clinics we are hosting this year--there will be more to follow along with other activitie...
Windcrest Farms in Clarksburg, Md

I have just posted a number of clinics we are hosting this year--there will be more to follow along with other activities! Please excuse me if I do duplicate postings--still not good at this!! Please check out our web site other activities!

Professional Dressage training facility and horse boarding and at Windcrest Farms in Clarksburg, MD Offering the highest quality instruction in a relaxed environment.


We will be redoing our WindCrest Farm face book page next week--:)

WindCrest Farm's Winter Special!!!! WindCrest Farm is offering a limited amount of stalls available for the winter month...
Windcrest Farms in Clarksburg, Md

WindCrest Farm's Winter Special!!!!
WindCrest Farm is offering a limited amount of stalls available for the winter months! This will allow the comfort of a large indoor arena all amenities of a complete training facility under one roof. An extra bonus is our "In-House" clinics! They will be conducted by our home staff and several guest instructors. The clinics will encompass subject matters often not provided during the normal riding and training secessions. Many will be lectures and demonstrations and some will be mounted. The most appealing aspect of these clinics will be the nominal FEES! Please check our EVENTS CALENDAR on our web site for subject matters for these clinics! What a great way to pass the cold of winter with education and fun!! www, or contact Dede at [email protected]

Professional Dressage training facility and horse boarding and at Windcrest Farms in Clarksburg, MD Offering the highest quality instruction in a relaxed environment.


DEBBIE BOWMAN CLINIC December 3&4 at WindCrest Farm!! Don't miss this opportunity to work with one of the best! She studied under Karen Schluter, and the late Reitmeister Herbert Rehbein! She was the first American to be licensed a German FN Bereiter! She was coached by the wonderful Dr, Reiner Kleimke and George Theodorescu. Debbie was short listed in two Olympic Games for the USA and was part of our Gold winning Team in the North American Championships in 1985. She was chair of the USDF Young Riders Program from 1995-1997. She continues to develop the next generation of sensitive riders and trainers dedicated to Classical Dressage! For more information contact Dede at [email protected] for information and entry forms!


WindCrest farm is excited to announce Kate Breiner as our new "Young Horse" trainer. Kate is well know her training of many different breeds of horses and specially the Iberian horse. She will be accepting horses as of October 2016! We will soon have a complete section of our web site devoted to our "Young Horse" training program. For a preview of Kate's training please check on her FB page--she has a video of her riding a 3yr. old PRE gelding that is for sale. For more information about our boarding and training/lesson programs please contact Dede Bierbrauer at 301-873-3573 or our web site at


Had a wonderful time judging in Springfield MA. this past week! Beautiful show grounds and lovely people! Was fun to see a couple of friends I haven't seen in awhile--catching up was great!


WindCrest Farm is hosting a Fix-A-Test June 26th with "R" judge. $35 for 20 minute private with judge! Question and answer session--some stabling--food available---great atmosphere! contact Dede at [email protected]


WindCrest farm will be having a "Fix-A-Test" on Sunday June 26th ["R"] judge. For information contact Dede at [email protected] for entry form! HEADS UP! JEREMY STEINBERG CLINIC ON JULY 23&24 Don't miss this clinic---check out his web site! Contact Dede for information!!!!!!!!


WindCrest Farm--2016 Calendar of scheduled events!
April 17--FIX-A-TEST [judge TBD]
Information: Dede Bierbrauer [email protected]


WindCrest Farm has two client openings as of February--the new floors will be installed and ready for use. Please contact Dede at [email protected]


As of August 2015, my husband Peter and I are the new owners of WindCrest farm. I inherited it from my mother. Few knew my mother not only owned the farm but had control of it's finances as well as other important aspects of the management of the facility. The estate is now complete and Peter and I are on our way to renovating the indoor and main barn--our second barn scheduled for end of May 2016. New fencing as well as fencing another 15 acres will be completed by summer of 2016. It is an exciting time and a "new beginning"--please--look out for our "OPEN HOUSE" this summer--and join us!! We will be hosting wonderful clinics and schooling shows beginning this February with a clinic-- "Improving a Horse's Performance" with Gold Medal Olympian Tad Coffin and Betsy Novotny. We are looking forward to a Dressage Clinic with wonderful Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel in March. We will also be hosting two PVDA schooling shows during the year. I want to especially thank MaryBeth Lewandowski for being such a wonderful friend--being my "sounding board" during some of my "moments"--she knows what I mean!! I love you!! This has been quite a journey--


We are scheduling our clinics and shows for 2016. I am posting the activities that are confirmed early this year with more to come later in 2016.
Please watch for more activities coming SOON!
We will be hosting two PVDA schooling shows May7 and September 10.
For any questions contact Dede at [email protected]


24201 Peach Tree Rd
Clarksburg, MD

General information

Welcome to WindCrest Farm, established in 1975 in the beautiful foothills in upper Montgomery County's historic horse country. Conveniently located near Washington DC, Baltimore and Louden County, VA.

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Tuesday 6am - 10pm
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Our Story

Meet the Trainers: Dede Bierbrauer

["R" judge- trainer and instructor through FEI] Her introduction to the equestrian world began as a junior rider in the show jumping arena. She attended many training sessions for juniors sponsored by the USET on several horses sponsored by various businesses and individuals. She was fortunate to ride under the training and coaching of John Russell [ United States Jumping Olympic Team Member ] and for several years competed in the United States at all the major shows in the Junior Jumper division. She was also coached by several other American Olympic Team members through out the years. The opportunity arose for her to go to Germany and she was presented a letter of introduction to Fritz Thiedemann [coach of the German Olympic Jumping Team and only individual to win Gold at the Olympic Games in both disciplines of Dressage and Show Jumping]. She became an apprentice under Heir Thiedemann, which lasted for 9 years, and qu**ky realized the importance of Dressage - which is the basics of all riding in Europe. Dede was encouraged by Heir Thiedemann to further her Dressage education by training with George Wahl and Herbert Rehbein, ans as a result was allowed to compete in both Dressage and Show Jumping at many of the European shows. She had the fortune to ride and compete many fine European and American horses belonging to coaches and clients. She competed through the levels of FEI Dressage as well as the FEI levels of Show Jumping - an gained the experience of a lifetime. "The more I learned and experienced, the more I knew that I had only scratched the top of the learning scale! Those nine, wonderful years helped set my goals, which governed my life" Upon returning to the United States, Dede studied and trained under Bengt Ljungquist [coach of the United States Dressage Team], Peter Kellerup of Denmark, as well as clinics with Nico Van Stight from Holland. Many years ago, for personal reasons, she chose not to pursue the fast pace of the competitive world. Her energies have been focused on her family, clients, students, and furthering the development of good horsemanship. She now represents a generation of riders and trainers who learned, then practiced, and now teach the classical principals that cannot be improvised by some of the contemporary methods. She earned her "R" judged license and has been judging since 1970. Dede and Peter met in 1978 and married in 1980 - beginning Wind Crest Farm with the birth of their daughter, Erika, in 1982. Peter Bierbrauer

[Trainer from halter to 2nd Level and instructs lunge line to 2nd level] Peter came to the United States from Germany in 1972. He worked for a large riding club in Germany that's main focus was Combined Training, Show Jumping and active field hunting as a professional huntsman. He taught many clients over the years in Combined Training. He then decided he enjoyed Dressage, young horses and Wind Crest's breeding program with Sneak Preview (Andy) their AWR Stallion and there his interest has remained. He has shown many horses as well as our stallions, the late Eros and Sneak Preview in both Keurings and top breeding shows like Devon. Peter enjoys working with young horses in lunging and groundwork. He believes this training enhances the communication skills between horse and trainer. He also believes it creates good natural balance and helps establish rhythm, trust and confidence. Peter has worked with over 40 premium horses of all ages at the farm and at major shows. He has a way with relaxing horses as well as riders and is a master with helping riders gain self confidence.

Lessons and training packages vary in price. They are designed to be affordable and to meet every individuals needs.

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I wanted to take a moment sincerely thank Dede Bierbrauer for all of her help with finding the horse of my dreams! Dede took it upon herself to send an inquiry to fellow colleagues within the industry to see what might be available. This led us to Lauren Chumley in Pittstown NJ. Lauren was incredibly honest and professional throughout the entire sales process. I am thrilled to be able to continue my training with Dede & Peter Bierbrauer, and the entire Windcrest Farm family! What a special place!
Wind Crest Farm.