Hanson Family Farms

Hanson Family Farms Hanson Family Farms is exactly that, all the care of the animals is done by the family. We raise quality lamb, goat, pork and beef that produce tasty and nutritious meat to serve on your table.

We sell our products at local farmer's markets. We are a small Family Farm raising sheep, meat goats and pigs. We sell our product at several local Farmer's Markets: Todos Santos Park in Concord Tuesdays 10 AM to 2 PM, Brentwood Saturdays 8 AM to noon, Pinole Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM and Livermore on Sundays 10 AM to 2 PM. We try to keep a variety of lamb, goat and pork, and are willing to get special cuts for you if possible. We have a large variety of sausages made from pork, goat and lamb. If you have questions, you can leave a message here or call Jim at 925 759-4378.

Operating as usual


Just a couple notes:
1. My shoulder is feeling much better and we have help this weekend, so we will be at both the Vallejo and Livermore markets.
2. My next session on dog obedience starts Monday, March 1st. Both Beginners and Intermediate.
Enjoy the sunshine all!


We took the second half of the chickens to be harvested today. Some of them should be a bit smaller. We will have them at market both Saturday and Sunday.

Also, the charges to take lambs and goats from where they are harvested to where they are cut and wrapped has more than doubled, so I will just be taking them up every two or three months. If you are interested in a whole lamb or goat, this is the time to tell me, so I can fit it into the schedule.

I also could arrange my numbers to have and extra half or whole pig in February available, if anyone is interested.

New Dog Obedience sessions starting tonight...I can hardly wait! I guess we are now officially back in the swing of things for the New Year!

Enjoying the sunshine, hoping for rain!!!

We have chickens!  And they came out beautiful!  We will have them at market.  These guys had the heads and feet removed...

We have chickens! And they came out beautiful! We will have them at market. These guys had the heads and feet removed, the next batch, next week, will have them on.


Sorry we weren't at market today. We had to realign a fenceline and put in a gate so the ewes and babies could go out into a bigger field during the day. It is always easier to just do a whole new project than it is to adjust to pre-existing lines. We were working with the second. It all worked out though and I think it will work just fine. We should be at market tomorrow and Vallejo, we should see you next week!


The harvest houses have made a lot of changes with the new year. We have to figure out our options for the lamb and goats, and the chickens. I apologize in advance if we have delays.
On the bright side, we have 2 little calves and the last goat of this breeding season has done her thing. I think we have fifteen ewes to lamb. Thankfully our son and his kids have been very good about helping us move animals around and getting them identified. I have a few extra feeder pigs, so I do have some for sale if you are a do-it-yourselfer in the pig department.


We are getting back in the swing of markets for the new year. I am taking up pigs this week. If you are interested in a half or whole pig, please let me know by tomorrow evening (Wednesday), so I can get cutting instructions in. Any special orders you might have, need to get to me by then also. Thank you all!


We moved animals around yesterday, for efficiency and to make sure all the babies can stay out of the rain. Half of our ewes twinned this year. We had one set of triplets, and the rest singled. Pretty happy with those statistics.
Goats did well too. I have four does raising triplets...almost everyone else has twins.
Then to start the New Year, a drop calf that I got three years ago, calved today. I feel like I done good!


Happy New Year all! I'm getting lots of questions about Dog Obedience. Yes, I will have another session in January. It starts on the 18th. Email me for information at [email protected]. I would love to work with you, and yes, feel free to tell a friend!


We had a great Christmas. Family time is always amazing! We've had like 5 sets of goat triplets and today we had lamb triplets. My favorite time of year!
Merry Christmas one and all!


Life is crazy here. I will try to post pictures this evening. The ewes and does are apparently trying to pop those babies before tonight's storm. Major move around today and trying to gather last minute meat orders. I think this year, I may actually rest the few days after Christmas!


Had my last dog gathering of the year last night. We got 6 dogs who had never been through a tunnel before, fly through by the third try. It was soooo much fun!


Just a reminder: This weekend and next are the last two markets before both Christmas and New Year. If you want to email or text me your orders by noon Thursday, I can have your order gathered and protected for you!


Apparently this is my day to post. I think cuz I'm trying to wrap things up and work on a new project (and get ready for baby lambs and goats)
I have had several calls about Beginning Obedience classes. Over the years, I have found that people are not thinking about training their dogs in December and even a bit into the New Year. So, my next session should start January 18 at 7 PM. If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]


Last harvest date of the year. Took lambs and goats to Dixon. 8:30 and on our way home...


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful for all your support and friendship throughout the year! Remember there is no Saturday market in Vallejo. We will be in Livermore on Sunday. If you have any special orders for Christmas, like Prime Rib, I need it by noon tomorrow (Friday)
Stay healthy! And again, happy day!


This weekend, for the first time in a long while, we will have a full choice of lamb sausages: Merguez, Mild Italian, French Provence and Loukanika.
We also have all the goat sausage choices: Chorizo, Sweet Italian and Apple Fennel.
The Lamb Merguez and the Goat Sweet Italian are both in lamb casing, if you are avoiding pork.
Maybe I'll see you this weekend!


Just a reminder we won't be at the Vallejo market on Saturday, but we should be back to be in Livermore on Sunday.


Just a reminder...
If you need Leg of Lamb or Goat, Racks of Lamb or Goat, any specialty cuts of beef like Prime Rib, or 2 or 3 bone Rib Roasts, or frenched pork loin roasts, to name a few, PLEASE let me know! I have to get my cutting instructions in. The processing places are all very busy, and I want you to be pleased.
Thank you!


New Dog Obedience session starts tonight. I am so looking forward to meeting a new group of handlers. If you forgot to send in your paperwork, come anyway. It happens all the time! Remember Beginners is just the handlers and their folding chairs. Intermediate is with the dogs all six weeks. Both classes are $150 per 6 week session.


Long week. Power was out for 2+ days, so pushes everything back. I do like the cooler weather. Trying to catch up on computer work with orders coming in for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have a new Obedience session starting Monday. Live is never dull! Add new babies starting to trickle in...I wouldn't trade it for the world!


I have been a bit on the quiet side. Typing with one hand is a bit of a pain. I did just finish teaching a Beginning Dog Obedience session...thanks to my son Josh and his little dog Ruckus. I do thank them, they did great!

I will be starting a new session on November 2nd. Beginners is at 7 PM, Intermediate is at 8 PM. Last chance before the holidays!

If you are interested, or have questions, you can email me at [email protected] It comes up on my phone too. It is a great way to not only train your dog, but to also bond with him or her, so they look to you to be the boss and they want to please you. We love them...they respect us. That is the Doggie Way!


I had my rotator cuff repaired yesterday. I tore it four years ago, and decided I needed relief. I am a bit wobbly (drugs really knock me out), and I have a huge sling! So Jim and I are both worried about my ability to be much help, and worried about me losing my balance, so we decided to cancel out of markets this week. Hopefully we will see you all next week!


In case you come to the Vallejo market on Saturdays, just wanted to let you know, it will open at the usual time tomorrow, but will close at noon. If the air quality is worse than they expect, it could close earlier.
We will be across the road from where we have been the last few weeks and a little bit towards the center of the market. Our tents will be next to each other instead of in front of each other. Hope to see you in the morning!


I've had several requests and have decided to go for it. I will be starting up Dog Obedience classes on September 14. Beginners will be at 7 PM. Email me for information: [email protected]


I finally found a Sunday afternoon that is pretty calm. We left on vacation in mid July and were gone for three weeks. We came home on a Wednesday and Joy and the little girls left for their new adventure of Life in Ohio with Josh and his family helping in the move. Thankfully Jamie came down and helped us that weekend. The next Sunday we had all the lightning strikes that started fires and ended up with us ignoring an evacuation notice. Last Sunday I knew we were going to Oregon during the week to get our truck LineX’d and to look at property. Our whole year has been like that actually. We did a 3000 mile trip in May to Texas to pick up a Great Pyrenees puppy. In late May and then in mid June, we went to Washington twice looking at and buying breeder pigs and a new Dorset Ram, and then the 6200 mile vacation. We covered 12 states, visited 5 National Parks and several National Monuments, Custer State Park in South Dakota, visited 3 forts, walked on part of the Oregon Trail at Scotts Bluff, went to Wall Drug, stepped on the middle of the US in Belle Fourche, visited Durant headquarters for Longmire in Buffalo and had breakfast at the Busy Bee, and visited the Chris LeDoux Memorial Park. We looked at property and houses in Wyoming, Montana and Oregon. We went back to where we used to live in Montana when Jim was in the USAF. The house we lived in was still there, but there are lots more houses out there now. I guess it was sort of a bucket list trip, but mostly it was the first time in our life we went on a long journey and just went to places that appealed to us. Some stuff was educational, some stuff was frivolous and all was creating great memories. We thank our kids for covering all the chores quite capably, and all our farmer’s markets people understanding that we just needed some time off, and enabled us to visit new and different areas.
We are back at work now and are going to the Vallejo market on Saturday and the Livermore market on Sundays. For now, we are not going to the Concord market at Todos Santos park as the parking and set up is too difficult with our trailer. We are willing to deliver to the Martinez, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch area once a week. At this point it looks like will most likely occur on Tuesdays. Please get your orders in by Sunday evening so I have time to gather it. Email is the best was to place an order so that I can reply easily: [email protected] Since Joy and Nathan have moved to Ohio, they will no longer be making deliveries for us, so our delivery area has diminished, but you can pre-order and meet us one of the markets or on our delivery route, if that works for you.
As you have probably figured out from talking to us, getting animals in for processing is getting harder and harder. I have appointments in for all of next year already…guessing on what the needs will be for both markets and private treaty sale of whole and half animals. Because of planning further ahead than my brain feels comfortable, I need to have special orders in for Thanksgiving and Christmas now. If you are going to need a bone in ham, or a frenched pork rib roast, or a special Leg of Lamb, I need to know very soon! If you are going to need a whole lamb or goat, or half a pig in the fall or winter, I need to know so that I can add it my schedule. I know that many of you choose from what is on the board at market, but I am trying to cover all my bases.


We went to both the Vallejo and Livermore markets this weekend. People showed so much concern for our safety and that of our creatures. We so appreciate that! Our animals and their safety have top priority in our lives. I thank you for understanding that. We spend hours every day watering and fulfilling their needs,even when air quality is poor, they need us, and we fulfill those needs.
We thank you for supporting us. We are humbled. I know we ran out of things this weekend that we normally would have been plentiful with, but due to the fires we were unable to get to our locker. We will hopefully be back to normal standards next week. Please feel free to pre-order, so we don't run out of what you had in mind. We have a new batch of both Smoked Andouille and Loaded Potato. We are adding Butifarra to our sausage flavor list. It is mild with salt and pepper and garlic. We have two beef sausage flavors now: Kielbasa and Porcini.
For a short time, because the numbers are limited, we have chickens. They are just sold as whole birds. They were free range. They came out beautifully. If you are interested, please let us know!
Take care and know that we are thinking of you all. Let's pray for bright sunny days!

We just got the call that all evacuation orders are lifted, so we are now legal for being home.  We really appreciate al...

We just got the call that all evacuation orders are lifted, so we are now legal for being home. We really appreciate all the offers of help and shelter for both us and our creatures. Everyone is safe. Thank goodness we never lost power.
We have been up at 6 to water and feed. We try to hibernate during the day, and crawl back out about 6 pm. It us supposed to cool a bit tomorrow. Who ever thought we would look forward to a high of 97?


Just so you know, we are all fine. There is no way we can evacuate with all our creatures. We brought them all in close last night in case it did get hairy, but we are fine. We are staying home until this all clears so we can react if necessary. Thank you to everyone who offered help and shelter!


Mother Nature put on a lovely show of thunder and lightning this morning. But there are little fires all around the area and wind. We need to stay home, just in case. So we will not be at the Livermore farmer's market today.


Today was a sad day at Hanson Family Farms. Jinx slipped away in her sleep. She would have been 14 next month and I think is the last of a great litter. Her mother, Blair, was an amazing dog that taught us all so much and gave us so many more nights of sleep as she and her daughters guarded our flocks. The coyotes were outta luck, and the girls were in charge.
Pandora died in September of 2017. We have no idea why, we found her dead when we got home from market. Blair died later that year. Jinx kept the tradition going, until she retired and went on light duty last September. We will miss her, but I'm sure they are all happy to be back together again!
We have three younger girls now and they are all made of the "right stuff". We will put more trust in the "new guard" as they mature, but right now the tears are for Jinx. Enjoy greener pastures sweet girl, chase those squirrels, keep away those coyotes..we will always remember your muted bark and your loyalty!


This year has been quite a ride for us. When everything shut down, we were deemed essential, so we continued to sell our meat. Joy and Nathan stepped up and did most of the deliveries for us. Jim and I continued to go to farmer's markets that were open. When Concord opened at Concord High School, we were very happy because it was so easy to get our trailer in, as well as proximity and a few other factors. We came back from a three week vacation, went to market and learned next week, the market is back at Todos Santos. We have decided to not follow it.
Since Joy and Nathan have moved, we will no longer be able to do deliveries all over the area. We are happy to take pre-orders and have you pick them up at the various markets. But we will deliver to the Concord/Clayton/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek one day a week. We so appreciate your support over the last seven years, this is a way that we can return the favor. You can email me, message me here, or text Jim or I and we will make the rounds delivering yummy delights! We do really appreciate your loyalty and support! Thank you so much!
Vallejo and Livermore, you are still stuck with us!


We are back from vacation. Jim and Jamie will be at market. Let us know what you need, or come early!

Jim and I are fine.  We are taking a little down time.  I'm enjoying the wild animals and the history.  I've taken 1000 ...

Jim and I are fine. We are taking a little down time. I'm enjoying the wild animals and the history. I've taken 1000 pictures, and so many more in my head.
The kids are working their rears off at home. I am so thankful for them all, and the grandkids too!
We will be back in full operation at markets the second week of August.


We are in the sausages!!! We just picked up some Lamb Merguez, and several pork sausages:
Polish Winter. It's garlicky, not in links
Bratwurst is replenished. Eggs, cream and beer included
Pineapple Linguica. A bit tangier than plain
French Provence. A touch of lavender
Breakfast links, regular and honey lavender
Breakfast sausage not in links, so you can easily make patties
Apple and Apple Fennel. For those of you like me, who have a sweet tooth
We have one more Vallejo and one more Livermore market, and two Concord High School markets before we are gone for three weeks. Feel free to pre order here, so we don't run out before you get there!


17105 Marsh Creek Rd
Clayton, CA

General information

We have been raising animals since 1978. We started out with pigs, added sheep at the kennel and added goats when we moved to Clayton in 1999. Sheep and goats remain our main focus, but we also have pigs, horses, chickens and ducks. We sell chicken and duck eggs, goat meat, sheep meat, and pork. All of our animals are hormone free and all natural, which means you know exactly what you're eating. We are going to start making some soaps from our goats milk when we have weaned off the dairy kids. We are very involved in local 4H and Ag in the Classroom (through Contra Costa County Farm Bureau). We feel it is very important for everyone to understand that meat does not come wrapped in the plastic you receive it in at the grocery store. The children also have to realize that the animals have to be treated kindly and cared for just like their family pets. Eileen also teaches dog obedience training and agility. It is an absolute blast for the dogs (and the owners as well)! In Beginning Obedience, the dogs learn to walk on a loose leash (heeling); to sit, down and stand, and stay in those positions; come when they are called and sit in front of you; and have good mannera around other people and animals. In the Intermediate class, they work towards doing these exercises off leash, as well as on-leash. We also add different heeling patterns, hand signals, and a few Agility obstacles at the end of the evening. Dog Agility is not only FUN, but it really seals the bond between you and your dog, as well as exercises dog and handler and improves the dog's obedience. She has been training, showing and working with dogs since she was about 7 years old, and used to co-own DANLOS dog kennels with her mom, who has since retired.


(925) 759-4378



Lamb, goat, beef and pork are sold at the farmer's markets, or by private treaty. I also teach Dog Obedience classes and Agility classes.


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Great to see you at the Livermore Farmer’s market today and thank you for saving some goat 🐐 for us!
Its been a year since we started this dog obedience class with Eileen! It has been worth every penny! We have a 1 1/2 old dog who is well behaved. And my husband learned how to enforce what was taught.
I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for bringing such amazing meats to the market. We've always focused on buying pre-packaged organic meats from the higher-end grocery stores because they tasted better. WELL, those grocery guys have nothing that tastes as good as the meats from your farm! The flavors are so rich and the meat does not require a lot of seasoning. I'm a basic home cook, so salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika are all that I use. Thanks for making me look like a gourmet chef at a high-end steak house. When you start with quality meat, you don't need to do a lot of "doctoring!"
I hope there is a way to get your products shipped locally now that we are all sequestered.
The benefits of dog training with Eileen!! What you can't see is that our cat that she hates is on the exam table. (We are at the vet for a check up)
We recently made a saffron pilaf with your merguez sausage and chicken on a bed of spinach. The sausage is perfect. Good spice level and not too hot. We see you at the Alameda Farmer's Market and will definitely be back for more.
Had heard about you from a very sweet woman at the dog park, can't remember her name but her lab is named Lexy. Was told you are very good at helping folks with their dogs. We have 2 Leonbergers, a 5 yr old male and a 6 month female. When you have the time could you please give me a call at 925 516 0879. Thank you, Kathleen Lyons.
Reading the latest edition of Diablo Magazine at the hair salon and saw Hanson Family Farms mentioned in an article titled "Ready, set, Grow"!