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Hardin Tamales Mexican style, and my own unique styled tamales! Direct sales.


In Hardin now!


Looking like they'll be in Hardin by about 6 or so! Pork, spicy pork, green chile chk, limited cream ch/sp/chk. Ty!


Good afternoon y'all!
It'll be a Hardin day tomorrow!
I'll update what I'm sending in the morning and an ETA. Thanks!


Still in Shepherd for a bit, have Pork, Spicy Pork, Bean & cheese, and 1 Cream Chz Spinach CK left, tyvm


Sending tamales out by about 4 to Shepherd. There's pork,spicy pork, green chile chk, bean N cheese, and cream ch/sp/chk, FCFS Ty!


If while he's set up, anyone would like to rescue some bearded dragons, please stop and talk to Bill today while he's selling! He has pics.


Shepherd today by about 4:30! I'll update when I send them out.
Pork, spicy pork, bean and cheese, and cream ch/sp/chk. FCFS


UPDATE: 4:45 Will be more accurate, tyvm FCFS, Bring exact if you can.


Hello Shepherd Customers:
We'll be in Shepherd around 4:30 to 5:00 today.
We'll have Pork 13$, Spicy Pork 13$, Green Chile CK 13$ and Cream Cheese Spinach CK 14$-
FCFS exact change is very helpful! Add 1.50$ for Debit/CC. Reservations should be paid ahead please- 281-223-3500, we'll update when we begin wrapping them! TYVM


Hello Shepherd Customers:
We'll be in Shepherd around 4:30 today.
We'll have Pork 13$, Spicy Pork 13$, Green Chile CK 13$ and Cream Cheese Spinach CK 14$-
FCFS exact change is very helpful! Add 1.50$ for Debit/CC. Reservations should be paid ahead please- 281-223-3500 TYVM


To reserve please text/call 281-223-3500


Hi all, we're still in Hardin for a bit, come get some! Gonna run out soon, tyvm


Hello I will be at Hardin in 15 minutes thank you very much


Good afternoon! Tamales will be sent to Hardin today- AT of about 5:30-6! There's pork, beef, spicy beef, red chicken, green chile chicken, cream ch/fresh spinach/chicken, and bean and cheese!
I'll update soon as they're sent out!


Tamales sent out 10 mins ago, we're in Coldspring. He's meeting one customer then headed that way. Looking like about 6:10!


Hey y'all! I know I've said this before, but I feel like a reminder is needed. 💙
We do these tamales fresh daily. From 6 a.m. to about 11-12 noon. *I* roll them..by hand. They get loaded into steamers, and depending on the weather, humidity, amount of tamales, etc, steaming time varies. If you order ahead of time, say 48 hours or so before, I can accommodate the time that you need them by. I cannot control much as to how long they take to steam, and be wrapped up to be sent out. I'm sorry, and I hope y'all understand a little better how I operate!
If you're unhappy, call or message me and I'll make it right in some way. I value each and every one of you! We thank you for your business, kindness, and understanding while I'm actively grieving my mother. Also, for letting me share my passion for cooking for folks!
New recipes coming soon!!
Thank you!


Update on Shepherd timing. Had to drop the car rental off! Looking at between 5:30-6 + donuts! I'll update when I sent them out!


***Update! Accidentally put Sunday for Hardin AND Coldspring***

Got my car back!
Shoutout to Lorenzo's body shop in Dayton for quality work and not trying to rip me off! Very professional, honest, and courteous.
So it'll be a Shepherd day tomorrow, Hardin SATURDAY**, and Coldspring/Shepherd Sunday!
Tomorrow I will be sending out beef, pork, spicy pork red, cream cheese/sp/chk, *PRE ORDERED OUT ON TWO FLAVORS*
I'll give an update on timing around 1 p.m.!
281-223-3500, prefer text early, calls after noonish!


I'll be sending y'all tamales in Shepherd Sunday! I'll Update what I make & time by noon!


There was a no show for a preorder, so there are now 2 cream cheese/spinach/chicken, 2 spicy pork, and 4 other dozens left!


**update on time**
Tamales in Hardin by about 6! They took a tad longer to steam today!
Thank y'all!

**edit at 8:41 a.m.**I'll be sending tamales out to Hardin tomorrow, the logo will be on our RAC. Should be beef, pork, ...

**edit at 8:41 a.m.**
I'll be sending tamales out to Hardin tomorrow, the logo will be on our RAC. Should be beef, pork, spicy pork, cream cheese/sp/chk, green chile chicken, and spicy venison.
Thank y'all!
281-223_3500 for info, prefer text in AM 😀

We will be in Shepherd in about 15 mins! By about 4:30or so!There's pork, spicy pork, venison, and limited cream cheese/...

We will be in Shepherd in about 15 mins! By about 4:30or so!
There's pork, spicy pork, venison, and limited cream cheese/spinach/chicken!
We are not in our usual vehicle, but here's a pic


I'll be sending tamales to Shepherd tomorrow at A+ donuts after a delivery, I'll get a better handle of time by around noonish tomorrow.
Hardin will be Thursday! I'll post a pic of the rental with our decals on a new post tomorrow! I'll also post what I end up making tomorrow.
Thank you!


Very true!!! I'm having to raise prices after 7 months or so of trying not to again!- we really do, do it for y'all! (And feeding folks has always made me happy!) If I've fallen short during the past 6 months or so before mom passed, I'll make it up to anyone that I might have missed or forgotten/didn't write down, etc!

The unfortunate truth of running a business.

Running a business is really hard.

What they don’t tell you is that it can cause severe stress and anxiety, and drains you mentally to the point of depression in even the most laid-back people.

People will talk about you, compare you to others, use you, they will view you as a service and not a person anymore.

Friends and family will expect discounts and people will value you and your hard work less than a big chain store.

You have to worry about if you forget to email/message someone back, are they going to think it was on purpose? Did you disappoint them? Will they hold that against you? When in reality you just can’t get to everyone’s messages and emails.

Starting up and running a successful business puts incredible strain on personal lives and relationships, many of which fail because there is just often no work-life balance.

You need to be the director, the worker, the admin, the marketing team, the accountant, the cleaner..... All the while being a parent, a husband or a wife, family support, friend...

There’s a reason you don’t see many people succeed in small businesses after 5-10 years. If they are successful they are overwhelmed.
It takes a toll. It’s freaking exhausting. Especially the past couple of years when so much has been out of our control.

Here’s a small reminder that we are just normal people with hectic lives.

Be kind, be patient, support small businesses…….and hopefully more of us will stick around!

And know that 2022 prices are not 2023 prices.

I copied this from another small business owner that I support!

Please support small business! 🖤🖤🖤


Hello Friends! We are setup for a while in Shepherd +Donuts, we have Pork, Cream Chz Spinach Ck and Green Chile Ck, thank you.


Tamales in Shepherd at A+ donuts today by about 3:45-4
There's pork, spicy pork, cream ch/fresh spinach/chicken, and green Chile chicken!


We're in Shepherd @ the A+Donuts, we hope to see you! We have Pork, Spicy pork, Beef and Cream Cheese Spinach Ck. Thank you


I'll be sending tamales to Shepherd today by about 4:40 or so.
I added a direct call feature for those wanting to order ahead (preferred) so I can keep it all in one place. I've still not gotten to messaging.
Grief itself does a lot to the brain and mine is on auto pilot! I'll update this afternoon what I'm sending out.
Thank you! 💙


Hi y'all, I'm in Shepherd for a while. Hope to see you.

Update**Still around 4pm@ A+Donuts..but we are sold out of reg CK, and Bean&cheese already. See previous post for offere...

Update**Still around 4pm@ A+Donuts..but we are sold out of reg CK, and Bean&cheese already. See previous post for offered varieties. Tyvm, FCFS


Good morning,
Tamales in Shepherd @ A+ donuts by about 4 today. There will be pork, chipotle pork, green chile chicken, red chicken, bean and cheese, beef, and cream ch/fresh spinach/chicken.
Text or direct calling for a bit longer is best right now! Thank you


Hi y'all ! In Shepherd right now for a little while, tyvm for your business!


I'll be sending to Shepherd tomorrow around 4 pm@ A+Donuts. We'll have Pork, Chipotle Pork, CK and Chipotle CK, Buffalo CK and Green Chile Ck. Questions, comments are always welcome. Text/call 281-223-3500. Our menu with pricing is pinned at the top of our FB page. Ty


UPDATE: I'll be there in 10 min if it helps!!


Hello ppl! We will be in Shepherd today around 4. We'll have Green Ck 13$, Mild Pork, Spicy Pork 12$, Cream Chz Spinach Ck 14$
Exact change is much appreciated! Trying to stay away from cards/apps, too many fees, but(1.50$ now per transaction). Meet us around 4 today@ A+Donuts! Reservations and mssgs, please text 281-223-3500, ty


In Shepherd now at A+ donuts!
(As of 4:55)


Tamales in Shepherd today by about 4:30, I'll update if its sooner! There's pork, spicy pork, red chicken, cream ch/fresh spinach/chk/jal, and cream ch/fresh spinach/chk
281-223-3500 for any questions.
I'll get to actively doing messages again when I feel up to it. Thank y'all for understanding during this time 💙


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