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We have big ones and little ones, We have yellow ones red ones and green ones and some orange. The colored ones are a do...

We have big ones and little ones, We have yellow ones red ones and green ones and some orange. The colored ones are a dollar piece the green are seventy five cents. You can freeze them, Dry them ,can them, Or just cook something. Call us email us come get your peppers. We also have red cherry hot peppers and jalapenos.


O k this is a deal, Victor and I would like for you guys to tell us what kind of vegetables you would want us to grow . We need your input to determine what we grow next year. Also, we would like to know if you think an honor system vegetable stand would work.


We will be picking bell peppers tomorrow evening Monday, the sixth .if you're needing any bell peppers, you need to let us know because on Tuesday morning, they will be going to the auction, and it will be a little while before we have more. The price is 75 cents Each.


We now have green bell peppers will pick them as needed


Hey, folks, if you want any tomatos you need to speak up tonight. Cause they're all going to the auction tomorrow. And you'll have to wait a few days for anymore to get ripe


We have tomatoes Canning tomatoes, Also cucumbers Slicers and Canners Come by or call


Lots of tomato starts for sale,4dollars

Victor will be offering a free class on raising tomatoes and gardening .April 29 from 10am to 1pm at the Conway communit...

Victor will be offering a free class on raising tomatoes and gardening .April 29 from 10am to 1pm at the Conway community building. He will have a variety of tomato starts for sell after the class. There will be lite lunch served. Please let us know if you plan to attend.


OK if you haven't noticed our name is changed we are no longer an LLC but just a we are now Barefoot Farmer previously known as VP Farms.


As of this week we have closed our LLC And I will be closing this page you can contact us if you would like to on our personal page Pamela Hudson Also lemon It's a platform that we will also be listing on Check it out in a few months. We just did not see a future in another vegetable business in this area. When there is so many in this area already. Now we will still be growing vegetables and offering vegetable starts for sale towhomever maybe interested ,but please contact us before you come by.thank you for your support and we are not leaving just dropping the LLC .


Tomatoes are gone for this season But we have bell peppers and we have red hot cherry peppers.


We have tomatoes $2 a pound or canners $1 pound .


ok just left the store and was amazed, they had small bell peppers and the price was 89 cents each. ok, you can pay that if you want it's your call, or you can come to 406 west maple in Conway and get some BIG bell peppers for 2 for 1.00. you could also pick up some cucumbers also 2 for 1 dollar. it's your choice.


Hey guys we have Bell peppers 2 for a dollar, We also have lots of Cucumbers 2 FOR a dollar Call Or come on over Also have a few ripe tomatoes $2 a pound


Good morning, hope all is well with everyone. I have noticed an increase in people viewing our page, so thought I would jump on here and update you on what's going on.

Victor is growing his own seed this year and has several plants under grow lights, we have already seen that this may not be a financially sound investment as the cost of electricity for the farm has doubled since we started using the lights and heaters. But it has always been a learning experience, so if the starts do well we should be planting in April and will try to keep you informed. We are hoping for a good year this year with some new items. Keep in touch and I will try to post more often.


Fresh picked green beans $2 a pound fresh picked cucumbers two for a dollar or fifty cents apiece give us a call


We have banana peppers, jalapenos, and bell peppers, and a few cherry tomatoes. Anyone interested call 417-664-5320


It has came to my attention that some people in the area do not know the difference between a high tunnel and a hot house. We do not have a hot house we have 2 high tunnels.let me try to clear this up. A high tunnel is a steel frame with one or two coverings of plastic over it ,it has no outside source of heat only the allows the farmer to control the amount of light,water,pest,etc ,it extends the growing seasonabout 4 weeks spring and fall. Tha plants are grown in the ground just as a regular a hot house also called a green house is usally made of glass,and has heat so you can grow year round,mostly plants are grown in raised beds or hyrophonicly. We do not have a hot house. Our tomatoes are raised in a regular garden only_ they have a roof of sorts to protect them. So i hope that can clear up any confusion about our tomatoes.


Hey guys we are pulling the tomatoes and there are tons of small green ones that if you want a can you want to come and pick them up they are not boxed the small ones are on the pool Vines and on the ground but if you want some small green they are free. Now if you want to buy some bigger ones I'll throw you a box of 25 lb of green tomatoes slicer size for $15 give us a call for 4 17664 5320 let us know this is for today only Saturday

Fresh-picked red cherries $2 a pint ready now give me a call

Fresh-picked red cherries $2 a pint ready now give me a call


Hello , sorry I have not posted anything for a long time. Have had some medical issues , but I am better so maybe I can pick up the slack . So the first thing to address is the price change on the canners : canners are now $1.00 lb. , slicers ( #1/ #2 red, green, or yellow) are $2.oo a lb. and pints of cherries are also 2.00 . Another change is that we will be selling mainly to the auction , we will sell to the public ,but by appointment only ( you must call (: pam 417-664-5320 or Vic 417-664-5532) and tell us what you want and when you will pick up ) keep in mind that auction days are Tuesday and Friday so if you want something you need to call the day before or we may not have any ripe . On auction days everything not spoken for goes out . we value all the folks who buy our tomatoes and will try our best to supply you , we just need to keep the produce moving so as to reduce waste. We thank you for your understanding and hope to hear from you . The season has begun , Vic took a large load to the Auction this morning, so we will have more ripe each day.


offering a tomato class on April 24, check event tab if interested, Also on the 24th will have starts for sale@ $2.00 each
Tomatoes: Red Deuces, Celebrities, Carolina Golds, Goliaths, Sun gold ( yellow cherries) sun peach ( red cherries)
Peppers: revolutions bell, chocolate habaneros, giant jalapenos banana peppers,
Cukes: pickling and slicers


well , looks like the end of this season. had to cut it short due to labor issues. Will see you all next season thank you all for your support.


have okra you pick ,no charge, I pick cost you. lol


We have sweet corn for sale, cleaned and bagged,6 ears per bag $2 each. They're cleaning it now so if you want it not frozen come quick


We have red Deuce tomatoes $2 a pound. We also have Carolina gold tomatoes $2 to pound, and we have some Carolina gold canners $0.50 to pounds. We have zucchini 3 for $1 and cucumbers 3 for $1. Come by and check us out call ahead 417-664-5320 let us know you're coming or that you're out there to high tunnel and we'll come out there and sell you some produce.


All you zucchini bread makers I have a deal going on I have two 25 lb boxes slightly larger size zucchinis asking $3 a box. And some of you guys might be wanting to make some pickles I have a couple of big boxes of pickles I don't know exactly what he's asking for the pickle I'd have to look and see how many is in a box and how big they are but will be here this afternoon about 2 or 3 p.m. come by and check it out we also have lots of tomatoes I got Pickers coming in the morning so I'll have canners tomorrow afternoon and canners are for sale for $0.50 a pound


I have canners for sale $0.50 a pound 25 lb box I don't know exactly how many I'll have but I think I'll have quite a bit in the next 2 days I have yellow and red. If anybody's interested give me a call 417-664-5320 I will be around the house today until about 2:30 and then I have to go to town and pick Victor up and will be back hopefully by 5 5:30. These tomatoes need to be worked up pretty quickly they will not keep for very long that's why they're called canners.


Hey guys we got some Carolina gold, have some red Deuces, and we also have a whole bunch of cucumbers ready to go if you want to give us a call Vic's on vacation this week so he'll be here most days


tomatoes are planted , strawberries are planted,its been slow going with me being down and vic working full time . outside garden will be going in later this month ( okra,cucumbers, squash.) hope to see you all this year .


406 W Maple Street
Conway, MO


(417) 664-5320



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