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Sweet's Apothecary Sweet's Apothecary - Natural Confections Sitting about one evening with nothing to do turned into an adventure to the local organic market. As we looked around, we asked ourselves "where are all of the tasty treats?

Where are all of the delicious brittles of our childhood?"

It was quickly discovered that all of the candy that Grandma made, buried deep in the folds of the family recipes, is better than anything one can buy. That's when Sweet's apothecary was born. We quickly began whipping out batches of tasty Grandmotherly confections, with just a touch of magic. Soon after, we began to think "we should share our candy with the world!"

And so it begins....


Come see us tomorrow at Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney! :-)

A little Tip Top making on a Sunday morning...  :-)

A little Tip Top making on a Sunday morning... :-)


Hey guys! Website has finally had some updates and you can now see the descriptions and place custom orders. We'll contact you by phone for confirmations, shipping and payment information.

Newest addition: Gingerbread Caramel! Yeah, it's tasty. ;-)

Keep tuned for new tasting events!

Our first assortment box!  Two new favors of Tip Tops. :)

Our first assortment box! Two new favors of Tip Tops. :)


Come see us this Saturday at The Elmwood Street Fair! We'll be selling our confections from 1 PM - 5 PM at 2200 Balboa Drive, Dallas TX 75224.

Launch Party

Launch Party


The cauldron is bubbling! You are only three days away from tasting confections that would make the gods spit out their ambrosia. Don't worry about the weather, we'll have hot toddies, warm bodies and open flames to keep you warm outside. The tastings will begin promptly at 7:15. Let us know if you're coming!


One week away from the first tasting party! If you haven't RSVP'd please do so. We've got a lot to get done this week including hopefully having the website up and running. :).

Can't wait to see you guys!


Save the Date!

October 6 will be our soft launch party- come taste our confections and tell us what you think!

Formal invitation coming soon.

Sweet's Apothecary's cover photo

Sweet's Apothecary's cover photo


Dallas, TX




Sweet Ramonas
Our praline, oh my goodness, our praline… More fabulous than any you’ve ever tried. Pecans are rumored to bring money and employment to those who consume them. Dive in, and let the richness that this candy brings flow from your mouth to your wallet.

Our Caramel Recipe comes to us from a secret recipe of Rebecca’s great aunts, affectionately referred to as ‘The Aunts’ who provide their own West Texas magic.
Flavors Include:
Original- sure to bring back nostalgic memories
Cayenne- Don’t be scared, Sweet AND spicy. rumored to help cure those moody blues
Pumpkin Spice – Oh my Gourd! Our proprietary blend is designed around a secret ingredient that helps to ease nervousness.
Sea Salt- A true beauty in one bite! Salt has been used for centuries as a natural healing agent for skin.

Francies Favorites
For those who love citrus slices slices, these are made from the whole peel of citrus fruits. If you love an orange slice, you’ll have a mistress in our Citrus. Available straight up or dipped in a bittersweet chocolate.
Flavors Include:
Orange- rumored to aide the indulger in love and luck
Lemon- for love and friendship
Lime- fights off the ever dangerous scurvy (very prevalent in Plano and the northern regions we hear) and offers protection.

Tip Tops
Our delicious bon bons are a tiny ball of chocolate indulgence
Flavors Include:
Coconut- rumored to help protect your chastity, if its too late for that, perhaps it will help wash away those nights of bad decisions and riveting dialogue.
Cinnamon- Ever looked at your lover and thought… “My life would be easier if I could just read their mind?” Cinnamon is rumored to help with divination and psychic powers… Dive in!

Nanna Faye’s
This almond toffee is like a blazing hot affair. We know we’re going to be in trouble (with the scale), but one more piece won’t hurt anything, Right? Our Toffee showcases the almond, which is supposed to bring wisdom to those who partake.

Peanut Fragile and Peanut Frail
Our brittle recipes are family traditions, but we never can decide on just one. Peanuts may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease as they contain resveratrol. Our Peanut Frail has a secret ingredient that is rumored to protect the one enjoying.

The Dolly’s
Our hard candies are a little piece of magic.
Flavors include:
Strawberry rosemary: offering luck in love, and assistance in sleeping.
Orange Vanilla- wanting to seal the deal on that next date? These ingredients are rumored to boost lust and love.
Cinnamon- Pop one of these babies in your mouth the next time you’re headed to church. Cinnamon is rumored to intensify spirituality.
Chai Tea- With several herbs and spices, this candy is a catch all for when you don’t quite know what you need- Youth, Success, Love, and Money are all rumored to follow these herbs.

Gypsy Nomad
Planning a big trip? Mints have been rumored to smooth travel plans and make everything that much better. A special family recipe that was loved and adored through wee Chip’s Childhood.
Flavors include:
Cream with a tangy zip dipped in dark chocolate
Butter with a velvety finish straight up


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