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Environmental Evergreens Environmental Evergreens - A Darlington Tree Farm Enjoy a cup of cider and meet Santa Bob and the Reindogs.

Firmly rooted on 7-acres of historic Berkley soil, near the Village of Darlington and just a stone’s throw from the mighty Susquehanna River, Environmental Evergreens is much more than the average Christmas tree farm. Environmental Evergreens sells 15 varieties of common and uncommon Christmas conifers including Korean, Nordmann, Douglas, Canaan, Frazer and Balsam Firs; Deodora Cedar; Norway and C

olorado Blue Spruce; White, Scotch, Austrian and Himalayan Pine. Also visit the Greens Stable from late November through Christmas Eve for Frazer Fir Wreaths, Garland, Holly, Magnolia, Lotus and Winterberry.

A great cause and unique opportunity is coming to havre de grace soon…

A great cause and unique opportunity is coming to havre de grace soon…


preparing to transplant young evergreens to field..looking for a couple new employees


we are having a post card stamping party monday at three at the farm...who might want to participate?


preparing for 2021 christmas tree sale. looking for a couple of workers...


time to shear pines into christmas trees..


we could really use a rain shower.


we are selling spruce and pine now..and sequoia!


we just got the last order of custom melanie wreaths on the doors...and lot it plowed....sorta


have some eight foot willow oaks...sixty bucks. only about ten..


have a dozen ..twelve year old english boxwoods..fifty bucks each.. will deliver....let us know..


we probably have more twelve foot frazer and 14 foot balsam..then anybody else has left!dodge the rain and snowflakes!


looking for one more competent worker to round out out staff..2019


debating on opening up this rainy day..12.1.


we sold alot during postcard pretag..and will open again friday november 29..


we invite customers to pretag a tree November 16 and 17!..


we are getting ready for the season..may need some fresh new workers..


we have willow oak, sequoia, fir transplants..still have a window to plant.very reasonable prices.


moving young firs from transplant bed..could use one assistant..


ordering 2019 seedlings and transplants..now..balsam, norway, concolor..too frustrating for douglas or frazer..who needs some?


trees are ready for pretagging


our annual extraordinary adventures camp on the susky starts next monday..still got an opening!!


please irrigate christmas trees you planted after december


hello world we are planting and digging..what do you need?


selling five year Norway spruce transplants..bare root...15 to 20 inches tall...five bucks each ,,while they last...


ground needs this replentisment.. and so do waiting toads and salamanders,


well shucks..strong winds and all..we are doing it again..unloadin frazers and digging spruce...just got santa uniform from attic..


its just about time for fall planting..we have black bamboo,redwood,willow oak, and Japanese dogwood at very reasonable prices..


eight foot leylands freshly hand dug. seventy nine each.. free delivery locally..NOW is the time to plant..


we are ready to dig up large Leyland cypress for your yard!


we still have all sizes of fresh frazers


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3631 Berkley Road
Darlington, MD


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Where can I find information on the tagging event for this year?
*For legal reasons* Don’t “make good time” and don’t forget to strap ‘er down! 🎄🚙

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This year consumer demand for trees will be high and national supplies are reduced, so get to Environmental Evergreens early (check their opening day and open dates, they can change as weather and supplies change!) and get your Christmas tree before they are gone!

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we are selling spruce and pine now..and sequoia!
will have large conifer transplants in a few weeks..greenby chance webpage has been hacked..
will be getting giant transplants in march!
Merry Christmas Santa Bob and Reindogs!
Santa Bob wants everyone to know we still have several GIANT trees that are waiting for you to give them a home this holiday season!
Get all your Christmas treasures at Environmental Evergreens!
Met you last night at the Tower during the parade. Marie Wimbley
What a wonderful place. And so close to home. Will be back next year for sure. Thanks for lovely experience
Thanks for the beautiful Christmas tree Santa Bob and reindeer!!
The perfect day to get our trees. Thank you, Environmental Evergreens! Always good to catch up with Ranger Bob Chance.
Another incredible experience at Environmental Evergreens! Year after year, this place is the start of our Christmas season!