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Bred by Star Lake Cattle Co
Owned by Star Lake Cattle Co. and Spring Flight Farm


The rich, curly locks that drape the bodies of Teeswater Sheep make it a natural supermodel among heritage sheep.

The breed is native to the Teesdale area of County Durham in England, where they were primarily a local breed 'till the 1920s. They were imported to the U.S. in the 1800s but dipped in popularity after the importation of other longwool breeds. At that point, the breed was faced with near extinction.

Grazed in the dales of the countryside, this large sheep breed was also used as sires in crosses with smaller hill sheep to produce Mashams for market production. This white polled breed – decorated with distinctive facial markings – is hardy, and useful for both meat and wool production.

The lustrous, low-lanolin, kemp-free fleece of Teeswaters is adored by hand spinners for its staple length and those curly locks. Fiber growth is up to one inch per month with little to no cross fibering. For meat purposes, the Teeswater is lean, with well-fleshed, square hindquarters.

Teeswater semen was imported to America at the end of the twentieth century and has been used to develop purebred Teeswaters. There is now reciprocity with the U.K. breed society for the international exchange of genetics.

Want to learn more about Teeswater Sheep? http://ow.ly/nnZU50HUOWq


Official page of the Northeast Highland Cattle Association. A regional affiliate of the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA).


The writer and farmer on local knowledge, embracing limits, and the exploitation of rural America.


Lot # 205
Animal’s Name: SFF Outlaw (D)
Registration No.: 61491
Date Of Birth: 04/05/2020
S*x: Bull
Consignor: Spring Flight Farm LLC

SFF Outlaw, #61491 is a growthy yellow bull with not only a strong Spring Flight Farm pedigree but the excitement of Thorbardin Ranch and Willow Bend (both western ranches) on the sire side. The dam’s pedigree is loaded with Scottish animals the likes of Bart of Benmore and Black Watch Finn. SFF Outlaw is calm and well mannered. This bull will be a plus in any herd.


Lot # 314
Animal’s Name: SFF Nicola
Registration No.: 60857
Date Of Birth: 06/20/2019
S*x: Female
Consignor: Spring Flight Farm LLC

​SFF Nicola, #60857, is a full sister to SFF Olimpia offered in the sale. She is a super friendly Highland that has spent the summer on pasture and thrived. In addition to her continent spanning pedigree she is pasture exposed to SFF Knight Vision #55911. Knight, a brindle bull carries his own illustrious pedigree with Yarnelle Farms and Skye High to name a few. She is a June 2019 two year old. Don’t miss this red heifer.


Think about this when loading your livestock trailer.


Heartfelt thanks to the MAHA show committee.
We had a grand time.


Green grass coming soon.
Highlands available for mowing!!


Special Guest:Angus MackayAngus Ruadh Mackay has been associated with the Highland Breed for more than 60 years. A past president of the Highland Cattle Society in the UK, Angus has also been a member of the panel of judges for well over fourty y...


Can you really put a price on memories?

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Or a husband.

Or a husband.


Let’s talk a little bit about methane. First off, yes cows produce methane - from their burps, not farts. (AHEM - media 🙄). Secondly, yes, methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) and yes it can contribute to global warming...but is it?

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is also a GHG and is heavily produced via the burning of fossil fuels for things like heat, electricity, and transportation. Although methane is stronger than CO2, it also breaks down MUCH faster.

It takes our atmosphere 1000 years to breakdown CO2 but only 10 years to breakdown methane. On top of that, God knew what he was doing because methane is actually necessary for the environment. It’s called the biogenic carbon cycle.

Plants breakdown CO2, they use the carbon and release the oxygen (thank you photosynthesis). So when cows eat the plants, they produce methane which is released into the atmosphere and eventually broken down into CO2 that is consumed by the plants and the cycle starts all over again.

Global warming is a problem because we have overloaded this cycle with so much CO2 from fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) that it is being stockpiled in the atmosphere instead of being used. What that means to me is that God created a perfect system and we screwed it up.

And while cows are constantly being blamed for global warming, farmers and their cows could actually be part of the solution. Over the years, farmers have been experimenting with all different kinds of food additives that can help produce less methane. By releasing less methane into the atmosphere, plants could start breaking down some of the CO2 being stockpiled and actual help cool the planet (though it would take one hundred times longer). Which is pretty awesome. 😎

Thanks to COVID-19, we are seeing how much of an impact we truly have environmentally. With the world shutdown, fewer cars are on the road and fewer planes are in the sky and our skies are much clearer for it. You know what hasn’t changed? The number of cows burping on the daily. 😜

I’m ok with big brands like Burger King trying to help the environment. But maybe they should focus on the problem that would make the biggest impact. The problem that we’ve created. The problem that is over 30% of the issue instead of the cows that are less than 3%. 🙂

Sorry, I had something in my throat. 😏😂

Since there’s been confusion I’d like to bluntly state that I KNOW it’s not possible to end all transportation. Our food supply chain wouldn’t be possible with our trucks and truck drivers. My point is that a lot of unnecessary travel has been cancelled because of Covid and it has made a huge positive impact on our world. Farmers have spent decades working to lower their carbon footprint and we have, we need to find a way to impact larger industries with more means (specifically money) to help KEEP and IMPROVE the positive impact the last few months have made in our world.

This video has all this information and more! And is super easy to follow.


Thanks to Cattle Tales for the graphic!


Why should eggs be stored point end down? Do you know?


Who all has been doing these lately?

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Highland cattle graduated from our Conservation Priority List in 2019. This breed descends from native Scottish cattle and are known for their hardiness, maternal abilities, reproductive efficiency, and longevity. They thrive on rough forage and in cold, wet climates. Highland cattle have always had a great reputation for being rugged producers of high-quality beef and they have now found a secure niche as productive partners in effective range management throughout the globe. This breed has benefited greatly from effective promotion and registration by the breed associations. https://bit.ly/Highland-Cattle


Memorial Day...is the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and freedom. May your day be filled with memories and peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Dutch Belted cattle - Critically Endangered: Not to be confused with Belted Galloways, this dairy breed with a similar color pattern has been known as the Lakenvelder in the Netherlands as a standardized breed since the 1700s. The term laken means a sheet or blanket around the body. Cows are known to be productive and producing calves well into their teen years. Learn more about Dutch Belted cattle here: http://bit.ly/DutchBelted




Another brilliant ‘Stockmen of our Time’ feature in this weeks Scottish Farmer gets Mauchline-based Jack Ramsay’s views on Highland and Beef Shorthorn cattle and his first love – bantams!


In 2019 the Highland breed graduated off The Livestock Conservancy’s priority list and now are listed as recovered. This breed has benefitted greatly from effective promotion and registration by breed associations such as the American Highland Cattle Association and the Canadian Highland Cattle Society.

This milestone is a direct result of you, the breeder of registered Highland cattle. There is still much work to be done. While it is still paramount to continue to register our cattle, it is equally important to select only the best cattle to carry our folds and the breed forward.

For AHCA, it all began with a bull named Blue Hill, reg # 1 on the Double X Ranch of Baxter & Lyndall Berry in Belvidere SD. Now, 72 years later we have registered over 60,000 head of Highland cattle. The work of The Livestock Conservancy is important to breeds like the Highland, please continue to support them in their quest to bring attention and save all heritage breeds of livestock.



Until we can get back to shows....remember there’s still so much to gain even while at home.


321 Charles Storch Road
Elmira, NY


(607) 732-0448



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Lexi had a great day at the Chemung County Fairgrounds yesterday. Proud of her as she was the Master Showman and SFF Merida was overall Reserve Grand Champion breeding heifer for both 4H and open show!
Grand Champion Bull STR Ruthless Game, owned by Star Lake Cattle Company and Spring Flight Farm in the Supreme Champion Bull Drive at KILE this weekend! Congratulations on your success!
Alexis and ICandy ~ what a beautiful day for a walk.
Jasper has his new tag in ~
Alexis and Big B***y Judy...
Jasper's looking good ~
ICandy and Alexis ~ January 1st, 2016 wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
Happy New Year ~ had a fun filled chore morning at Spring Flight Farm
Limited Editions boy ~ Ingot. Personality just like his Dad's. 🐂
Limited Edition ~ Jacquelyn Becker Chotkowski
Limited Edition ~ one of the most friendliest bulls I've had the pleasure of meeting. Jacquelyn Becker Chotkowski