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Fleur Brew Works We're a local homebrewing team in Evansville, IN.We Love beer and love making it. Our beers reflect our passion for great beers that anyone can enjoy together.

Kyle Stone and Marc Chavez are the two minds behind Fleur de Evansville. With the aide of Quinton Cadick as a Brew Pledge, the three combine backgrounds in Business, Biochemistry, Marketing and heavy drinking to craft delicious beers for your enjoyment. All your thoughts and feed back are much appreciated. Fleur de Evansville

Operating as usual


After a short hiatus due to work and family life, we plan on getting back in the game and producing more home brewing kits. As before we're partnering with Weber Equipment, your local source for all your home brewing and wine making needs. We also plan on hosting homebrewing classes if various formats. Kits should be hitting shelves starting next week and we're always capable of accommodating special orders. Stay tuned to Weber's and our page for class info.


Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Fleur de Evansville Franklin Street Events Association Going to America On Tap this Saturday? Stop by the Weber Equipment Booth and sign up for great prizes and coupons! See a sample of our Fleur De Evansville beer ingredient kits made fresh in our store. Take home our Gourmazing Gourmet Popcorn also made fresh in our store!


We hope to have a introductory homebrewing class within the next month at Weber Equipment. If you're interested in attending it would help a lot to know what day is preferable and how many will be in attendance. It will be on a saturday from 10am to 2pm. We will go over all the equipment needs as well as the overall process. During the class we will be brewing one of our kits as part of the demonstration. The Class is free and we hope you can join us.


Hope to see some of you at our class tomorrow at Weber Equipment from 10am to 2pm. We will be brewing a batch as well as bottling a batch.


We will be adding several more recipe kits to the shelves at Weber Equipment this coming week. Some of the new kits to arrive include a Blonde, Irish Stout and a Strong Scotch Ale


Thanks to everyone who made it out to Weber Equipment today for our class. If you're wanting a beer kit feel free to send us a message so we can have the ingredients ordered and assemble it for you


We will be at Weber Equipment this Saturday teaching a beginning being class from 10am - 2pm. Be sure to stop by


Making two gallon kits and drinking some beer. Good day off from the regular job.

Re-stocked with more to come. We will be rolling out 2 gallon kits within the next week. Be sure to stop by this Saturda...

Re-stocked with more to come. We will be rolling out 2 gallon kits within the next week. Be sure to stop by this Saturday at Weber Equipment for free beer... classes. We will be there showing you how to brew your first batch and answering any questions about it or any other batches. Hope to see you there!


Well that was an exciting week. Got to meet a lot of people interested in starting homebrewing while helping at Weber Equipment, definitely a lot of interest in a class hopefully coming soon.


We will be on WKDQ 99.5 this morning at 8 to talk about the Weber Equipment Beer Wars Judgement Day Party coming up this saturday. Tune in to hear our radio voices!


Today is a productive brew day! Making an Orange Mead, an American Wheat Wine, and racking the brew pledge's Dessert Porter and adding cocoa for secondary fermentation! Great things are coming!


brewing it up again. After promoting the Weber Equipment Beer Wars Judgment party today on WRAY Princeton we came back to town so our brew pledge could try an all grain batch on his own.

if you don't go you're wrong

if you don't go you're wrong

Fleur de Evansville Dubois County Suds Club Franklin Street Events Association Party with "The Scrubs" healing wounds tour! These are docs that rock and they are combining their musical talents with other local band members to benefit Wish Upon A Star. August 17th at The Weber Equipment Beer Wars Judgment Day Party. Imagine being a parent or grand parent of a child with a life threatening disease or illness. Imagine what it must feel like knowing that you cannot afford to grant your child or grandchild a simple wish or vacation because you are saddled with expenses beyond your control. Wish Upon A Star is a local organization helping Tri State families who are in these situations. Family is the most important thing to everyone at Weber Equipment and this party gives us an opportunity thank God for our healthy family and to let families less fortunate know we care and want to help. Party with "The Scrubs", magic by Chris Moore, great Dewig Meats served up by Wish Upon A Star, and Weber Equipment. Remember, T-Shirt pre orders end July 29th and only a few extras will be available so please order yours soon. Your entry in the "Peoples Choice" beer and wine contest will also benefit Wish Upon A Star so if you are a home brewer or home wine maker please consider sharing your craft in this event. As always we appreciate your support.


Happy to report that our kits are doing great! We have sold out of 3 recipes and sold several others. Weber Equipment has asked us to replenish what is now gone as well as add a few more recipes to the shelf. We are looking to add a Saison, a Belgian Golden, a K├Âlsch and either a porter or stout. If you bought a kit we would love to hear any feedback you might have as well as suggestions for new recipes. Thanks for all the support!


What a great event today, we are extremely happy to have helped out in Beer Wars. All 4 teams did a great job and we look forward to trying all the beers. Weber Equipment did a great job hosting the event.


last touches on the set of Beer Wars at Weber Equipment


We hope you have an awesome Independence Day, full of craft beer, fireworks, and the American Way


Planning leads to productivity. We've completed our brewing schedule from now until the end of October. Next one out? Due to popular demand, another batch of Slammed Uncle Sam this summer!


If Legen-Dairy runs out, have no fear!
Slammed Uncle Sam, the watermelon wheat, will be done next week and there's plenty of that to share!


I hath truly tasted something magnificent. Our newest recipe, Legen-Dairy, is a delicious Sweet Stout made with Lactose, and for the first time brewing it, i can say we nailed it. Who would like to sample it?


So far 3 of the 14 kits have been sold at Weber Equipment in their first week of being on the shelves, which has us truly delighted. Today we're bottling 2 gallons of our own recipe as well as a 5 gallon batch of Red White and Brewberry, a special edition of our wheat kit. Of course we'll be enjoying a few craft beers during the process.



So excited to see kits at Weber Equipment!


Kits almost done! Weber Equipment


Back at it again, brewing a double batch today (or rather a two fifths batch depending how you look at it) of our signature recipe which we're delighted to announce has a name now, Shipwrecked. Since its our flagship beer and if you're drinking it you should refrain from steering the ship.

Weber Equipment Gonna give another go at the cooling paddle with some more logistical planning


We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all our friends and family that have supported us in our endeavor. It's easy to get your friends to like a page but we hope that one day our beer will speak for itself. If you've been one of our helpful supporters let us know if you're interested in more than just clicking a link and we'd be happy to supply samples for you're enjoyment.


We're nearly finished drawing up recipes for the kits that will be sold at Weber Equipment. We're still open to any ideas for styles that you would like to see. All kits will be extract kits with specialty grains for steeping. We have recipes for common and basic styles. If there is enough interest in other styles we'll craft a recipe for it.

What do you think? Some brewing humor while brewing a batch. What should the full sized one be called?

What do you think? Some brewing humor while brewing a batch. What should the full sized one be called?


Beer Knows No Class

Our personal motto. We believe that beer is the drink of mankind, and that as such, belongs to everyone. We are delighted to hear of other brewers stories and experiences, and even more delighted to hear that a brewer of any skill level wishes to learn more. For us beer is much more than a beverage, it is an art that has been attempted by a great many of men (and women!). Nothing excites us more than to share our passion with others, no matter their experience level or taste preference. We hope to spread this passion through our beer and our personalities. Our dream is that one day, when we have our brewery up and running, a novice brewer will walk through our doors and ask the most basic brewing question, and receive the best possible advice and attention, because everyone starts somewhere and should be encouraged when taking up the most rewarding hobby/profession.

Weber Equipment


just got done finally milling grains for 4 small batches, should be ready just in time for my trip to California


Evansville, IN




Ship Wrecked
Irish I Was Drunk
Cinco de Mayhem
Slammed Uncle Sam
Fallin' Over
Tanked Giving
Yule Lager


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