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1 Dude Ranch [email protected] 1Dude Ranch is a family ranch. Doing the best with what the good lord gave us. This small ranchette provides a great home me and my 5 girls.

We enjoy living in Fallbrook for a 2 generations now. I hope that all the good things the girls learn here will help them understand life as they grow.


Have a great weekend !!!!!!
We are blessed to work, live and play in this wonderful area!!


I always say a pitcher will pitch mad when he knows he got a chance to win. For that you need bats


The Bishop Team @ Coldwell Banker Village properties gives thanks for our all family,friends,and clients that support and keep us going. You are the reason we are able to have such a great team at a very nice office. We will continue to reach for excellence on every transaction. Once again Thank You!


HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Spring clean on the ranch happening should be done by Monday!!


A great morning with the goats chickens horses and dogs


Chicken herder. My bro Finn




our brand that i have not ever used 1D

the sleep over in the barn

the sleep over in the barn


1Dude flock lives on!!!! 5 new Easter chicks. Whooooooooo


when looked a buck for our does yesterday. He was a little small but great with kids. thats most important to us.off to look at one today. milk,soap,and cheese to come!!!


well the baby chickens are in the new 1dude hen house. wich is awesome thanks to Harold Barnes and his great chicken coupe plans. I tried to put the old and new floks together not a good idea chickens roll in gangs. so i call one flock republican and the other flock dems lol. For the next 2 weeks i need to work on finish of the projects. the lil details will make it nice. wait till the paint is on and i will put up pics.


E I O, EIO and jojo was his namo


my brand papers just came in 1D yes! whos first?


We missed the V-show for the MDGA. Totally bummed my girls could have done it! Thats ok we will get them next time.


our new spring flock has lost all the down. getting ready for the coop. Jay-lo has gone from the runt to roost queen!


As of today our mini-dairy goats are lagit! now i just to work on my brand for livestock. Already have a registered herd name. I wont brand my goats i just want one. for goats you tat there ears or tail.


I used to be such a traveler. Now I'm in OC thinking of all the things that need to get done life


Our new flock of chicks has tripled in size in a week and a half. pics to come. Bella and Bree have them people friendly already


After getting from the barn with Bree i as always check on all livestock then my Garden. I pay closer att. to the chickens and goats as that is food. Livestock coll so i then move to water and w**d garden(constant). I look at my corn that i raised from seed that is now 4' tall 1/2 gone. peppers 1/2 gone. i then scream and notice biig hoof prints. this can only mean one dude, JAKE my guy.i feel better now that i told you, i might put my R***r .45 long away. As cool as i think he is he really almost got it. maybe i should do it half rumped then it would be funny

Chicken herder. My bro Finn

Chicken herder. My bro Finn


It seems goats are not the hardy animal we think they are. There cousin the desert sheep are super low in . Our goats run a normal temp of 103.5 but they also cant cool down when it gets hotter anmd can die. They also dont like cold. After a bath you have to blow dry there hair so they dont get cold and catch a respitory infection. They are really cool animals, just gotta keep an eye on them.


as i was feeding yesterday i let the goats out to run with me and a few girls. My wifes horse tried to kill stormy the grey goat. That horse has the meanest spirit, i really think the devil could be hiding in him. I'd put the killer down(he has priors) but someone is foooled by him. and i have to sleep with her..:-)~


4539 Baja Mission Road
Fallbrook, CA


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Do you have any mini sannen bucks?
Hi I found you online at Goattipping.com. Do you have any mini sanen bucks that you breed with? I have a mini Alpine I want to breed. I have been looking for awhile and cannot find any mini alpine bucks. I am thinking about using a different mini breed? Do you have any nigerian dwarf bucks as well? Thanks Brandi