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Simon Peter Bend Ranch Historic Ranch located in Southeast Texas...


The 2000 Bellaire Little League team is as good as it gets in the Houston area.


🚨 Cattle Raisers, we need your help! 👇

TSCRA Special Rangers are requesting assistance in locating 54-year-old John Simmons. Simmons is wanted for multiple felony theft warrants stemming from cases in Crane County, Texas; Gaines County, Texas; and Love County, Oklahoma. If the subject is arrested or whereabouts known, contact the nearest TSCRA Special Ranger or call Operation Cow Thief at 817-916-1775.


Be sure to joins us March 23, 2023 in Bloomington Texas for the First Annual Texas Alliance Sale. Selling 150 top quality Brangus and Santa Gertrudis bulls. Along with 150 outstanding Commercial Females. Give us a call if you have any questions and be sure to request your catalog today.


Other feeds claim to have “no gimmicks”. Our Trash mix comes in a plain brown paper bag with really good stuff on the inside.

Scott and Simon have been feeding it for 3 years now, and report a huge body weight gain with tons of extra free fat on the carcass.

Oh yeah, I’d say that is a pretty nice set of stuff riding on his head as well!

This is a native, free ranging whitetail deer in Polk County. Green score is over 176” gross!



Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.

An example some folks might not know about is purple paint on a post/tree/fence in the Great State of Texas (and several other Southern states) is equal to a very direct,

“No hunting/No trespassing/No solicitation/go away” sign.

If you see purple paint - don’t go unless you were invited.

The purple paint law was passed almost 30 years ago to help because trespassing signs get faded, torn down, etc. purple paint is a unique color in nature and even most color blind can see it.

As one good ol’ boy told us,

“I’ve educated a couple people about the meaning because they weren’t from around here and decided to stop by and try to swap howdys… but I have purple paint all up and down my posts on the driveway.

I found the most effective way to educate these individuals is by show and tell. I am showing you my shotgun and telling you to skedaddle. Don’t be telling me about your candidate, don’t tell me you were hunting while you completely ignored the posts. No - I don’t want to look at knives. No - I don’t need my roof inspected for hail damage. No - I don’t want to change my internet provider. No- Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying”.

The more you know….


76 Bales up and 10 or so to get after we tedder it in the morning.

A few Gert x Hereford calves,  and a good looking 4 year old.

A few Gert x Hereford calves, and a good looking 4 year old.

She’s holding her own taking care of her girl,  during a very hot & dry summer!

She’s holding her own taking care of her girl, during a very hot & dry summer!


The Emory Livestock Auction saw 3,494 head of livestock on July 9, drawing miles of trailer lines filled with desperate sellers, thankful for a sale while prices hold relatively steady.


Disorganized and elongated low pressure over the northern/northwestern Gulf continues to weaken.
This will still enhance rain chances over parts of Texas and Louisiana on Thursday.
Notice the gap in coverage over the lakes portion of southeastern Texas. Best chances will be I-10 and south tomorrow. Nacogdoches/Tyler, TX/northern LA may also be a hot spot in coverage late tonight.


At the Capitol yesterday for the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee hearing—While Texas gains an average of 1,600 new residents each day, we lose roughly 640 acres of viable farm and ranch land at the same time. This negative unintended consequence works directly against the need to conserve natural resources, rural economies and the food security of our state and nation. It’s now more important than ever that we support and encourage sustainable agricultural production, as well as foster open communication and meaningful dialogue between our municipalities and producers.

Agriculture is the one sector which we need and depend on every day of our life, how easy we do forget!


A limited number of black vulture depredation permits are available in Texas to help farmers and ranchers protect newborn livestock. Get the details:


Maps show the severity of drought in eight Central Plains states and where they began 2022 in beef cow numbers. These eight states represent 52% of America's beef cows, and accounted for 67% of last year's herd culling.


We hope you will join us on March 19th at Briggs Ranch in Bloomington, Texas for the Santa Gertrudis Bluebonnet Classic. The sale also will be broadcast live on DVAuction.

If you would like to receive a sale catalog, please message us.


We are to that point in the election cycle when polling numbers start to differentiate the field and candidates start grasping for straws to plant any seed of doubt which they can. I have made a promise to the people of House District 18 that I will run a clean and positive campaign, the same promise which I have stood firmly upon in the races I’ve ran before. As the trash mail pieces continue to come, I will continue to keep the high road, because that is what the people here deserve. I can pick apart these mailers piece by piece, though once you wash away all of the smoke and dirt, the piece of paper is pretty much blank and just a representation of the dollar signs which a couple West Texas billionaires are using to try to manipulate this race. If in doubt about my authenticity, reach out and I’m glad to sit down with you at any time and explain how I played a role in the most conservative session in Texas history. When it comes to voting, find someone to ask who has met the candidate, see who has been involved in their community, is civic minded, and be cautious of political speak, because politics alone are an awfully hard pill to wash down without a healthy dose of common sense. I don’t mean common sense in regards to what you read on a bumper sticker, but that of a life which goes well beyond politics alone. The hate filled mailers will continue, they are funded by the same dark money trying to buy your vote as before, and they are orchestrated by opponents who worry that their merits alone will not be enough to get them elected. The evening of March 1st will be here soon enough, and I will sleep well in knowing that I am the same man, husband, father, and small town guy who I was the day before, who didn’t sink to the level of hate for the sake of politics.

East Montgomery County, Liberty County, Hardin County folks - Ernest Bailes is a man of Character and one the hardest wo...

East Montgomery County, Liberty County, Hardin County folks - Ernest Bailes is a man of Character and one the hardest working guys I’ve ever known.
He’s a Generational East Texan, Rancher, Businessman, outdoorsman, he’s one of us!


Share Memories and Support the Family.


I support Morgan Luttrell for Congress. Morgan will Represent our East Texas values and interests in Washington! He’s a hard worker, 5th generation Texan, and a strong supporter of Law enforcement, he’s one us!!!


Regardless of the original registration date, all brands, marks and tattoos must be re-registered by Feb. 28, 2022.

Even if the brand has been in your family for decades, you must re-register it.

Re-register the brands at the county clerk’s office in the county or counties where the livestock reside. Any previously recorded brands, marks or tattoos that have not been re-registered by the deadline will be considered unclaimed and can be eligible for registration by someone else.

Learn more:


The United State Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear arguments in a case that could make clear that two federally recognized tribes in Texas — Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe …


Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Second Vice President Carl Ray Polk Jr. provided invited testimony today at a Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission special work session on Chronic Wasting Disease. Polk stressed the importance of ranchers and landowners remaining diligent partners with TPWD in the struggle to mitigate CWD in our state.


Texas livestock owners must now post signs to get legal protection under the state's Texas Farm Animal Liability Act .


100 Cochran Ranch Road
Goodrich, TX



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