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Rosé season is here and I AM LOVING it! To celebrate, on Wednesday, June 5 (that's tomorrow!), Scout and Cellar is releasing a special 4 Bottle Rosé Tasting Set so that you can "rosé all day" all summer long!

This set contains:
• 2018 No S*x for Butterfly Rosé | Pays d’Oc, France (SET EXCLUSIVE!)
• 2018 Gallivant Rosé | Mendocino County, California
• 2018 Inizi Hi-Jump Rosé | Mendocino County, California
• 2018 Fieldhouse Rosé | Mendocino County, California

Message me to get yours ordered OR get it here:

(Goes live at 11am CST) 🍷


New Wines tomorrow at 11am CT

You’re going to want these for those sunny ☀️ summer days!! 👙

Some reminders:
🍷$99+ orders - FREE shipping
🍷6+ bottles - 5% off
🍷12+ bottles - 10% off


AUSTIN, TEXAS Friends! Who wants to learn more about the wine business I’m in?? Our founder is hosting an Opportunity Gathering on May 30 in your city to tell you all about how we’re disrupting the $60 billion wine industry.

Come with your curiosity and questions and, of course, be ready to smell, sip, and swirl the cleanest wine in all of the land. Message me or comment to get your tickets or if you have friends in Austin, please send them my way!

Scout & Cellar is a 1.5 year old company that grossed $20 million in revenue in its first full year. Currently we have about 6,000 wine consultants, making it a ground floor opportunity for those who want to get involved now.

Our wine is sourced from around the world and then third party lab tested to ensure it meets our clean crafted standards:

🍇Incredibly Delicious
🍇No Chemical Additives
🍇No Added Sugar
🍇No Synthetic Pesticides
🍇Sustainable, Organic, and/or Biodynamic
🍇Low Sulfites
🍇Tended by Hand


Today is Sauvignon Blanc Day!! I have to confess before trying S&C wines I was not a fan of white wines. Sauvignon Blanc is now one of my favorites grapes.

It’s very easy to match to food. Just remember that it pairs beautifully with anything you would squeeze lemon on. Cold seafood platter? Check. Grilled Halibut? Check. Roast vegetables? Check. It also is terrific with Gruyere or ripe chevre cheese and anything garlicky.

Enjoy your Friday with a glass of clean crafted Sauvignon Blanc
Cheers!!! 🥂


May is here! So many fun events coming up, Mother’s Day, teachers week, Memorial weekend

Celebrate with clean crafted wine! May tasting set is perfect to enjoy with friends and family.

▪️2017 Hushkeeper Zinfandel
▪️2016 The Resident Red Wine
▪️2017 Gallivant Chardonnay
▪️2018 Inizi Rosé


Grad party, baby shower, wedding shower, or just a summer gathering on the horizon???

Impress your guests with some Scout&Cellar Clean Crafted wine! No hassles of running around town... they ship right to your doorstep too.

Message us to hear about our volume discounts, wines available and to order some today!!! Your guests will thank you!


Wine Wednesday coming in with 2 new wines
🍷🍷Hushkeeper wines 🍷🍷

During prohibition in the 1920s, it was illegal to make, sell or transport alcohol in the United States. But it was legal to drink it. Any bottles that Americans had stashed away in January of 1920 were theirs to keep and enjoy, but only in the privacy of their own homes. For most, this amounted to only a few bottles, which wasn’t nearly enough. So they would look to a Hush Shopkeeper - or a “Hushkeeper”- from whom they could secretly buy more.

Hushkeeper pays homage to a pivotal time in history, a time we are thankful is just that - history. No more secret passwords or doorways here - just delicious wine.


Tempranillo lovers!! We have Tempranillo in stock red and white..... YES!! White Tempranillo from Spain

100% Tempranillo
A fantastic contrast of tart cherries and leather leads into a medium-body with juicy red raspberry and spices backed by mouth-coating tannins and a lingering finish

100% Tempranillo Blanco
Enticing and enjoyable tropical aromas of pineapple, mango and subtle white flowers continue on a refreshing palate of juicy yellow apple with a fresh, textured mouthfeel and a lingering finish.

Fun facts about Tempranillo
🇪🇸 It’s the dominant red grape in Rioja, which was Spain’s first region to become a household name.
⏰ The name, Tempranillo, comes from the Spanish temprano, meaning “early,” which is fitting as it ripens earlier than other grapes native to Spain.
🍍Tempranillo Blanco wines are noted for their tropical fruit flavors.


Happy wine Wednesday!!


To all my friends who ❤️ sparkling wine!
This Sparkling Pinot Noir is DELICIOUS!!!

Think about this!! Not only for the price but for the ZERO added sugar, ZERO chemicals, no synthetic pesticides, organic, vegan, hand picked grapes.

This won’t last much longer, hurry up and order before it’s gone


Houston friends!!

Are you looking for a fun way to make extra money??? Meet new friends? And earn FREE wine?

Join us! Come and learn from our leaders about clean crafted wine and share a glass of wine with us!!

May 2nd! 6:30-8:30
Cypress, Tx
Message me for location!


My favorite bottle of bubbles!! Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

Dry but with an understated faint aroma of wild strawberries and bubbles so incredibly fine that you believe you’re actually drinking a classic French champagne and not a Chilean sparkling rosé. (Little secret though...the brothers who own the vineyard actually enlisted the help of a French winemaker to teach them the Methode Champenoise so really for all intents and purposes, this IS a champagne!

The heart and dedication to technique is quite prevalent. We’ve sold sooooo many bottles of the Nortino Sparkling Pinot Noir since it’s release.. DO NOT miss out on this one!


No mega purple dye in our wines means no stained teeth, lips or Easter eggs! But you can sure get drunk trying!


Don’t let the nice weather catch you off guard!

Stock up with half case of refreshing clean crafted wine , 6 delicious bottles for less than $123

2018 Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc
2018 Etnico Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
2018 Fieldhouse White Blend
2017 Qvinto Tempranillo Blanco
2017 Val de Resa Grenacha Blanca
2018 Dove Hunt Dog Chardonnay


If you’re wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day or what to ask the Easter Bunny to put in your basket.... THIS is it. It just screams SPRINGTIME!!! 🌷🌷🌷

This ✨sparkling✨ pinot noir rosé from Chile! These grapes have never seen pesticides! Grown and made by a couple of brothers who consulted with winemakers creating Champagne in France using the champenoise method. Elegant and polished with fine bubbles, wild strawberry, red cherry and crushed raspberry wrapped around a core of limestone-driven minerality! Pairs perfectly with... well, EVERYTHING!
Gorgeous bottle and gorgeous bubbles. 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾

Spring is here! It's time for sparkling rosé!!!! Make your purchase before it disappears


Are the “organic” or “vegan” wines you buy lab tested? Or do you just trust the label and hope for the best? Here at Scout & Cellar, we lab test every wine to ensure it meets our requirements to be clean-crafted.

We are the only label who is certified clean-crafted. If all the boxes aren’t ✅checked off, we don’t allow into the gates of Scout & Cellar.🚫 So when you buy wines from Scout & Cellar, not only do you get exclusive wines from all over the world, you can also rest easy that’s it’s been lab tested to ensure it’s organic, no added sugars or chemicals, low sulfites, bodynamic, the list goes on.
Fact: Scout & Cellar has no ownership in the lab that tests our wines. They are iindependently lab-tested at University of California Davis which has a vinticulture department.


Not all wines are made the same. A very few meet clean crafted standards

🚫 No Added Chemicals
🚫 No Added Sugar
🚫 No Chemical Pesticides
🚫 No Mass Production

Do you know what’s in your wine??


Do you know whats in your wine? Of course not, there is no nutrition label or list of ingredients...and thats what mass-produced wine makers want!
We focus so much on clean and healthy eating we typically dont think how bad the beverages we consume are for us. We all know soda is bad, but what about wine with 16g of sugar, 350ppm of sulfites AND up to 250 FDA approved chemicals and additives?!
Message me to try a bottle of clean wine and taste the difference today!


Having fun and making memories with friends. Amazing cocktail party recognizing bossbabes. Thanks PR Luxe LIve for a great party


A dozen roses?? 😕
A dozen rosés?? 😍
Give the gift of clean crafted wine this Valentine’s Day


❤️ Give this Valentine's Day the gift of clean crafted wine. We have gift cards for that special someone ❤️


Contact me to buy yours


Super Bowl day!! Who are you rooting for?? Me?? Clean crafted wine


Shop the Clean Wine


If you’re watching your sugar you’ll want to pay special attention to your wine.
According to Nutritionix, this popular selection on the right contains 14g of sugar in a tiny 3.5 oz glass!

Whereas The Resident on the left, with the same delicious notes of berries, pomegranate, and cherry, contains 0 grams.
Stick that in your glass and drink it!


Last day to order Fieldhouse Rose for a great price 🍷 20% discount 🍷

Usually $25.... just today $20

Order $99+ bottles get free shipping
Order 6 bottles get extra 5% = $18.75 each
Order 12 bottles get extra 10% = $17.50 each

Perfect for teacher gifts, valentines gift, coworkers... you name it!!! Wine is always welcomed!


Prosecco is available to order!! It will sell out fast!! Perfect Valentine’s gift.


Happy 2019!!!

Have you been wanting to start something new? Looking to earn some extra cash? Trying to live a clean life and loose weight (or at least not gain weight)? Thought about direct sales, but don’t know if it’s for you?

Well, Scout & Cellar could very well be the answer to all of these questions.

I won’t beat you down with a bunch of numbers and sales, but if you are even the least bit interested in learning more or jumping on my team, I would LOVE to talk to you.


Looking for a part-time job drinking wine and having fun? Let’s chat!


Thanksgiving is almost here!! Need some clean wine for your guests?? Enjoy the festivities without the next day headache.

Skip the additives and up to 300 chemicals that a regular bottle of wine has and order some clean crafted wine!

Order at


Shop the Clean Wine's cover photo


I could tell you all the ways Scout & Cellar delivers on our promise, but it's much easier to show you.


Who knows someone in any of the 50 states who loves wine? Mississippi doesn’t have a SINGLE consultant yet and all of the others only have a couple!

This opportunity is crazy BIG!! Tag your wine loving friends from the different states!!

48% of the consultants are in Texas but that is because it started in Texas. Keep in mind, there are still only 4000 consultants so even Texas has few consultants!


🍷 My commitment to you when you join my team 🍷

☑️ I will ALWAYS answer your texts... ALWAYS!!
☑️ I will remind you every time you have an order coming, so you can make changes if you need to.
☑️ I will keep you updated with sales and promotions.
☑️ I will check on your numbers so you can hit all the bonuses and promotions possible.
☑️ I will meet with you if you need me at any event.
☑️ I will invite you to every event our team is hosting.
☑️ I will guide you and walk with you every step of this journey.
☑️ I will share with you every training I get so we can all grow together.
☑️ I will always be there for you, to listen, to give you advice and most important to be your friend


Houston, TX


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