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Water For Wellness LLC Water For Wellness LLC is a locally owned company that strives to improve lives physically, mentally and financially using Enagic's Kangen Water.

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Keeping our immune systems in top performance is the key to good health.
One question first, can you tell me what it requires to keep your own immune system in top running order?
Believe me, this is not a trick question.
With Covid 19 on everybody's mind lately, it can be very comforting to know that a strong immune system will eliminate nearly all risk of dying.
This is why children are less effected.
As we grow older, our bad habits have a way of disrupting our immune system.
Obesity does the same thing.
Once our immune system starts to deteriorate we experience chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Covid hits people with theses preexisting conditions very hard.
I want to help you to get your immune system working as it did when you were young. It is not difficult but it does require making a few lifestyle changes.
Eleven years ago I was dying with Lyme Disease. A Canadian Nutritionist told me the same things that I am going to tell you.
I know it works. I am living proof of that.
According to Dr. Thomas Rau, all chronic disease requires an environment to survive. This is a combination of Low pH in the body, lots of inflammation and cellular toxicity cause by dehydration.
Lots of good mineral rich water will go a long way in removing this environment. Personally, I drink Electrolyzed Reduced Water (Kangen Water)
Now that these conditions are removed, a healthy diet rich in nutrients comes into play.
This diet should be abut 10% meat based protein, 50% lagoons and brown rice, 35% raw fruit and vegetables the rest is up to you.
Go easy on sugar and flour products. Pasta and processed sugar is a killer.
Eliminate all soft drinks and sports drinks. These are very acidic and bring the body's pH into unhealthy levels.
Get on a good Vitamin regiment. I take a multivitamin, 5000 mg Vit C daily, 3000 to 5000 units of Vit D3 daily with Magnesium and I also take a substantial amount of Turmeric.
I can't remember the last time I was sick with as much as a cold.
Here is a site below that explains the Electrolyzed Reduced Water Technology that I use.
We are living in some scary times. We can't depend on Doctors to keep us well. Responsibility starts at home.
Take a minute and register on the site for more information.
I hope this helps.
Feel free to share all of my Health Posts.

HEALTH NOTE:   WE HAVE OPTIONSPLEASE READ AND SHARE IT.In about 1998 I stated showing signs of rapid aging. My joints st...

In about 1998 I stated showing signs of rapid aging. My joints started becoming very painful, my body ached all over. A few years later I started losing my memory. I could not get it figured out no matter how many Doctors I saw. They all said "welcome to life over 50".
By 2002 was nearly crippled. My legs were swelling for no apparent reason. By swelling, I mean swelling to a point I could no longer put on my jeans. Still no answers from the medical community.
Later that year, after doing my own research and talking with everyone I could, it was brought to my attention that I may have Lyme Disease. It certainly made sense to me.
I asked my local Doctor here in Leesburg to do a Lyme test. He declined and started telling me that my symptoms were anything but Lyme. So I went to the VA and asked them to do it. They also gave me a runaround claiming that my Symptoms did not fit the Lyme criteria. Only after I offered to pay for the test out of my own pocket did I get tested.
My test came back Positive. I was retested by my Local Doctor and again I tested positive. They started me on antibiotics and for the next 8 years I rode the Lyme roller coaster being treated nearly the entire time. By 2010 I had lost over 30% of my physical capabilities and nearly 50% of my mental. I could not remember a phone number long enough to write it down. I would lose my thoughts in the middle of sentences. I was a mess.
Worse yet the physical pain was becoming more than I could bare along my spine and the back of my neck.
I was rapidly losing hope of ever getting better. My Doctors told me that there was little more that they could do to. I was dying and I knew it.
By now you are wondering where I am going with this. What does this have to do with OPTIONS?
I am about to tell you.
Late in 2010 a nutritionist from Canada told me that I didn't have to live this way any longer. However, I would have to make a few habit changes. At this point I was ready to try anything.
He explained to me that in order to find a cure, we must first find the cause. He went on the explain that most disease was caused by poor choices. He said that disease needs its own environment to survive and we create this environment by living a lifestyle that does not provide out body what it needs.
He went on to say that if we remove the environment in which disease thrives, in most cases we will remove the disease.
It really makes no difference what disease we are dealing with.
In my case with Lyme, all my symptoms were gone in a little over 18 months from the start of my lifestyle changes. I am now going on 11 years and my health has never been better.
Now we get to the meat of the matter.
The human body, the same and nearly all living creatures and plants, require three things.
The first is good water. Water not only hydrates the body, it also detoxes by removing cellular waste. This requires drinking nearly 5% of our body weight in water each day. A 200 pound man needs to drink up to 10 pounds of water a day. This equates to about 10 pints of water, not soft drinks or sports drinks.
Next, our body requires enough alkaline minerals to maintain a pH level in our body of about 7.5. This is the body pH and not the Blood pH. The body regulates the pH of the blood by pulling mineral from the body. This is absolutely vital in providing the body the ability to assimilate nutrients. Once the pH is in balance we can focus on nutrients. There are about 90 essential vitamins and minerals we should strive to consume along with our diet.
The last part of the environment we need to focus is the removal and prevention of inflammation. Inflammation feeds disease. Inflammation along with a low pH level is the environment nearly all chronic disease thrives.
This requires the daily consumption of massive amounts of antioxidants.
By drinking the right water, you can get the proper hydration and detoxification, a balanced pH and enough antioxidants to give you the foundation required. A good balanced diet with the proper nutrients will do the rest.
There is a catch.
Unless you live an a valley with glacier runoff for your water supply or drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water, the water your are currently drinking is not providing what you need.
I have been drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water since late 2010 and it not only helped me get what I needed to get well, it has helped me from getting sick for over 10 years.
Do a little research as I did by using and then typing in Electrolyzed Reduced Water Clinical Studies. There is enough there to satisfy the most skeptical amongst us.
Also, feel free to contact me any time. My phone number is 703-728-7103
On a closing note, the US holds about 4% of the world population, yet we consume 75% of the pharmaceuticals produced worldwide.
We are a population of 320 million. Nearly 100 million suffer with Diabetes. One in three can expect to get cancer in their lifetime. Autoimmune Disease, Heart Disease and Neurological Diseases are off the chart.
We currently rank about 50 in life expectancy and nearly the same in disease prevention worldwide. It is time we all make some serious changes.
At the current rate our medical cost will exceed our GDP in another 10 years. WE need to start NOW.


HEALTH CARE Has Nothing To Do With HEALTH!!!
The Health Care Costs in this Country are and have been on the rise. Chronic Disease is also on the rise.
As a Country, we consist of a little over 4% of the world population. Yet, we consume over 75% of the pharmaceuticals
produced worldwide.
At the rate we are going, we will not be able to afford health care cost in another 10 years.
We need to make some serious changes. We need to look at prevention a lot more. There is no money in prevention so we are not going to get a lot of help from our Doctors.
Therefore, it is our responsibility to learn what we must do to take care of our own families and ourselves. I will be frank. We are doing a p**s poor job at taking care of ourselves.
It is not your fault. We all are being brain washed into believing that natural cures are hogwash. Some Doctors believe we get all the nutrients from our food. That is absolutely impossible.
We are taught to believe that age related diseases are something that we cannot avoid. We are taught that medicines are the answer to everything health related.
Remember the 4% vs 75% i mentioned above. What are the other Countries doing without all that medicine.
Japan uses less than any of the top 40 industrialized Countries yet they are # 1 in Longevity and # 1 in Disease Prevention.
Actually, the United States ranks 43 or 44. For the first time in decades our live expectancy dropped.
Over the last 8 years I have done a tremendous amount of research to understand what it takes to maintain good health.
It is not difficult. We need to drink a lot of good water. We must keep the pH of our body at about 7.2. We must reduce inflammation and prevent it. We must eat healthier diets and be sure we are getting the nutrition required to stay healthy.
If you are experiencing poor health or suffering from a Chronic Illness, call me. I may be able to help.
If you want to be sure your family stays as healthy as possible, call me. I may be able to help.
My number is 703 728 7103.


Kangen Water hydrates up to 10 times better, on the cellular level, than tap or bottled waters.
Kangen Water helps to raise and balance to pH of the body to prevent Acidity.
Kangen Water is rich in Molecular Hydrogen, the strongest antioxidant known. This helps remove and prevent inflammation.
No other water, anywhere, can make this claim, no matter how good you think your water is.
We are dealing with some pretty nasty stuff all around us today. The Cancer rate is higher than ever, Diabetes is off the chart and Autoimmune Diseases are popping up all the time. COVID-19 is just one more for the list.
Don't you think it's about time to look a little deeper into Kangen Water?
Drinking Kangen Water makes you look and feel better, younger and healthier.
Enagic, the manufacturer of the Kangen Water Ionizer is doubling it's sales annually. It is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the World today with nearly $1 Billion is sales a year..
Check us out.
For more information, please feel free to give me a call. 703 729 7103



Isaac Newton stated, Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction.

You are wondering, what does this have to do with Water.

Well, it's simple. First you must understand where our water comes from and how is it treated.

If you live in or near Leesburg, VA, your water comes from the Potomac River. If you are in River Creek, Lansdowne or Potomac Station, your water comes our of the Kenny Rollins Treatment Plant.

That water is then filtered and treated with chemicals. One chemical is chlorine or a chlorine type chemical. This raises the Oxidant level of the water. Using a ORP Meter the oxidant levels can be measured in Millivolts. If the reading is in the plus range the liquid is oxidant. If it is in the minus range it is antioxidant.

To kill Ecoli Bacteria it must be at approximately 600 millivolts. Higher the millivolt level the higher the Free Radical levels. Free Radicals kill by robbing electrons from microbes or bacteria.

How does the Isaac Newton statement fit? What is the reaction that this water has on the Human Body?
It's incredibly hard on our skin and hair. This is something you can see and feel.

Drinking it is something that you cannot see or feel initially, however, over a long period the results can be devastating. Just as it kills Ecoli, it destroys our cells creating inflammation.

We can filter out the chlorine from our drinking water, however, as we do we also filter our valuable alkaline minerals. We lower the ORP as we lower the pH level of our water.

It is absolutely essential that we maintain a balanced pH in our body and eliminate inflammation. We can filter out the chlorine but we cannot add alkalinity that is vital.

Here are some drinks with their approximate ORP Millivolt levels.
Coke and Sodas +400
Sports Drinks +400
Bottled Water +300
Sparkling Water +400
Tap Water +600
Tap Water Filtered +400

Orange Juice -20
Pomegranate -30
Green Tea -40
Electrolyzed Reduced Water -800

Unless you are drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water which also raises the pH level, it is impossible to drink or eat enough raw fruit and vegetable to offset the oxidative foods and drinks we consume.

Why is this so important?

Oxidants are Free Radicals. Free Radicals kill by robbing electrons from microbes and bacteria. They also damage our own cells by robbing them of essential electrons and destroying them. This is a primary cause of Inflammation.

Inflammation is a primary cause of all forms of Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes, All Autoimmune Disease, Heart Disease and Neurological Disease.

Our body is 70% water. It is important that we give our body the right water.

It makes all the difference in the world.

Here is a site that goes over the technology of the Enagic Water Ionizer that will produce Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

Check it out and feel free to register for more information.


Leesburg, VA


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Water For Wellness LLC is a locally owned company that strives to improve lives physically, mentally and financially using Enagic's Kangen Water. Kangen Water hydrates up to eight times better on the cellular level for complete hydration and detoxification. It helps to balance the pH levels of the body which is absolutely necessary for optimum cellular function. It hold the highest antioxidant ratings known to remove and prevent inflammation. Kangen Water will improve your health and if you choose to share it with your friends it will also improve your financial well being.

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