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Overlook Community Farm Forward thinking in the form of a farm. For more info on our long term goals check out our partner Earth Village Education's website.

The farm plays host to a nonprofit organization, Earth Village Education, running workshops and events that help spread useful skills to those who are interested in spending time getting to know our mother, Earth. www.EarthVillageEducation.org


Tommy and the gang just finished spreading some of the 21 tons of gravel we had delivered today. The new awning addition to the barn is looking better every day, and quickly becoming a pleasant place for the tractor to call home. 😊


The bats have been living behind our shutters all summer so as the weather gets cold we decided to give them a cozy home of their own built from scrap pieces of wood we had laying around so they had a better place to winter over the cold months ahead.


For those who know, you'll know. We finally, hopefully, won the battle of the weeds in our greenhouse.


It's been awhile but were working on our native plant list for our nursery next year. Our milkweed this year did wonderfully and is currently planted all over Northern VA and DC, and at least ours here at the farm are covered in Monarch butterfly caterpillars.


an afternoon walk is never short on beauty with 96 acres of sanctuary surrounding you.


Flashback Friday...cause I forgot throwback Thursday...Here's to warm weather and bow drill kits.


Early afternoon sun from my favorite porch.


Winter is coming.


Farm life...

Earth Village Education

We are still up to our elbows in asparagus and likely will be for another week or so. We've also got our greens coming in so spinach, lettuce, and arugula are all now on the menu. Also within a week we should be ready to start offering peas, beans, onions, and cucumbers.

Stay in touch and well keep you updated. Don't forget were only two weeks out from the sacred order of survival course were offering through our partners Earth Village Education. Check out their website for more info and to sign up.


To develop an educational platform of sustainable living models based on wilderness survival, permaculture based gardening, and off-grid architecture techniques.


Native American slip and slide on the golden retriever's birthday.


Overlook Community Farm's cover photo


Some info on the upcoming class we're hosting.


Tomatoes and peppers went into the beds yesterday which shifts our focus to getting ready for the Sacred Order class with our partners Earth Village Education and Tom Brown III.


For all our faithful followers we now have an official email and can be contacted at [email protected]


Next Saturday June 7th will be our first official trip to market here in Marshall and it will also be the first volunteer day of the year. If you haven't any plans and would like to spend some time outside learning send us a message and we can fill you in with any details you need.


a.k.a. baby dinosaurs


Where life begins.


Groundbreaking on the hegelkulture beds. It's a traditional german permaculture method that allows debris to biodegrade naturally underneath your crops to ensure rich soil for years to come.


You pick strawberries in about a week!!


We have Honey in 1/2 and 1 lb sizes, Hardy Rosemary in 3" pots and Lavender plants, also in 3"pots


Overlook Live Stock


We had 5 baby goats born this week three to Lucy, one to Nexus and One to Shamrock,


We were hoping for Goat babies on NYE That did not pan out. Lucy is hanging on to them a bit longer. She is about 3 feet wide so I'm thinking twins!!


We were so happy here to have Irene bring us some water, We are around 9 inches short and things have been suffering badly...1.25 inches fell, enough to contunue putting in the fall lettuce, cabbage, etc, plenty more food to grow, harvest and give away......


....I was explaining what we are doing here at Overlook and He replied "You are giving it away!!" Yes I said, "you have to give it away to keep it".
We are providing over a ton a month of fresh, healthy food to local folks who are in need, along with large shares of food to our members every week. But we do need help in keeping this going and to make it possible give more,
Think about it..........


483 pounds of food to the food bank this week (Mostly yummy Melons) and it is looking like another couple hundred on Sat, to all those helping out...Thank you!!


Pot luck at the farm, then a run to fireworks, come on if you want...The barbi is getting hot soon!!


Marshall, VA



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