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My employer is the worst ever. It’s getting terrible so I thought I would share some of the major issues with you all. I’m looking for advice, not judgement. How should I handle these problems? How should I approach him, if I should approach him at all?

He’s terrible about vacation time. It just doesn’t exist in his plans. I might try to go have a couple minutes of peace, but he’s bound to come off crying that I need to be back in the office taking care of things for him. He is always getting hurt and demands that I be at his beck and call. Usually, these injuries happen when I’m on vacation. Seems telling, doesn’t it?

The salary is absolutely insane too. Instead of paying me, he expects me to pay for him! And not just the odd dinner here and there. Everything! He wants his house paid for, his electric and water paid for… he makes me do his grocery shopping AND COVER THAT BILL TOO.

He also doesn’t understand that I’m an office employee, not a home employee. He is constantly demanding I come clean his room. His room is disgusting. He goes to the bathroom everywhere in it and he throws his food in all the corners. He wants me to clean his clothes and put them away.

He doesn’t believe in boundaries either. He has no problem getting up in my business about everything. He wants to be included in all my plans. He wants to be the center of any conversations I have with my friends. He wants my family to visit him instead of me. He doesn’t see why he isn’t allowed to wake me up in the middle of the night with something he wants done.

He is also abusive to me. He frequently bites my head when I do something wrong. He likes to hit me with his tail every time I walk behind him. He makes horrible faces when I change my perfume and rolls his eyes when he sees me coming over.

Yesterday was the final straw. I asked for a bonus since I put up with so much. His only response? Chewing. That’s right. My big, dumb boss just kept chewing his food and acting like he totally didn’t give a flying you-know-what about what I was saying. When I got too loud in my defense of myself, he pulled his food to the other side of his room and put his back to me.

I know many lawyers will be cowardly to take up a case against a horse like this one, but I believe in my rights in the work place and I refuse to be trodden upon anymore. Literally. My feet can’t take it.

So, what should I do? If you’ve experienced this abuse, share your tips!

The horses and dog are back for LVIII. Just like that, life makes sense again.

The horses and dog are back for LVIII.
Just like that, life makes sense again.

Here's to doing it the old school way.

Words from the equine vet’s mouth…

Words from the equine vet’s mouth…

I will be the first to admit that people who want to simply take care of a horse – including veterinarians – are frequently provided with a bewildering array of choices. These choices come not only from within veterinary medicine, but also from a whole bunch of (hopefully) sincere folks who also...


I’m doubling up with a pillow vest AND my big coat


Here’s to the owners who are checking waterers for ice.
Here’s to the owners who are constantly outside to monitor their horses health in this weather.
Here’s to the owners who are switching out blankets to keep horses warm. Here’s to the owners who don’t blanket because their horses are staying warm.
Here’s to the owners who worry if their horses are warm.
Here’s to the owners who have frozen fingers but make sure the hose has been thoroughly drained before leaving. And here’s to the owners who have to keep the hose inside their house to make sure it doesn’t freeze.
Here’s to the owners who run a boarding facility and don’t sleep because they are constantly checking on everyone’s horses.
Here’s to owners who board their horses wishing they could have them home during these scary temps.
Here’s to the countless headlamps and heated vests needing charged, wet gloves drying on countertops and duct-taped snow boots trying to make it through one more season.
Here’s to the sewing sessions to repair horse blankets.
Here’s to the gate latch CPR sessions trying to heat it up by breathing on it so it can be opened.
Here’s to the countless bales of hay. Countless flakes tossed. The countless times of asking “where are the scissors?!”.
Here’s to the frozen p**p piles that get tripped over, ankles rolled over, toes stubbed over.
Here’s to the shows being rescheduled, the rehearsed patterns and hours of showmanship practice being put on hold.
Here’s to the layers of pj pants under snow coveralls.

Here’s to the part of horse ownership that isn’t so glamorous. Thank you for all YOU are doing for the safety and wellbeing of your horses during this time. ❄️💙

I have read so many comments and questions on FB about this lately. An interesting read.

I have read so many comments and questions on FB about this lately. An interesting read.

A veterinarian who has investigated how physical or mental discomfort can leave a horse sleep deprived explains how to ensure your horse gets a good night's rest.



This equine vet’s advice is always amazing!

This equine vet’s advice is always amazing!

I thought that it might be useful to write some thoughts about lameness exams, since, 1) At some point, it seems that just about every horse is going to go lame, and 2) There seem to be seemingly limitless approaches to performing a lameness exam. Understanding the process can go a long way towards....

MFTHBA Celebration Schedule:

MFTHBA Celebration Schedule:


“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?” – Steven Wright For all of the fun that the summer sun brings, hot weather poses a big challenge to the horse (and its owner). Simply stated, horses really aren’t hot weather creatures, and working them when it’s hot risks some real dangers. I...


Congratulations, Larry! 🎉




There are really two horse worlds. They are not completely separate, of course, but, in my view, if you’re going to understand the horse world – and the pleas and entreaties that come from it – you also have to understand the motivations of people who train, own, and take care of them. And, in...


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