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Jess Welter - Great Lakes Hybrids Dealer Seed dealer for Great Lakes Hybrids. Offering the best genetics in corn and soybeans from convention

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The last 2 years we have had a blast at the annual fourth of July parade in West Bend. These are the themes we used each...

The last 2 years we have had a blast at the annual fourth of July parade in West Bend. These are the themes we used each year. This year we will be cranking out a new theme with a new name.. LG seeds!! Stay tuned for a new page as well to kick off a new beginning. Any guesses on this years theme? We are going to have fun! Jess.

Bright future coming..getting closer!

Bright future coming..getting closer!

Pictures like this remind us that in a few short months, five great seed brands will join forces to form the NEW LG Seeds. This means our customers will get the same great seed, the same great genetics and the same great service they've always relied on, plus new tools and technology and a powerful team, to maximize success from field to yield.

An early reminder to all my customers of the exciting changes coming July 1!
The NEW! LG Seeds

An early reminder to all my customers of the exciting changes coming July 1!

This is "The NEW! LG Seeds" by LG Seeds on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Thanks to all who took the time to stop by and visited, and had some lunch and placed an order during my seed days!! Appreciate all the support and positive comments from you all, as we wrap up a 97 year tradition of Great Lakes Hybrids, rest assured I will continue everything going forward in the transition to "the new LG Seeds" that you all have had as my customer in the past. Same great genetics, people, fun and support that helped me get here to this point. Looking forward to our future and what it holds. Special thanks to Wyatt Ziesman and Dave Hoy for being here to help answer questions and offer guidance, couldn't do it without your support! Still plenty of time to get great deals on all your needs for 2018. Call, text, or email me to set up a time to talk seed! Again Thank You and with GLH!! Jess Welter GLH Dealer


Today and tomorrow are the days! Stop by and check out the great deals on all your corn and bean needs for 2018. Food, snacks drinks and special prices today and tomorrow only!! Can't make it? Call me or text me to lock in these prices and set up a time that works in your schedule. Look forward to seeing you for seed daze 2017!! Jess Welter GLH Dealer.

With things winding down and the forecast set to change, it's time to get 2018 plans in place! Dec. 12-13 will be my ann...

With things winding down and the forecast set to change, it's time to get 2018 plans in place! Dec. 12-13 will be my annual seed days. Stop in for the best deals on seed those 2 days! I am available anytime if those days don't work. Just call or text me and we can set up an appointment to talk over all your seed needs in 2018. Great deals, and food and drinks all day both days. DSM here both and agronomist Dave Hoy here on the 13th! Come n go all day long!! Look forward to visiting with you all as we wrap up 97 years as Great Lakes Hybrids, before transitioning to LG seeds next season. Thanks for all your business and remember !!


Wishing everyone a safe and bountiful harvest season if the weather starts to cooperate!! Just a reminder, the Early order program and 10% cash discount end date is Oct 15th! Please let me know if you want to take advantage of this by the 15th or the next 9% cash will run till Dec. 15th hopefully after harvest and results will be in to firm up decisions. Also check with me on prices you may be glad you did! Stay safe everyone and with Great Lakes Hybrids!


Yesterday I had a somewhat humbling experience I want to share. Had a call a while ago from a customer that had bad wind damage on his Great Lakes corn. No one ever likes to get that phone call no matter what company or product you sell. So we go to take a look about 10 days after the damage happened, and as we get to the field, I will say it is probably the worst overall field of wind damage I have seen, reaaallllyy BAD! Takes all your pride in making a sale and the product you sell and flushes it down the toilet. Everything seemed fine with how the operator managed his part, the roots were good, the stalks were awesome but apparently this area experienced a pre hurricane Harvey! Meeting and discussing these things with the farmer, he was really calm and collected and not irate and pointing fingers at ANYONE. I have had less damage and been treated worse, but I want to give a shout out to Doug Miller for his understanding that sometimes mother nature has all control of what we do in this occupation! He treated us as professionally as could be expected under the circumstances, and even put in his early order for 2018! I want to personally thank you Doug Miller for being a customer, friend and fellow farmer, the way you reacted to the situation was amazing to me, and makes me proud to have customers like yourself... Thanks - Jess Welter GLH DealerW296


Kickin off our last year as Great Lakes Hybrids, before we transition to the NEW LG SEEDS in July of 2018! Reminders of important dates! - Early order discounts now until October 15th!!, Cash discounts of 10% till October 15th, - John Deere financing at 0% AND 6% discount till October 15th, We have lots of options and the best genetics....genetics first for your farm, we are a genetics company not a chemical company offering seed to you!, plant what trait on your farm YOU WANT from conventional to fully traited, not what you are TOLD or OFFERED to you that will work because that is all that is offered to you. We have choices that will work great for you to keep you profitable in these terrible commodity prices. Let us help you keep your operation go forward to better times with our products! We will help work up a package for your farm that will get you the best return to help make it to better times! Please call me to discuss ALL options that will work for you!! Thanks from your Great Lakes Hybrids Dealer...Jess Welter


Alright everyone! Time to kick off our LAST year as Great Lakes Hybrids with a HUGE thank you to all my past customers for your commitment to me and our company! Thank you to those that made my appreciation day meeting/golf day last Tuesday! 7 years ago I started this venture not knowing much about what I was getting into...Today i can truly say the friendships I have built with GLH people and my customers is second to none! Some important things to help you out with the continued sub-par prices... Early order discounts available till Oct 15th as well as 10% cash discount, and ZERO percent financing thru JD Financial and RABO. I will do my best to get you the BEST genetics, BEST prices, and BEST options on your farm. We offer everything from Conventional to STX on corn and Conventional, RR2, LL and RR2 Extends beans. Lets send GLH out with a bang in our 96th and last year, as we will transition to THE NEW LG SEEDS July 1 2018!! Please contact me with any questions on your needs for the 2018 season. Thanks again to you all!!

The finish product! Thanks to Wempens Landscaping for a great job.

The finish product! Thanks to Wempens Landscaping for a great job.

The day is set, invite sent! Join us for a very informative meeting on the future of Great Lakes Hybrids as we will tran...

The day is set, invite sent! Join us for a very informative meeting on the future of Great Lakes Hybrids as we will transition to LG Seeds next year as well as Agronomist Dave Hoy with info on anything agronomy! It will be a "meat and potatoes" style of meeting you won't want to miss! Hybrids oriented presentation that every one will find interesting. August 1 930 AM meeting at West Bend Golf And Country Club, lunch provided at noon, and we will golf after for anyone wanting to stick around for the afternoon. Great opportunity to meet our team and ask any questions you may have, we will all be in place through the transition to serve you in the future! Thanks!! Jess Welter...GLH Dealer

We are dressing things up a bit here for our last year as Great Lakes Hybrids! Proud to have been part of this awesome t...

We are dressing things up a bit here for our last year as Great Lakes Hybrids! Proud to have been part of this awesome team and looking forward to the future as LGSeeds! Finished picture tomorrow if goes as planned!


Come join us in West Bend Saturday July 1st for the Parade!! Our parade entry is getting finalized now! We will have handouts and of course candy! Parade starts at 11 AM and many activities going on throughout the day. See you there. Jess Welter - Great Lakes Hybrids Dealer.


Got last minute changes in your planting plans? Added more acres that you need seed for? Still short of your needs for the fast approaching 2017 planting season? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact me!! We have plenty of options yet available to finalize your plans for this spring. Options from untreated conventional corn to fully treated STX corn and conventional, RR2, and the new RR Xtends beans!! Let me know any of your needs and let us show you how to with Great Lakes Hybrids!!!


Last week to take advantage of the best cash discounts available!! Currently at 8% and it will drop to 4% next week! Plenty of options available to !!! Call me with any questions or seed needs! Thanks, Jess


Happy New Year to everyone! As we transition from the holiday season into the new year, i would like to let everyone know that we still have plenty of options available for your 2017 seed needs! Contact me to set up a time to meet and discuss and finalize your 2017 seed needs. The 8% cash discount goes till Jan 15th then drops to 4%, so the savings is worth the time! I would like to thank everyone for the past business, and look forward to this next season, if you know anyone who would like to give Great Lakes Hybrids a try, please send them my way, very solid genetics leads to great consistent results. I always say won't win them all, won't lose them all, but year in and year out we will be there and be SOLID!! Thanks again and remember !


Thank You goes out to all that stopped by for my seed days earlier this week. BIG thanks to Wyatt and Dave for coming to help me out! There is still plenty of time to check out the deals and make plans to give Great Lakes Hybrids a try on your operation.The 8% cash discount will run until Jan 15th 2017. Give me a call and we can set up a time to sit down and talk about what would work for you operation. We offer choices! Conventional, RR, VT2, some VT3, and STX corn and Conventional, RR2, LL, and Extends Beans. We offer choices to you, not tell you what you need to plant cause its only what we sell. Great Lakes Hybrids -


Tomorrow and Tuesday (Dec 12-13) are the days!! The time is here!! 2016 Seed daze! The roaster is full of smoked pork loin and RIBS this year. Stop by and book your seed for great deals on corn and soybeans. You won't want to miss these deals!! Time conflicts on these days?? Call me to find out what we can do for you on your operation. Great products, great people and great service = GREAT LAKES HYBRIDS!! 9% cash discounts in place till the 15th! Look forward to seeing you all!


Another reminder of my upcoming seed days on Monday December 12th and Tuesday December 13th from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. each day. Stop by and visit and book all your 2017 seed needs while enjoying food, snacks and beverages all day! Plans to have Wyatt, Dave and Eddie here at some point during those days to help answer questions and say hi! Reminder that the 9% cash discount runs till Dec 15th then it will drop to 8% through Jan 15th. Great prices available as well as great financing options to choose from! STOP IN AND SEE WHAT WE CAN OFFER ON YOUR FARM, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!! Can't make it those days?? no problem!! feel free to call me anytime to discuss any seed needs or prices!!! 515-890-0671 Thanks!! Jess Welter GLH Dealer


As the weather is forecast to change here soon, and 2016 activities come to an end, it is time to keep the 2017 plans rolling! A couple reminders to keep in mind!, 9% cash runs till Dec 15th, then will be 8% till Jan 15th. I will be having my annual seed daze on Dec 12 and 13th from 9-6 this year. Perfect opportunity to stop by and visit with us about ANY seed needs you might have. Plans to have Wyatt, Dave, and Eddie available at some point those days. GREAT seed prices from a GREAT company, with GREAT people and products....come check us out. Available anytime for questions or seed needs..feel free to call 515-890-0671. Thank You! Jess GLH Dealer.


Hey all! Wanted to put it out there in this rain delay of harvest it's not too early to be thinking about your seed needs for 2017! We offer EVERYTHING you want for your seed needs from conventional corn, RR only corn, VT2 corn and fully treated Smart Stax corn, as well as soybeans from conventional, to Liberty, to RR2 and RR2 Extend as well. Great company, great people, great genetics and great yields!! Please give me a call to discuss any seed needs you have, I would love to help out your operation anyway i can. Great prices on corn and for more details! 10% cash till Oct 15th, then 9% till Dec 15th and 0% financing options as well!! Look forward to working with you next year!! Thanks Jess Welter GLH Dealer.....515-890-0671

 of the Week- September 2, 2016
of the Week- September 2, 2016

of the Week- September 2, 2016

Michigan Agronomist, Justin Schneider takes us into a corn field to learn how to scout stressed fields for stalk rots.

Just found a 20x40 ear of 4879. Biggest ear I've seen.. No expectations on this throughout, but wow do we have great gen...

Just found a 20x40 ear of 4879. Biggest ear I've seen.. No expectations on this throughout, but wow do we have great genetics!


A quick and friendly reminder of my Appreciation/kickoff to 2017 agronomy meeting day Tuesday August 2 at 9:30 at West Bend Golf and Country Club. It will be a great day with Dave Hoy presenting on new products for 2017 and weather-trends 360 information. Come for the meeting and lunch and if you want we will golf in the afternoon with opportunities to chat with Dave and Wyatt on anything in the seed and placements for next year. Thanks again to all customers and bring a friend that would like to with GREAT LAKES HYBRIDS!! jess

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Yuck! The heat is ON across the center of the U.S. If the heat alone wasn’t bad enough, just look at this dew point in Shenandoah, IA early this afternoon 81F! That’s making the 91F reported at 2pm local time feel more like 110F! The heat wave is underway and will continue for the next few days, expanding into the East beginning tomorrow. There will be a brief break in the extreme heat later in the weekend for the central U.S., but the hot weather comes roaring back next week.

If you can avoid being outside, please do, if not, try doing outdoor activities early in the day or late in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Make sure to stay well hydrated (remember your pets!) and check up on elderly friends and relatives as they can be especially susceptible to the heat. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check that back seat! Never leave children or pets in a hot car.

Stay cool and just think, the first day of Fall is only 2 months away


Timeline photos

Timeline photos

The Heartland is going to bake again this week leading up to Father's Day with middle 90F to low 100F temperatures. This will have a big negative impact on crops with temperatues the hottest in over 25 years, some record 121year heat and driest in 11 to 21 years.

The coasts are the other extreme with Oregon trending the coolest in 6 years and wet while Virgina is the coolest in 17 years. This is a sign of things to come as this heat will become widespread in July across much of the U.S.

To see how hot you'll get in the 14-days ahead visit or our charts page format

Hope you have a great Tuesday folks! - Capt Kirk out.

WT360 Ag Alert 4-29-16
WT360 Ag Alert 4-29-16

WT360 Ag Alert 4-29-16

April update on crop growing regions, a pattern change is coming in the next few weeks, a look at the corn belt season and accuracy to date as well as a stro...



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