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Flying Pig Farms Flying Pig Farms is a producing farm in Loudoun County Virginia. Our initial product is Honey from

Another beautiful sunrise - hoping for good weather this weekend. Bees will be here next weekend.

Another beautiful sunrise - hoping for good weather this weekend. Bees will be here next weekend.


Spring at the farm


The girls - Maggie Mae and Breezy enjoying the fall. Finally cooler weather.


It's honey harvest time. Building replacement frames for the hives. More to follow.


Beautiful Morning on the Farm


Starting the burn pile at Flying Pig Farms


Picked up chicks this week. 6 each of three varieties and three Guinea hens. Fingers crossed.....


Cold at the farm this morning.


Maggie is now as tall as Helen


Forest and Maggie like to share coffee in the mornings.


The full beak Red Stars are doing well. Averaging 5 eggs a day from the 6 hens. Trying to identify the slacker. The Amercaunas are still growing and have about 4 weeks or so we think before they start laying.


Flying Pig Farms's cover photo


Larry the barn cat nabs a field mouse. Shares it with Curley. Moe is nowhere to be seen.


The chickens have started producing. First eggs from the Red Stars. Americaunas still have 8 weeks or so of growing before we see blue and green eggs mixed in with the brown ones.


So we were cleaning up the overgrown garden plot, getting it ready to till. Last night as I was raking the junk out, I uncovered a baby bunny nest. Babies are likely not over a week old. This morning, the mommy bunny is sitting on the nest, probably nursing the babies. At least she came back after I cleared out all the long junk. I put off tilling? Till around the nest? I don't want to harm the babies. Couple of before and after pictures, with the after showing mom rabbit on the nest. Life on the Farm......


When it's hot on the Farm, the Bloodhound knows what to do. The Newfie hasn't quite figured it out.


Six Red Star hens installed in the coop. Can't get them to go walk around. Only one is roaming.


Burned some of the accumulated brush yesterday. Everyone likes a good fire


Flying Pig Farms is at the 12th Annual Forum For Rural Innovation. Lots of great talks. One takeaway for me was Clif Slade's mantra, "There's enough ways for everyone to have a way".


The Farm added to the dog herd today. Welcome to Breezy. An American Bulldog who needed a home. Maggie and Forest welcomed her to Flying Pig Farms. Well, Forest, not so much....but he'll come around.


Some on the farm don't have a problem with the snow.


Trudged to the barn. Snow is over my waist. Barn cats are fine in their little heated space. I was less fine by the time I made it back to the house.


21" snow, 22mph winds, 21F temp at 0745 this morning. Still snowing hard. No point in clearing snow yet. Will trudge down to the barn and check on the barn cats soon.


Last photo before dark. 3" on the ground and snowing at about 0.5"/hr. Temp is 19. Newfie puppy loves her first snow and Forest is happy too.


The Bloodhound works hard. NOT!


Here's some pix of the first honey recovery from Flying Pig Farms.


As promised. Pictures of Larry, Curley, and Moe, the recently rescued cats. Curley and Moe in their beds. Larry heading for the mouse hunting grounds.


We adopted 3 barn cats from the Loudoun County shelter. Larry, Curley, and Moe. I'll get their pictures when they come out of hiding. The barn project is coming along.


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