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Moon Girl Farm Working on a fourth generation farm, we grow a wide variety of chemical-free berries, herbs, and vegetables. Small is beautiful. Volunteers always welcome!

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BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP (different alarm sound) Cool guy alert (wow) & plant update! Growing season is fast approaching! Here'...

BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP (different alarm sound) Cool guy alert (wow) & plant update! Growing season is fast approaching! Here's a list of some plants we'll be offering. Some of these will be available at the Old Capitol Farmers Market on April 16th at historic Union Station in Springfield!


Chocolate Cake - A large, brown bell with a rich flavor.
Carmen - This deceptive, red, horn-shaped pepper looks menacing & spicy, but is fantastically sweet & large enough for stuffing.
Revolution - A huge, productive, red bell. These are fancy F-1 hybrids that produce giant, thick-walled sweet peps.
Gilboa - Another beastly hybrid. Similar to Revolution but bright orange.
Jimmy Nardello - Famously sweet Italian heirloom despite looking like the bloody claws of a demon.
Habanada - All the fruity flavor of a habanero, none of the heat. This pepper is so good that it should be made into ice cream. Wrinkly, small, bright orange.
Klari Cheese - Noteworthy for its unique, cheese-like texture. A fantastic, bite-sized snack. About the size of a mini-bell.
Shish*to - Currently experiencing a rise in fame due to its snacking potential. One out of every ten or so is also spicy! Many people eat them green, but they taste better red--however, they are more likely to be spicy when fully ripe!

Aurora - Breathtaking, otherworldly. Several different colored peppers grow together on the same plant! Perfect for containers. About a foot tall. Peps are medium hot.
Trident Poblano - This is a prolific Poblano F-1 hybrid, bred to be extra large! Amazing stuffing pepper & very mild. If an adult can't handle a poblano, I don't trust them with anything food-related. We can still be friends, though.
Jalapeno - A classic, medium hot pepper. While most people eat them green, most ripen to a red color, & are much tastier then!
Pumpkin Jalapeno - A cheerful variety the color of Halloween candy. These have a fruity kick, & we actually prefer them over regular jalapenos. Sorry, old timers!
Annaheim - Green chili pepper that's a staple in Mexican cooking & mild enough to eat raw. Most canned green chili peppers are this variety!
Serrano - These are pretty hot with the "delayed fuse" effect coming into play--it sneaks up on you! If you're looking to level up from jalapenos, this is a good choice.
Habanero - Ben's favorite hot pepper. Yeah, they're gnarly, but once you develop a palate for spicy peps, nothing beats the fruity notes of a bright orange habanero.

Casper - Stone white like a particular ghost--who is hopefully not litigious!
Diamond - Easy to grow & flavorful. Dark purple. Skin is thick enough that most pests don't bother the fruits, but thin enough to be easily chewed by you or me. Can I come over? Jk.
Black Beauty - Awesome, huge, black eggplant. These are bigger than most, & on the round side. We had great luck with these last year, & used them to make a wonderful spread called avjar.
Listada - Thin-skinned, tender. Beautiful purple & white streaks. So pretty & oh so delicious.
Long Purple - You might want to support this variety with a stake or trellis! Fruits get pretty big. This is my favorite eggplant for use in Thai-style curry.

Ground Cherry - One of our all-time favorite plants to grow. Small fruits grow in cute paper husks (like all physalis) & taste like a cross between a cherry & a pineapple. Throw them in a bowl when company comes over & watch them disappear. Attracts an array of specialty pollinators, too!
Jumbo Ground Cherry - I'm gonna level with you here: this thing is more like a VERY round, good-sized, bright yellow tomatillo. We bought some mislabeled seeds last year but were delighted at the enormous, delicious fruits produced by this mysterious member of the physalis family. Easy to grow!
Queen of Malinalco - This fabled heirloom tomatillo is simply fantastic. Huge, bright yellow, football-shaped fruits explode with citrusy nectar. Sprawling, weedy plant likes plenty of room, heat, & branches will often put down new roots where they rest on the ground.
Purple Tomatillo - Extremely flavorful, dark purple fruits are magically sweet, rarely bothered by pests, & make fantastic salsas & jams. These are long-season plants though. Be patient!

Lemon Cucumber - Trippy looking patterns on the skin of this very refreshing, very round fruit. These look almost nothing like a normal cuke. Perfect as an addition to beverages or salads. Insanely citrusy.
Tasty Cucumber - This hybrid is very long & a bit slender & exceptionally tender. Highly recommended. Fruits average over 8" long.
Marketmore 76 - Some consider this perfect cucumber. Relentless breeding created this large, strong, dependable variety. Very resistant to pests & diseases.
Armenian Yard Long - This one is an alien! Trellis them to produce long, straight fruits--or leave them on the ground & they might curl up! These are big, light green, & tender.
Gele Trois - A Dutch heirloom variety that are yellow! These are fun to grow.

Vine Peach - AKA "mango melon". These grow like cukes. Amazing, spherical beauties. Pick them yellow for a mild, cucumber-y flavor, or wait until they are soft & deep orange for an explosion of sweetness that rivals a mango!
Inkberries - AKA "strawberry spinach". Interesting! The leaves of this short, bushy plant are edible, & the berries are deep red & nutty-flavored. Some have used the berries for inks & dyes. These reseed pretty well & are gorgeous.
Dwarf Tamarillo Trees - These are container plants that generally grow to about 5ft & produce delicious orange berries. Bring them indoors for Winter!

Triple Crown Blackberry - A thornless variety with excellent genetics & a desire to spread!
Raspberry - Just a classic, toe-tappingly good berry--the variety of which I've completely forgotten although we've grown it for years! It's good--it's a raspberry!
Elderberry - Amazing medicinal berries. Harvest the flowers for tea, too! A very important plant that's easy to propagate from cuttings. Some reach 12 ft or so in height!
Black Goji - Warning: most of these plants have thorns! These small black berries are rich in antioxidants & the leaves are a nice snack for wildlife & fowl. Grow to about 5ft wide & tall.
Scarlet Goji - Bright red berries are often dried & added to tea blends due to their health benefits. Leaves are also edible. Plants grow to 13 ft or so.

BWOMP. BWOMP. BWOMP. BWOMP (alarm sound) Plant alert! Here are some of the plants we currently have in our greenhouse! T...

BWOMP. BWOMP. BWOMP. BWOMP (alarm sound) Plant alert! Here are some of the plants we currently have in our greenhouse! The next farmers market is April 16th at the historic Union Station in Springfield, IL!


*Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) - Valuable medicinal root consumed for its restorative properties, usually ground up to make a tea. Somnifera = "sleep-bearing". Likes to be dry. Grows edible berries, too, but they're bitter & mostly used to propagate the plant by seed. Good as a container plant.
*Xhosa Dreamroot (silene capensis) - Another root medicine, this one taken to stimulate vivid or (even lucid) dreams. Also good as a container plant, as it grows fragrant white flowers & is a catchfly plant--pests like aphids that might bother your other plants can get stuck to the Xhosa & die. As with ashwagandha, you can grow this indoors & harvest the root with little hassle! No shovel needed!
~Valerian (valeriana officinalis) - Here's root medicine you can grow outside in Illinois! Easy to grow. Fragrant & pretty flowers. Will self-seed & spread so watch out! Roots make a powerful sleepy time tea.

~Spotted Bee Balm (monarda punctata) - We started growing this last year & it quickly became a new favorite. Flowers are polka-dotted & wild looking, attract tons of pollinators, & have a spicy smell/taste. Why? Because they contain carvacrol, a compound with high antioxidant activity also found in oregano! Tons of promising studies indicate carvacrol is great for brain health, memory, & mood. We use this one in teas a lot!
~Lemon Bee Balm (monarda citriodora) - An excellent tea plant closely related to Spotted Bee Balm, but more citrusy. Bright purple flowers are so stunning that many grow these as simply ornamental, but we know better, right?
~Wild Bergamot (monarda fistulosa) - The wild cousin of the bee balms. Similar spicy flowers & beautiful pinkish purple flowers. The leaves of this family aren't only great for teas--they're tasty in a salad, too! Spice it up, baby jack! Can I call you that?
~Greek Oregano (origanum heraclioticum) - Vigorous, tasty plant containing thymol & carvacrol. Naturally antibacterial with tons of vitamins. We let ours flower every year & watch the pollinators go nuts.
~English Thyme (thymus vulgaris) - Classic culinary herb grows low & loves life on the dry side. A great understory plant that makes basically all food taste better! Also makes a great container plant for winter chefs!
*Marjoram (origanum majorana) - One of the best smelling herbs! Despite being a relative of oregano, this herb is much sweeter & complex. It's a strong culinary ingredient, but great in a tea as well.

*Lion's Ear (leonitus nepetifolia) - This plant gets crazy tall! The bright orange flower petals contain valuable medicine. They grow on spiky balls & are harvested carefully! We grew about 30 of these last year & it was quite a spectacle by late Summer when they were all 8 feet tall & swinging in the breeze.
*Buzz Buttons (spilanthes acmella & oleracea) - AKA "the toothache plant" or "ting flowers". Fantastic medicinal/tea plant! It's a local anesthetic/analgesic: it seriously numbs/makes your mouth tingle! Not only that, it's a stimulant with aphrodisiacal properties similar to oysters! Recent studies have shown that it boosts nitric oxide & testosterone leading to an enhanced libido! Weird, magical plant!
*German Chamomile (matricaria recutita) - Yep, it's THAT chamomile. Tastes amazing, helps with inflammation, blood pressure, & sleep. This plant loves to reseed & spread, but politely dies off in the middle of Summer as to not be invasive. Perfect! We collect & dry as many flowers as we can before then, because it's perhaps the best tea plant of all time! We planted about a dozen our first season farming, & now they just pop up!
*Borage (borago offinalis) - AKA "star flower". Gorgeous, blue, fuzzy flowers that taste like cucumbers. Leaves & stems are edible, too, & sometimes soaked in wine. People even put the flowers on top of desserts. Reseeds pretty well in a non-invasive way, too. A must-grow.
*Bachelor's Button (centaurea cyanus) - A cheery, flashy edible disc-shaped flower that looks amazing on top of a salad. These bad boys brought over from Europe in the 1600's also self-sow politely.
*Parsley (petroselinum crispum) - A productive, useful herb that sounds boring but is awesome. Parsley lowers blood pressure, makes boring salads amazing, & makes magic when hidden in a tea blend. We got tons of parsley from just a handful of plants last season, & they required no maintenance!
*Dill (anethum graveolens) - Dill is a garden hero. It self-sows abundantly, flowers like a fairy's umbrella, & dries like a champ. A little sprinkle goes a long way. This is the Michael Jordan of the confetti herbs.
*Fennel (foeniculum vulgare) - All parts of fennel are edible! Wanna be super economical? Harvest flowers, leaves, seeds, & stems throughout Summer, & harvest the bulb at the end.
*Cilantro (coriandrum sativum) - This herb's secret power might be this: when cilantro goes to seed, it makes something even better...growing at the ends of its humble umbels...CORIANDER!!! Beads of delicious, floral, citrusy explosion! Sprinkle them onto salad or pasta--or make an insane beverage that you won't find in any store.
*Basil (ocimum basilicum) - Fragrant & fun to prune. Aside from being an essential culinary herb, basil is a great companion plant in the garden, as it attracts beneficial insects!
*Purple Basil - AKA as "opal basil". A visually stunning variety of basil with less sweetness & more of a clove flavor. Crosses between this & normal basil can look very wild, like a Jackson Pollock painting.
*Lemon Basil - This variety is fantastic for desserts or teas! It's VERY lemony. Don't make the mistake of substituting this for regular basil in a recipe, or you could go to jail. Just kidding. That'd be nuts.
*Thai Basil - A very clovey variety of basil. Almost a licorice flavor.
*Tulsi (ocimum africanum) - One of Ben's top 5 plants. A superior tea plant with a bubblegum flavor & notes of clove. Bees love it & life is just better with the heavenly smell of tulsi all around you.

~Sage (salvia officinalis) - Versatile, hardy plant that tastes & smells great. Tons of health benefits. We blend sage into tea, use it to season salads, & burn it as incense. But my personal favorite way to use sage is to keep a few fresh leaves in my mouth while I work.
~Feverfew (tanacetum parthenium) - Easy to grow, avidly reseeds. Cute white flowers resemble chamomile. Historically used to treat fevers & migraines, & also seems to have some anti-histamine & mood elevating properties.
~Bronze Fennel (foeniculum vulgare purpureum) - Native to the Mediterranean & Southwest Asia. This is an underappreciated plant! Gorgeous color. Delicious flowers, stems, leaves, & seeds. The dried & powdered flowers taste amazing when you sprinkle them on ice-cream, or added to teas as a natural sweetener. The beloved Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly loves this plant as both food & habitat, too!
~Spearmint (mentha spicata) - Everyone needs a mint patch! We don't sell mint tea because so many people already do, but we still make our own at home. For us, the best part of having a mint patch is watching the pollinators rejoyce when they flower in Summer. Beware, though: mint notoriously spreads aggressively by manner of its dreaded creeping stolons.
~Hairy Mountain Mint (pycnanthemum pilosum) - Native to the lower Midwest, this plant might be perfect for the changing climate! This is not a true mint, & does NOT spread as aggressively as other mints. But it still smells & tastes awesome! White clusters of flowers attract great beneficial insects, particularly wasp species!
~Catnip (nepeta cataria) - Not just for cats! This is another underrated herb. Catnip is almost supernaturally cold hardy. When all the other herbs have died back for the season, I rely on finding some catnip growing wild on the farm & make a fresh tea! It seems to be fine with shade, too, as my most reliable little cluster grows under a pine tree.
~Tarragon (artemisia dracunculus) - Tough, spindly herb that most people use when cooking fish or chicken, to add tang or piquancy. Often used in vinegars & dressings. Nice, almost anise-like flavor.
~Echinacea (echinacea purpurea) - This classic has been used as medicine for centuries. I personally use the leaves fresh when I feel an ear infection coming on, & guess what? It works!
~Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) - This Munstead variety is an English lavender. A versatile herb with a phenomenal fragrance. Use it in potpourri, soap, desserts, tea, anything!
~Golden Ball Chrysanthemum (tanacetum parthenium) - A variety of feverfew with very spherical yellow flowers.
~Bloody Dock Sorrel (rumex sanguineus) - Edible ornamental with dramatic red streaks & otherworldly flowers.
~Pearl Yarrow (achillea ptarmica) - This cousin of common yarrow has stunning little white flowers & seemingly all the same health benefits!
~Yarrow (achillea millefolium) - Use it on wounds & bugbites. Thought to be a "dynamic accumulator", due to its deep roots possibly bringing nutrients up to the soil's surface. Some people even make a tea from the whole plant (root & all) then use it to feed their other plants!
~Mad Dog Skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora) - While it tastes lousy, this plant has been used for at least two centuries to treat anxiety. Not so lousy now, huh?
~ Golden Purslane (portulaca oleracea sativa) - This succulent ground cover is a wonderful understory plant & an extremely nutritious addition to food. It grows like a weed, so be careful!
~Lady's Mantle (alchemilla vulgaris) - Alchemists once believed the dew on this folk medicine could turn base metals into gold. It totally doesn't! In fact, that's insane! Still, a great medicinal plant.

~Apache Sunset (agastache rupestris) - A fantastic tea plant that likes dry or well-draining soil. Pink & orange tubular flowers.
~Anise Hyssop (agastache foeniculum) - A must-grow! Anise hyssop is hardy, beautiful, tasty, & a host to a MASSIVE number of insects. Large, blue/purple flowers with hint of vanilla flavor.
~Korean Hyssop (agastache rugosa) - While it looks very similar to anise hyssop, this flower tastes more like rootbeer than anise. Both are delicious, medicinal, easy-to-grow herbs.
~Arcado Hyssop (agastache hybrida) - This pink variety of anise hyssop has a flavor reminiscent of pink lemonade.
~Rock Hyssop (agastache aurantiaca) - AKA "Navajo Sunset". This is a fantastic herb with bright orange flowers. Minty with citrus undertones. Like Apache Sunset, this one prefers dry, rocky soil, but it's tough enough to grow almost anywhere--even under a black walnut tree on our farm!
~Rose Mint (agastache pallidiflora) - Perhaps the best-tasting herb on Earth! Rose mint tastes like pink lemonade, BIG TIME. The only catch? It's small. Maybe about a foot-and-half tall. Worth it!

~Stardust Iceplant (delosperma floribunda) - Edible, gorgeous ground cover. The purple & white flowers are a butterfly magnet. Great for dry areas.
*Bluebonnet (lupinus texensis) - A brilliant blue addition to a wildflower garden. State Flower of Texas. Will reseed!
*Lacy Phacelia (phacelia tanacetifolia) - This otherworldy flower is high in nectar, has a long flowering period, & attracts the beneficial hoverfly, which eats aphids & other pests. Also has a dense, shallow root system. A great companion plant!
*Coreopsis (coreopsis) - Cheery yellow flowers attract heaps of beneficial insects!
*Hollyhock (alcea) - A food plant of the painted lady & an attractor of humming birds.
*Portulaca (portulaca) - A beloved food source of butterfly larvae & chickens alike!
*Durango Marigold (tagetes patula) - Bright, cheery butterfly plant that supposedly repels bunnies but absolutely does not! The petals are edible, though!
*Swansdown Poppy (somniferum papaver) - Ghostly white fluffball flowers are sure to attract some night pollinators.
*Hens & Chickens Poppy - Alien-looking. Must be seen to be believed!
*Danish Flag Poppy - Yep, it looks like the Danish flag. We all know exactly what that looks like, right?
*Lilac Pom Pom Poppy - Similar to swansdown, but a lovely shade of light purple.
*Mammoth Sunflower (helianthus annuus) - Big, awesome, magnet for birds & insects. Also very edible!
~Forget Me Not (myosotis sylvatica) - Herbaceous perennial belonging to the borage family, and likewise have blue, tasty flowers that belong in salad.
*Larkspur (consolida regalis) - AKA forking larkspur. Great for dry areas, maybe companion-planted with some rock hyssop to compliment its purple flowers with some orange.
*Morning Glory (ipomoea purpurea) - Classic! This self-sowing vine grows up to fifteen feet & is covered in dark blue/purple flowers, funnel-shaped with a mysterious magenta star in the center


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Pleasant Plains, IL


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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: A former stand-up comedian and a doctor in educational policy walk into the farmers market… For the fourth year in a row! Ben and Hannah of Moon Girl Farm grow chemical-free fruits, veggies, and herbs on their 1-acre regenerative farm in Pleasant Plains. Some of their more unique products are sugar baby watermelons and habeñera peppers (the milder sweeter take on a habeñero). They’ve got a variety of medicinal herbs that you can get fresh or as tea, my favorite being the sweet-smelling tulsi. Come find them right next to the market info stand on Adams every Saturday!
Locally grown Shish*to Peppers from Moon Girl Farm are here! Shish*tos range from 100 to 1,000 Scoville heat units, which is hotter than bell peppers but much milder than jalapenos🌶🌶🌶
You’ll be supporting more than one local business when you indulge in our berry pizzas! The elderberries are from Moon Girl Farm , blackberries from Odelehr's Roadside Market and the edible flowers from Garden Gate Farm make for a delicious and beautiful berry pizza!❤️👏 We’re open 8-2 with a case full of made-from-scratch pastries, breakfast & lunch, @redbudcoffee espresso drinks, and more! Come see us.🤗 **though very small amounts were used on each fruit pizza, all elderberries used are cooked down with sugar**
STRAWBERRRY Cream Ale, yeah you read that right. Strawberry cream ale, made with fresh strawberries from Moon Girl Farm . Small batch, no fills, taproom only. What The FUZZ? is back ladies and gentlemen. That light refreshing taste of peach, black tea and ginger is available in the taproom and in 6-packs!
We love when berries are in season because that means we get to support local berry patches! Thank you to Brady's Berries and Moon Girl Farm for supplying us with some hand picked, organic berries to add the perfect touch to our made-from-scratch pastries and cakes!❤️🫐🍓🍒
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March showers bring May flowers! But first...did you get your seeds? Moon Girl Farm has seed packets available this month for curbside pick up on March 26. Make sure to get your orders in before March 24.
Locally grown turnips from Moon Girl Farm are available right here! They are just so pretty😍Stop by and #shoplocal