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Do you know me? I am a goofy boy who was found on North 3rd St In Warrenton. If you know where I belong or who my owners are, please call the shelter at (540) 788-9000.

Spaces available - Come board at Skip n’ Go Farm in PurcellvilleSkip n’ Go Farm has spaces available. Beautiful setting ...

Spaces available - Come board at Skip n’ Go Farm in Purcellville

Skip n’ Go Farm has spaces available. Beautiful setting in the heart of Lincoln Hunt country. Features large sand ring, wash stall with hot water, large paddocks for turn out including run in sheds and great ride out. Various services available based on user requirements/budget from straight field board, to stall board, with different levels of care included. Retirees welcome.

Call or text Angelique Harvey at 703-307-0317.


Today is a very special day for one of our horses! Max A Million is one of 21 horses that were rescued in 2015 from Peaceable Farms. It's been almost 7 years since Gentle Giants and many other rescues throughout Maryland and Virginia were called to help take almost 100 horses that were suffering unimaginable neglect and cruelty.

Since that time, the horses who recovered and became available for adoption each found their forever homes and one by one left the rescue. All of them but Max. He's been patiently waiting for so long and today was finally his big day. I write this with happy tears streaming, so grateful this sweet boy, who once suffered so much, has finally taken the final step in his journey and at last found his home. He's touched so many lives since he's been here with us and we're going to miss him so very much.

Max's adopter is author Tonya Royston - looks like these two will never be short on tales to tell each other! Check it out:


Is your horse in the 30%?
PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction), formerly known as Cushing’s Disease, is the most common hormonal disorder affecting horses and ponies; however, warning signs often go unnoticed.

Should your horse develop PPID, would you know what to watch for?

Better understand PPID with these five FAQs.

What is PPID?
PPID causes the horse's pituitary gland at the base of the brain, which controls body functions through hormone levels, to work double-time, resulting in a variety of lifelong problems for affected horses.

How common is PPID?
PPID impacts up to 30 percent of horses and ponies more than 15 years old. While PPID occurs most frequently in senior horses, young horses are still at risk. Horses as young as 5 have been diagnosed with PPID.

Are there breeds at higher risk for developing PPID?
All breeds, including both horses and ponies, can be at potential risk for developing PPID.

Which warning signs should I watch for?
Often, signs of PPID go unnoticed. How can you tell if your horse may potentially have PPID? Watch out for the following:

Decreased athletic performance
Loss of muscle mass
Change in attitude or energy
Delayed shedding or no shedding at all
Excess fat on tail head or neck
Abnormal sweating
Experts recommend that horse owners perform frequent health checks to identify early signs of PPID. Catching PPID early on can have a profound impact on how the horse responds to treatment before other signs appear.

What are treatment options for PPID?
While unfortunately, there is no cure for PPID, horse owners can alleviate the impact PPID has on their horse’s well-being. Treatment with PRASCEND can reduce clinical signs of the disease and improve the quality of life for affected horses. PRASCEND is the first and only medicine available in the U.S. that is FDA-approved to treat PPID, providing a safe and effective treatment option. Command IR Ultra is an effective supplement used to support horses with PPID, aiding in reducing fat pockets, restoring body condition and addressing the metabolic condition.

Through management techniques - focusing on stress, health and comfort - horse owners can reduce the impact PPID has on their horse’s life. To reduce stress, implement a strict routine as well as avoid turnout with overly excitable, aggressive horses. To help ensure the horse’s overall health, continue to deworm regularly as needed, and vaccinate against emerging disease threats. Additionally, horses with PPID may have varying consistency of coat shedding, some shedding too frequently while others barely shed at all. Their comfort can be increased by clipping their coat in the summertime and providing heavy, water-resistant blankets for cold weather in the wintertime.

Love this!!

Love this!!

Mr Ed & Clint Eastwood.

So true!

So true!

If you give your child a pony, they will want to ride. You’ll buy them the best pony you can find, followed by a helmet, boots and all other things pony.
You look for a local barn to ride at. And then life as you know it, will end.
Before you know it, they want to show so you find a circuit …..There will be no more lazy weekends watching tv. You will see more sunrises than you ever thought possible.
Every spare minute of your time will be spent hauling horse trailers and horses and enduring a crazy addiction to practice for the next show.
Your house may be a mess, and your car will be dirty. All because you gave your child a pony. Your weekends will be spent freezing or burning to death on a fold up chair. And their weekends will be spent gaining confidence and friends, learning new skills and having fun and getting dirty!!!!
You will be there the day he or she takes the first few steps of canter, the first taste of a jump, first ribbon, first championship. And they will make you SO proud. And right before your eyes, your little boy/girl will be transformed from the baby who bounced around on their rocking horse into an exceptional young horse enthusiast on the hunt for the next pony finals or maybe even the Olympics!
When you give your child a pony , you give them more than just something to ride. You give them a sport, a talent, hope and dreams. Friends, a new family, a place to learn about life, room to grow as a person where they can push their limits, and bravery, and courage, and memories.
Then one day, many years from today…they will be in their room and a certain trophy will catch their eye. And they will pick it up and realize instantly that when you gave your child a pony, you also gave them a childhood that they would never forget, at this point, you realize that everything you gave up along the way and sacrificed was totally worth it…..
All because you gave your child a pony.
Copied from a friend. Powerful


The most beautiful flowers in the garden 😸🌷


Here are a couple of fun facts you may not have known about horses:

🐴Horses can sleep standing up

🐴Horses have a nearly 360-degree field of vision

🐴Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land

🐴You can tell if a horse is cold by checking behind their ears. If the area is cold, so are they!


San Juan Capistrano, CA – August 28, 2021 – As the first entry in the ring for Saturday’s $15,000 1.35m Bronze Tour Jumper Classic at the Showpark Summer Classic, Hannah Selleck and Kasper van het Leliehof quickly took over the top of the leaderboard, and the pair never relinquished their win...


OMG! How cute is this baby opossum? Do you know what to do if you find a young opossum? If they are 7" or less in length from head to rump, they are too young to be on their own. Call a wildlife rehab center or the Department of Natural Resources to care for them until they can be released into the wild.


Need help with various errands 2 or 3 times a week. Days are flexible. Some tasks may require help with at another location. Must have transportation and accessto a vehicle. Extensive references required.


ISO Barn help with evening feeding and mucking. Ideal person must have extensive horse care experience, and be good at following directions. Adherence to standard operating procedures a necessity. Must have own transportation and be punctual. Bonus if can run errands and work on special projects related to building and property maintenance but not a requirement.


Open spots available for stall and field board. Great ride out and large sand ring. Lots of amenities, Heated auto waterers in field, automatic backup generators, hot cold wash rack, tack room, private turn out available.

Meet Henry he guards the chickens from predators in the daytime.

Meet Henry he guards the chickens from predators in the daytime.


What fun!


SLF Update - by EMG Stacey. In a few months, these “mud splatters” will hatch into young Spotted Lanternfly or SLF, which are now confirmed in the City of Wi******er as well as Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties.

Please report and destroy any egg masses you find to help slow the spread. Report at See lookalikes at

Learn more with Virginia Cooperative Extension’s SLF resources at

Photos courtesy VCE Northern Shenandoah Valley Agriculture and Natural Resources.

See previous posts for more info. We’ll keep sharing what you should know RIGHT NOW to help slow the spread of and other invasives in Virginia.


A blast from the past, 3 generations of Chilbrook boys, left to right is Ranger, his son Gillie and Gillie's son.

That is tonight.

That is tonight.

April 7th, around 8:30 PM, Earth will get to witness the biggest moon of this year, often called as a pink super moon. In case you didn’t know, a super moon occurs when in the elliptical orbit, the Moon is the closest to the Earth -- making it look larger than ever.


Almost 1 week since I have been under cover in their pack and they still haven't noticed anything.

Camille Bechtel

Camille Bechtel




URGENT: Roo Letta (“Roo”) is a 2004 16.2h OTTB mare who is all about bonding with her person and trying her hardest. She has no physical limitations other than she’s out of shape! A sensitive, training-level dressage horse, Roo would also do well with trail riding and the occasional jump. The ...


Mundo sorprendente


North Forty Feed and Farm

The dogs that could stop Mongolian grasslands turning to desert – return of the bankhar, traditional herder’s companion

The dogs that could stop Mongolian grasslands turning to desert – return of the bankhar, traditional herder’s companion

If there’s one good thing about a 13-hour road trip across Mongolia, it’s the endless opportunities for a pit stop: you just swerve off the highway and onto the plains. All this wide open space is particularly helpful if your fellow passengers include 11 boisterous puppies.Also in the car are tw...

Fight underway to save historic gravel roads in Northern Virginia

Fight underway to save historic gravel roads in Northern Virginia

UNITED STATES - June 4, 2017: Western Loudoun's historic dirt road known as Millville Road outside of the Village of Bloomfield. Many of the dirt roads in Loudoun are important heritage resources that represent the migration, settlement and travel patterns of the County's early populations. Historic...


Friends of Pimlico, Baltimore

Seabiscuit passing War Admiral around the clubhouse turn in the Match Race of the century at Pimlico in 1938.


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Purcellville, VA


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Remembering our beautiful summer at Skip n’ Go…
Riding down the lane at Skip n’ Go Farm on a beautiful early fall evening.
How much do you all charge for boarding?