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Verdant Valley Farms Privately owned and operated farm. Verdant Valley Farms is a small privately owned farm that started growing vegetables for the 2011 season. We are continually growing with the eventual goal of selling high quality organic vegetables to individuals in the Pontotoc county, Oklahoma area.

Operating as usual


East Central Oklahoma Beekeeper's Association meeting tomorrow night (Oct 15, 2016) at 6pm at the Pontotoc Technology Center Building F.

Dr. Kim from Murray State College will be our guest speaker.

This will also be the last meeting of 2016 since the third Saturdays of November and December fall so close to the holidays.

I will be bringing some of my Buff Orpington's eggs for
door prizes.


Hanging out at the Ada Tractor Supply answering questions about bees, bunnies, and chickens. If you are near, drop by.

Also, the Blue Moon Cafe's Car Show in the parking lot.


Unexpected sadness today. I knew the temperatures were supposed to be high today, so I turned on the misting system for the rabbits this morning.

I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like one of the misting nozzles blew out and the the water just poured out of the hole left in the hose, leaving no pressure for the the misting system to "mist". That's the second set to fail since June. Won't be buying anymore of that brand.

My porch thermometer reported 100 degrees as the high today.

My hyper Silverfox/Florida cross rabbit must have overheated without the mist system cooling. He had a good life and his offspring have been very nice rabbits.

The Buff Orpingtons seem happy with the new mobile coop that I finished over the weekend. Even had a heavy rain shower t...

The Buff Orpingtons seem happy with the new mobile coop that I finished over the weekend. Even had a heavy rain shower this afternoon and it seems like they stayed dry. I didn't fold down the sides because it was an unexpected storm. Tomorrow they will be able to get out and start working the area.


I currently have 5 mixed breed (New Zealand White Dam/(Silver Fox/Florida White Sire)) bunnies for sale. Two females are all white, 3 males varying shade of brown/black. Born first week of May 2016. Asking $20, 50lb of rabbit feed, o.b.o. I'll add pictures on request, or when I can get some decent lighting.

So close, but yet so far.

This is why farmers in Oklahoma never count on a weather forecast. Looks like rain, lots of thunder, but not a drop to sprinkle on the parched dirt. I have 2" cracks across the soil at the souther end of the property where there is more clay. Shawnee (55 miles away) has had over 3" in the last 7 days, not even a tenth of an inch here. I'm sure I'll get washed away this winter again though...


The new bees have arrived! I've picked up 8 of the 12 new double deep hives and they are just boiling over with bees. I'll need to get honey supers on them this week just to make for sure they have room to move.

I purchased the hives from a commercial beekeeper and they came on 4-hive pallets. That means they don't have bottom boards since the pallets serve as the base of the hives. I built 3 commercial style hives to put the new hives on, but as with everything farm related, when I moved the first hive off of the old pallet, I noticed that it had a "custom" base that served as an entrance. This is normal, but something I didn't plan for. Some of the hives had entrance holes, but not all of them.

Today's project is building a replica of the custom base for the newly built hive pallets.

Thankfully the weather looks like it might hold off on the rain for most of today.


At the Tractor Supply in Ada this morning to find homes for the pups. 10 week old Pyrenees mix. 5 males.


I'd like to thank everyone that came out for my Bee-Ginners Workshop the last two weekends. I met some great folks and I could tell there is great excitement for the coming year in beekeeping.

Don't forget that next weekend is the monthly meeting of ECOBA ( I hope to see all the new faces then.

It's never too early to start looking at seed catalogs. I found this link (kinda spammy link), but it lists 71...
70+ Free Seed and Plant Catalogs

It's never too early to start looking at seed catalogs. I found this link (kinda spammy link), but it lists 71 sites with catalogs. Many I hadn't heard from. Thankfully, many have downloadable pdf versions of the catalogs that I can keep on my mobile devices for a little nerdy reading when I'm out and about.

A huge list of free plant and seed catalogs, last updated for 2015. All your favorite seed catalogs are here, plus some you've probably never heard of.


Interesting night on the farm. I turned my back for just a moment and my pyrenees decided to make a run for the border. They have a route they like to follow when they escape the fenced in area. Usually they are gone for a couple of hours and come back muddy and smelly. Tonight, I guess because it was dark, Katie came back after about 20 minutes with Spencer in tow. Jake decided he'd rather have a treat so he stayed by me as I took care of the rabbits and chickens. Farm life is never dull.


The Salatin buck is friendly, curious, and playful. Seems very healthy and ready to take on all the greens I feed him. I limit the comfrey to a leaf every couple of days so I can grow enough. When the spring planting seeds come up there should be enough for all the rabbits every day.


Silver fox cross number two. The Salatin Buck is doing his best to photobomb every picture and video.


The silver fox cross is still a little shy.


Chicks getting a little scratching in before bedtime. I've added a "front yard" to the chicken tractor to give even more space.


Was able to get the new rabbits squared away this afternoon. I think they were fine in the temporary cages, but the bigger cages should give them a good area to move around in. Gave each one a comfrey leaf as a treat. Hopefully that will give them a boost. Now I wish I had planted more comfrey....

Picked up 3 rabbits from when I was down there for the ...
Permaculture Classroom

Picked up 3 rabbits from when I was down there for the October earthworks workshop. The PolyFace Farms buck ( is really friendly and has really good structure. The silver fox cross pair look very nice. They're timid, but healthy with good structure. I'll post pictures soon. It's really nice to know that I've added some new genetics that come far from Pontotoc county.

We teach permaculture, sustainable living, homesteading, agroforestry, urban homesteading, gardening, organic agriculture, and livestock management.


October is winding down and the days have finally started to feel like fall. I didn't realize that it has been so long since I last updated this page. So many small details that don't seem that important, but might have been interesting to some. I've been asked to update more often and starting today, I'm going to do my best to keep this page current with all things big and small around the farm.


Planted the Cherokee Long Ear Popcorn. About 150 seeds.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get the next variety in the ground.

I need to find a soaker hose solution for watering 12 short rows. The turns seem to be to tight for good water flow.


If anyone has a source for in stock Amaranth (Grain) seed, please let me know.


I just completed the bulk of my seed order for this year. I'm going to have some seeds to trade or give away. If you are interested let me know and I'll see what I have left over.


Bee Balm Lemon
oriander, Large Seeded
Cilantro, Slo­Bolt
Dill Bouquet
Oregano, Wild Zaatar
Sheep's Sorrel
Stinging Nettle
Toothache Plant

Scarlet Runner Bean
Sunset Runner Bean
Rattlesnake Pole Bean
Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean
Purple Podded Pole Bean
Hidatsa Red Indian Bean
Good Mother Stallard Bean
Henderson's Black Valentine Bean
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean

Berlicum 2 Carrot
Little Finger Carrot
Nantes Scarlet Carrot
Half Long Guernsey Parsnip

Wade's Giant Indian Flint Corn
Cherokee Long Ear Corn
Dakota Black Popcorn

Purple Hull Pinkeye Cowpea
California Blackeye Pea Cowpea
Sugar Snap Pea

Boston Pickling Cucumber
Straight Eight Cucumber
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Double Yield Cucumber

Ground Cherry

Mustard Greens Southern Giant Curled
Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify

Clemson Spineless Okra
Fife Creek Cowhorn Okra

Anaheim Pepper
Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper
Leutschauer Paprika Pepper
Tabasco Pepper
Italian Pepperoncini Pepper
Red Marconi Pepper

Crookneck­ Early Golden Summer Squash
Fordhook Zucchini Squash

Specialty Tomato
Tomatillo Verde
Amish Paste Tomato

Dixie Queen Watermelon


After quite a break, Verdant Valley Farms is coming back online. I've decided to walk away from the day job and retire from the big city life to chase my dream of living the good life on my homestead and farm. My plan is to keep this page updated regularly and to increase its' readership with quality information and entertaining tidbits while growing an enthusiastic customer base.

Please share this page with everyone who might be interested as we build the farm and community around us.


Completed the new chicken run this morning, or at least the 90% that makes it usable. The 29 remaining ISA Brown chicks and the Turkey seem to really be enjoying the new space.

Tonight will be their first night of darkness without the heat lamp bulb.

I wonder what is going through their fuzzy little heads.


The new egg boxes seem to be catching on. The hens are choosing them over the old ones, so that is a good thing. I'll expand the test to the Rhode Island's coop next.

These are very light weight and should be perfect for the new chicken tractor design.


Egg count for May 4th: 4 RI/3 W/4 BSL/1 PC (12)


Egg count for May 3rd: 8 RI/6 W/4 BSL/0 PC (18)


Yesterdays Egg Count: 5 RI/5 W/2 BSL/0 PC (12)


Got a lot of items done today around the farm.

I built out a "beta test" of my new chicken nest box idea and put it with the welsummers to see if they will take to it. It's not as large as what they had, but it meets the minimum size guidelines. If it works out it should be perfect for the mobile coop to go with the chicken tractor units.

We also added a tarp underneath one of the rabbit hutches today to try and funnel the pellets a little better so that there isn't as much area to maintain under the hutch. I doubt this will be a final design, but I like the idea. And if we just have to sweep the tarp vs shovel, then that should make it easier also. Of course, the dogs love the idea too because the have a single place to sniff and dig through for lost rabbit feed. (Why do my dogs like rabbit food?)

After cleaning up the rabbit hutches, we added about a bushel of rabbit pellets to the garden to be tilled in later this week. The more I read, the more impressed I am with our little bunnies and how they contribute to the whole homestead/farm balance sheet.

I was able to w**d about half of the tomatoes today, where I was very surprised to see that the cherry tomato plants have already set fruit. There are 2-3 tomatoes on every plant. I wasn't expecting that for another month or so since we got them in the ground so late. Hopefully they'll produce a bunch of tomatoes before the heat builds too high. All the other plants are flowering well, so I hope that we'll get more than a couple of tomatoes this year.

With those and a few other tasks, I certainly feel in my muscles that today was a productive time on the farm.


Egg Count: 5 RI/3 W/4 BSL/1 PC (13 total)

Replanted the peas (Burpee Bush Blue Lake 47) during my lunch break today. After last nights rain, the soil was perfect ...
Blue Lake 47 Bush Bean Seeds and Plants, Vegetable Gardening at

Replanted the peas (Burpee Bush Blue Lake 47) during my lunch break today. After last nights rain, the soil was perfect for planting. I hope these peas germinate better. I have enough left over for replanting 2 more times over the summer for a hopeful continual harvest until fall.

I'm interested to see how the bush varieties will grow with the cattle panel "trellis" that we put in for the pole beans that didn't germinate. The next replanting will be without trellising.

We took the best qualities from Blue Lake 274, added more flavor and made it stringless.


Egg Count: 9 RI/5 W/3 BSL/1 PC (18 total)


The peas we planted 2 weeks ago seemed to have a germination rate of around 10%. The seed was purchased when the local mom and pop garden supply was going out of business. I guess the seeds were just really old. There wasn't a date marked on them since they were just bulk 1/4lb bags. Live and learn. I have a new packet of Burpee bush blue lake beans to replant in the empty sections of the rows. I'll keep the sprouted plants and hopefully they will continue to grow.

Also, while I was away, our order of 50 ISA Brown chicks and 2 bronze turkey chicks from Town Line Hatchery (http://www....

Also, while I was away, our order of 50 ISA Brown chicks and 2 bronze turkey chicks from Town Line Hatchery ( arrived with only one chick D.O.A. which isn't bad for postal service shipping.

We had pre-sold 12 of the chicks, and a few have died while here. But the remaining ones look very healthy and playful, scurrying around and scratching at the news paper.

I am looking forward to getting these little egg-layers out in the field and eating ticks and laying big brown eggs.


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Hope you can make the reunion!
My name is Tom Lewis. I have been raising Californians and Mini Rex for the past 40 years, but I just recently got out of them, and sold all my pedigreed rabbits to breeders from the Houston area. I got your contact from the feed store here in Ada where I live. I am moving in the next 2 weeks to TX and am making an effort to sell all of my rabbitry equipment and chicken raising equipment. The equipment has been well maintained and is in good condition; and some of the cages are newly built. Would you be interested at all in purchase, either as individual sale items, or one big purchase? I will sell at a greatly discounted rate, compared to current steel prices. Here is some of the supply/ equipment for sale I thought you might be interested in: I have 67 cages as follows.... Stacked cages and pans: 18x24 24x24 24x36 Hanging cages One hutch cage I also have rabbit feeders and waterers I have 17 nest boxes for small and medium sized breeds. I also have some poultry equipment you may be interested in such as: Cages (see above) Poultry waterers and feeders Chicken nest box plastic liners Baby chick floor brooder--great shape Rabbit and poultry wire Transport cages for poultry and rabbits I also have some barn equipment including: Port-a-cools Barn fans Dog Kennel Please call me at 580-279-6333 (home phone; does not text) or email me back. Tom Lewis