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Yearlings now available! Pm our instagram 🤗🐢🙏🌞🌍✨🙌

Yearlings now available! Pm our instagram



First nest of 2022 came with the help of abundant spring showers and some warm days.

Here is the 🐢man finding himself ☝️ of 🖐 nests for the day.

Usually we’ll have some test runs scratching around maybe one or two nests on the first day. This year five momma alligator snappers came up to lay on the first day. All higher than average numbers too.

Lastnight though they decided 55 was a bit chilly to get their claws dirty.

Thank you all for your continued support even through the stagnant winter months this dream wouldn’t be possible if y’all didn’t share the same vision 🙏

Stay tuned we got lots of fun coming this summer! Much turtle love from loggerhead acres turtle farm 🤗💚🐢

Hey there friends!  Shipping payment links will be emailed out Friday the 10th and turtles will begin shipping the 12th....

Hey there friends! Shipping payment links will be emailed out Friday the 10th and turtles will begin shipping the 12th. If you are not ready there is no hurry to get your shipping paid. I will not run out of turtles. So work on your timetable. Once shipping is paid I will ship within two business days. Realize Wednesday is the last day of the week to do 2nd day shipping as I won‘t have turtles sitting in limbo over the weekend at FedEx. Next day packages ship Monday thru Thursday. Take weather into account if it’s hot where you live. If it’s going to be 90 degrees use morning delivery. Please review my care sheet if you are new to this species on www.turtleman.com Thank you for your patience this Summer. Now it’s time to get down to it!

Hello friends old and new! Pardon the absence on here we have missed you!Spring has entered full swing here in the heart...

Hello friends old and new!
Pardon the absence on here we have missed you!

Spring has entered full swing here in the heartland we know as the ozarks, so we and the lady alligator snappers have followed mother nature’s suit.

Lots of rain and cooler temperatures has brought a late start to the laying season, while also compressing the peak of the season’s workload into a day or two.

Yesterday we uncovered 49 clutches after another half inch of rain through the night. 1,335 tucked away eggs under very well hidden and rained on piles of dirt, with more rain in the forecast 😭

We go with the flow quite literally.
Wouldn’t have it any other way ✌🏻

The past couple days have been busy, fun and full of unforgettable memories with some of the coolest people and turtles in the universe. Life is grand and we’re oh so happy to call you all FAM 🙌


Found this girl just finishing her nest about 9:00 am. Most lay between midnight and daybreak. 6/2/21


We’ve got action. Will post more pics as we go. Preorder page will be up next week.


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Alligator Snapping Turtles

I started Loggerhead Acres in 1995 but my interest in turtles goes back to the early '60's when I was a kid growing up in South Kansas City. Some of my first memories were finding common snappers walking up the creek that ran through my back yard. I was just drawn to them and while many urged me to find something else to do I knew what I liked and I was fascinated with these creatures. In 1967 I bought a small alligator snapper for a whopping $5 from a mail order reptile business. I remember that day 51 years ago as if it was yesterday. It was that day that I knew I wanted to breed these turtles and believe it or not came up with the name "Loggerhead Acres" way back in '67. So this was destiny!

My turtle collection expanded over the subsequent years and my interest in alligator snappers did as well. It was many years later in the late 80's that I discovered these majestic animals were being slaughtered for the turtle meat trade in Arkansas and Louisiana. Arkansas protected them in the Fall of '93 but Louisiana left the commercial harvest open until the Fall of 2004. For almost 10 years I bought adult alligator snappers that were to be butchered for the meat trade and brought them back to my farm in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. Many of the larger males went to zoos and educational exhibits but I ended up with a large group of adults that have acclimated and flourished since. Each year we dig about 5500 eggs and these are the hatchlings we offer for sale. I want this page and our website, www.turtleman.com, to be an educational tool for those interested in this species and for those who would like to raise one or two themselves.

And know if your turtle gets too big to keep, we can arrange shipment back to Loggerhead Acres for trade of smaller ones. If you have any questions this page can be used to message us directly and we will answer your questions. Customer service and timely shipping of orders is our priority. Please review the terms of service page to check to see if you have any state laws regarding this species. It has always been my goal to provide licensed captive bred alligator snappers to those who share my interest in this wonderful species. America's reptile treasure, the Alligator Snapping Turtle! :)

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