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Aroha Acres Aroha Acres is all about pastured, heritage breed, Berkshire pork. Unbeatable flavor, succulently marbled and humanely raised.


Only ONE MORE MONTH TO WAIT until Iowa's best pork is on your table.
It's going fast ... reserve yours now by following this link -- it's simple!


First foray into the wild world of farmers markets. Come check us out right now until 6pm!


It's our Farmers Market debut!

Come by TODAY to visit Cait and Aidan and learn about our newest "graduates" -- ready for your freezer NEXT MONTH!

We are looking forward to our Harvest Happening today - In addition to our dedicated regular vendor crew, we'll have special guest vendors: Honey Dome Farms, Spruce Ave Flowers, Train Wreck Winery, and Aroha Acres! We're hoping for an appearance from JÓIA FOOD FARM.

We'll also have a veggie dessert tasting from Nancy Clark at ISU Extension - Kossuth County, popcorn with Kusina Gold Gourmet Greek Seasoning, apples with caramel dip, and Fall soup samples! We'll also have offerings from Garotos Samba Rock BBQ and Kim's Cupcakery!

For the kiddos, we'll have pumpkin painting, veggie tattoos, and games with GREAT veggie themed prizes!

Top it off with some music from Two Juhls and a Gem and a couple of doorprize drawings including a basket of goodies from our vendors and a 3-month youth pass to the Mason City Family YMCA - and we've got ourselves a party!

Don't miss out. We'll be there 3-6pm in the Mills Fleet Farm parking lot!

The Des Moines Register

Where is your favorite place to check out fall foliage?

Still planning your weekend? Consider a day (or longer) trip to check out the changing colors around Iowa.


Premium Pork ... Iowa Nice price!
Wholes and halves still available, starting at only $2.25/pound!
Simply contact us at 608-498-1960 or [email protected], then place your order with Clarion Locker!
Pork will be ready in November -- just in time for the holidays!


it's always best to take down trees with an audience.


Still haven't figured out this farming thing yet.
Was worried the piglets would get caught up in flash flooding, so I went down to the barn to make sure they were in shelter, not on pasture. This decision effectively drove them FROM shelter, TO pasture.
I waited 30 minutes in the downpour until they all wandered back up to shelter. They are in good spirits! Me on the other hand ...
Still haven't figured out this farming thing yet.
-Cait :)


bottoms up! our new barn kitties are diving in to the family.


food also makes a superb ice pack after a rugby injury.


Aroha Acres's cover photo


doing a little retail therapy and I think I found some new art.

National Park Service

Aroha Acres is not a national park, but we'll enjoy a walk in our woods today nonetheless. :)
Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service!

Have you heard? National Park Week is a big part of ! We may have been "born" on August 25, but we're celebrating all year long.

How will you in our birthday year?


RIP tomato cages. They were no match for these GIGANTIC tomatoes.
dog for scale.


everything for dinner is from Aroha.
made with Aroha.


Choose "real" pigs:

"For people who are interested in "real pigs" it has something to do with both the pigs themselves — the fact that these animals have characteristics that distinguish them from industrially produced pigs — but probably even more to do with the methods by which they are raised. That is, in the outdoors, reproducing under their own terms (e.g., building nests), and with a concern for their welfare as living creatures."

From pork-fans to vegans, we're all enmeshed in a "meat-hooked" culture, writes anthropologist Barbara King. Real pigs are caught up in that food culture, right alongside us.


According to legend, Berkshire hogs were discovered by Oliver Cromwell's army during a long winter in Reading, the county seat of the shire of Berks in England, 300 years ago.

That's right ... our pigs are legendary.


Start thinking about your Christmas ham now!
(or maybe just your Wednesday night Iowa chops)

Taking reservations NOW for November pork:

Why Pastured Pigs Are Better

Many great reasons to choose pastured pork in this article (happiness of the animal, far superior taste, etc.)

Also, there is talk of poo cannons:

When it comes to raising pigs, sunshine and open air makes all the difference.


when you live on a , you get creative with preserving the harvest


Every year we wait (not very) patiently for the world's BEST .
Which, coincidentally, comes from our neighbor at the bottom of the hill! We take AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and freeze for a taste of Summer in January.


Seeing our people enjoying their pork = one of our favorite things! Be sure to share your pretty pork pictures with us too:


Is this you? Make sure you have enough Aroha pork!
Not you? Get some Aroha pork!
Our next family will graduate in November -- visit to view our order form and connect with us to reserve your halves and wholes!


There are 23 Berkshire pigs in this picture. Being all they can be.


Searching the iowa jungle for Berks!


this means our daylily patch is ready to burst!


Why yes, we DO have a piggy dinner bell in our home.
Hope you all are enjoying a big feast with your loved ones today.

Varroa Destructor

"It has stronger arms than a sumo wrestler, a better nose than a dog, and its bite is more deadly than that of a cobra. Its victims: millions of bee colonies worldwide."

“It has stronger arms than a sumo wrestler, a better nose than a dog, and its bite is more deadly than that of a cobra. Its victims: millions of bee colonies worldwide.” –


I get to be herding, and taking selfies with, piglets -- while The Boss ... castrates :/

Prepare yourselves…

...The nectar flow is coming! This is an image of the first clover flower I've seen this year. This is great because the clover bloom is a huge nectar flow and marks the beginning of the honey production season.

…The nectar flow is coming! This is an image of the first clover flower I’ve seen this year. This is great because the clover bloom is a huge nectar flow and (for my area) marks the beg…


3342 Eagle Avenue
Thornton, IA


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