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Operating as usual


My ladies were out flying yesterday:) With the cold weather recently it was a joy to see that they had made it!!!! thank you Jesus !!! This could be the year for a great season :)

I've been stung many times by my bees most of the time it was my own mistakes that caused them to sting

I've been stung many times by my bees most of the time it was my own mistakes that caused them to sting


So ready for spring !! I'm going to be able to spend a lot more time in my bee yard this year I recently accepted a job closer to home. I'm feeling very excited!! I wish I could make a living with just bee keeping that I'm sure will come but for now work work hard :)


My hives are very strong and testy fed them today and got stung in my face and hand yep me being me "oh its fine they won't be to testy today I don't need to wear anything " :/ natures botox anyone? lol


Ready for spring so I can be in my bee yard !!! I've had enough of a break ready to work!!!!!!!!


My lady's are doing well I did a quick feeding over this past weekend knowing colder weather was gonna come ..Feb march are critical times this is when most honey bees starve or freeze to death ... Very important to feed every chance you get a break in the cold weather !!!


My poor bees ..uggg 7 degrees really ...on a good note when I fed them last they had a huge cluster .. All but one which that was a first year hive.. :/


Cold snap!! glad I put some fondant on my hives last week when it was nicer ...bee happy!!!


Checked my hives over the weekend there all doing amazing even saw a few flying about Saturday :)


Lots of prayers that all of my hives make it through winter ( very hopeful that they will :))

A little treat for my girls :) feeding

A little treat for my girls :) feeding


Hey guys haven't posted in a while we are getting ready for winter getting my lady's ready for cold weather is some hard work but I love it :)


now that I have honey what's next? start preparing my bee yard for winter ... and now is the time I start planning for next spring.. yes I said it us bee keepers live for the future lol !!!! I go over things like will I add more hives to my bee yard will I do splits and how many will I do ? what type of things can I do for my bees to help with honey production ext ext. yes this is my brain on a daily basis ;)


I got 24 lb of honey its not a lot but I'm not complaining I could have gotten none ..


I pulled all supers off this past weekend .. I got one full super of honey ..could have been better.. but could have been worse ...the trials of bee keeping you never know how much honey you will get..its all up to your bees and weather , I'll post how many pounds I got as soon as I extract..

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


I can not wait to taste this seasons honey ... one thing about bee keeping is you depend on the bees the weather ext. nerve racking at times but I couldn't see my self not bee keeping I love it !! I must say I had a rough start this season as many did .. Between the harsh winter we experienced and then the cold nights of the early spring I thought that I may have a panic attack lol but now my lady's are blossoming !! couldn't be happier :)


My supers have been on now for a few weeks so I will be checking tomorrow to see if my lady's have filled any frames out with honey yet ... The rain and chilly temps at night does in fact slow honey production down a bit due to the bees cant work longer hours ... so bring on the warm nights :) I will post pictures I hope its hard to find someone that will take pictures as I work because there scared lol Maybe I can talk my little Abby into it she's not afraid !!!!!


So hoping to have my honey supers on in the week or so ... and the rain delayed my hives progress a little ... and I've noticed that the dandelions after the rain kinda stalled there blooms ...

Hey friends go vote :) I've entered one of my hive the one dearest to my heart !!

Hey friends go vote :) I've entered one of my hive the one dearest to my heart !!


checked on my hive yesterday they are doing amazing lots and lots of capped brood ( capped larva soon to be baby bees ) :) top boxes are on now I need the queens to lay lay lay and then my honey suppers can go on yayayayay honey !!!!

They were working a little yesterday ... I love to watch them going in and out of there hives

They were working a little yesterday ... I love to watch them going in and out of there hives

Very cool ... I can't wait to recover a natural hive :)

Very cool ... I can't wait to recover a natural hive :)

Had to share this great picture from South Valley, NM.
This hive was recovered from under a shed. Absolutely beautiful.
Now that's what I call fun :)

Looks good :)

Looks good :)


Checking my hives this eve see if they have released the queen :) they have been busy bees I couldn't ask for better weather this week


I do have video of the installation of my hives but I could not get them uploaded last night coming soon :)

My bees :)

My bees :)


Good morning !!! Be delivery day I'll be doing what I love today :) I'll be handling millions of honey bees I'll try to get some pics ... its a fast past day so we shall try :) excited hopefully it warms up a bet

My hives set and ready for bees to arrive Wednesday :)

My hives set and ready for bees to arrive Wednesday :)


Looks like my bees will have delays another snow storm possible next week :/


Come on nice weather ... I don't want any delays when my bees arrive ...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

When honey bees are between 12 and 20 days old, they develop eight special wax-producing glands on the underside of their abdomens. The wax is exuded as a liquid, but quickly cools and solidifies. The worker bee collects the wax from her abdomen with her legs. She masticates the wax until it is pliable, and shapes it into the hexagonal cells that make up the honeycomb.
So, this is a young house bee doing this chore. So the closer you keep your undrawn frames to the main cluster of younger bees, the quicker it will be drawn out. Hence they will always build out center frames quickly when you install another box, they are right underneath the middle of it as they graduate from being a nurse bee. Make sense?

Some cool facts ... thank you Joanna ;)

Some cool facts ... thank you Joanna ;)


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