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5 Things Your Horse Will Always Remember!
Horses have an exceptional level of awareness meaning that they can understand situations much more deeply than other animals. They are so attentive that they can pick on other people's emotions through body language, voice, or just the general vibe you give off. This type of awareness can lead to much more intense experiences for horses. Here are some experiences your horse will remember forever!
1. Places
Horses have quasi photographic memory, meaning that they can remember places very clearly. It can be positive or negative, depending on the experience they had in a particular place. Imagine your horse witnessed a very traumatic event. Most likely he will never forget the place or event and move away from that area. If your horse seems hesitating to go somewhere, listen to him, comfort him and trust him, he knows what he's doing!
2. People
As horses have an almost photographic memory, it’s no surprise that they remember people by their faces. Show them the picture of someone they know and they will probably react. Horses can even recognize people after years of being apart! But their memory goes far beyond our general appearance. Horses can read our facial expressions and remember them for later, too.
As part of the study, horses were shown pictures of people with happy or sad expressions. After meeting these people in person (with neutral expressions), the horses reacted based on the original expression they had memorized in the photos. If you meet a horse for the first time, then you have to make a very good impression on him!
3. Emotions
Besides places and people, horses have an innate ability to recognize human emotions. Horses have a tendency to perceive body language, even the most subtle, which helps them determine a person's feelings. If we are feeling stressed, sad or angry, our physical appearance tends to reflect this. Same goes when we feel happy or excited! Horses don't just read emotions, they also remember a person based on the last emotion they felt from their last interaction. This is a useful strategy for horses to avoid any possible aggressive encounters.
4. The other horses
Humans aren't the only ones who can leave an indelible imprint on a horse! Horses can remember and recognise other horses from their social network. Whether it takes a few years or decades, one horse will never forget its relationship with another. This doesn't mean as much they will pair up with each other if they ever get together. One horse will only react to another if the bond they had was particularly strong. If he knows a horse from a previous encounter, he may treat it differently than others.
Other important bonds between horses, like the one that unites a mare and her foal, are known to last a lifetime. As horses also remember smells, this can help a mare recognize her baby, even years after separation.
5. The words
Horses are able to understand words much deeper than we thought, but not in the traditional sense we give words. They understand the words by tone, height and length of the voice. Words with fewer syllables tend to stick better to horses. They can tell when someone is insulting them and when someone is complimenting them. Don't underestimate their intelligence, because there's a good chance they're listening very attentively to every word you utter.
Horses are incredibly gifted animals, and should be treated as such! Having an idea of the memories horses hold with them forever will allow you to understand and communicate with them even more deeply. Whatever the experience, good or bad, you can be sure your horse has felt it fully. Do your best to give them a good memory, and they will surely do the same.

credit: Marise Jacques

Wow how do they know?

Wow how do they know?

She thinks she’s camouflaged 🀣

She thinks she’s camouflaged 🀣

Photos from The Ideal Wish's post

Photos from The Ideal Wish's post


Today And Everyday!

Photos from Say Awesome's post

Photos from Say Awesome's post

Sunset at Patience Farm

Sunset at Patience Farm


❀️ We are horse people...
you don't have to understand us...

We have no problem eating a sandwich directly after mucking stables...
We know why a thermometer has to have a string attached to the end and lights and cords have to be covered or kept out of reach...
We know that all external medicine is either waterproof, blue or yellow.
We are not welcome in Launderettes.
We would sooner quit a relationship than give up our horse.
We talk to our truck to make it up the hill.
We know more about our horse's diet than our own. (Not so true for me anymore πŸ˜‰)
We buy grain and hay before buying our own food.
It’s common to see us wearing yard clothes in public, and we wear them with pride...mud and all.
We know that mucking a stable is the best cure for depression.
We get along better with most animals than people.
We are quick to lend a hand in a crisis and we will always make time for a friend.
We know that only horse people understand this special community we're a part of, and know we share something special.
A hand shake is our bond.

*shared from a friend

Cute article by my daughter Lauren Albert
Photo essay: A day in the life of a service dog in-training – The Weekly Ringer

Cute article by my daughter Lauren Albert

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Khan is a cat lover!


Sylvester the cat sharing the love.

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Sylvester was a movie star in another life 🀣

Sylvester was a movie star in another life 🀣

Rainbow then a beautiful sunset we all enjoyed

Rainbow then a beautiful sunset we all enjoyed

Rainbow then beautiful sunset we all enjoyed

Rainbow then beautiful sunset we all enjoyed

When you have too many horses to ride 😬🧲🐎 thanks Carlie Puccini Morris for the photo 🀣

When you have too many horses to ride 😬🧲🐎 thanks Carlie Puccini Morris for the photo 🀣


He's "JUST" a Trail Horse

I can't count the number of times that I have heard the words "Oh you just trail ride" or "It's just a trail horse", especially from other riders who focus on only one discipline. And each time I have to smirk a little. To be JUST a Trail Rider you need a very special talented kind of steed for which many folks don't realize the expertise required:

- He needs to be as maneuverable as a Dressage be able to place each foot exactly where and when you need because there is a steep cliff drop-off on one side and a wall of solid mountainside on the other. A sure-footed horse is a must to be a good Trail horse.

-He needs to be as bold as a go willingly where he is pointed, whether that is over a log, up a steep hill, down a gully, through rushing water, boot-sucking mud or bushwhacking through thick scrub.

-He needs to be as agile as a Show to easily twist and turn around trees and bushes, boulders and hop over fallen logs.

-He needs to have the stamina of an Endurance Horse....because a 7 mile ride can easily turn into a 20 mile ride if his "on-board GPS" (aka rider) takes a wrong turn.

-He needs to have the calm mind of a Rodeo Pick-Up Horse....because many horses can not hold it together under stress. But a good Trail Horse must be able to cope with the high emotional energy often coming from other horses in front, behind and either side of him. He needs to always be level-headed and sensible.

-He needs to manage being squashed against others like a Polo Pony....because on some trails his nose might be pushed against a tail in front, or flanks pressed side-by-side with rider's knees banging against other rider's knees, or another horse breathing down his back. He needs to have patience and get along well with others.

-He needs to cope with bursts of speed like a Racehorse.....because if that "on-board GPS" (aka rider), stated above, turns the short ride into 20 miles you won't get home till dark if walking that whole distance.

-He needs to be a clever problem-solver with his mind and feet like a Cutting horse....sometimes his rider is gonna get him stuck in places that seem impossible to get out of!

-He needs to be brave like a Cow Horse because not only will he have to deal with protective mama cows and bulls out on the trails, but he'll also be faced with mountain bikes, ATVs, motorcycles, strollers, tractors, logging equipment, chainsaws, horse-drawn carts, bullet-riddled appliances, floating plastic bags and balloons, booming thunder and pouring rain with flapping slickers, loose wild horses and burros, and all forms of wildlife.

-And he needs to be cuddly and sweet like a Child's Pony....because he will spend countless hours exploring trails with his rider.

But hey.... He's "JUST" a Trail Horse!

****Author unknown ****

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Photos from Patience Farm's post

Never a dull moment with Duggan Raiter.  No one was hurt including the snapper 😊

Never a dull moment with Duggan Raiter. No one was hurt including the snapper 😊


My morning πŸ’•


My morning πŸ’•

The adventures of Sylvester continue…

The adventures of Sylvester continue…


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Anyone want to trail ride with me and Rundi tomorrow (thursday) afternoon? Going to be a beautiful day

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