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Little m Farm I'm a small vegetable farmer in northern New York. Direct market,CSA,& farm stand.


The latest. Well my sister,Lydia, got home from her trip to South Africa. Was quite the trip! I got to go to Watertown but somehow it just didn't seem to be quite as exciting. Anyway, calves are growing fast. Started replanting peppers and tomatoes into bigger cells. Next week we will start all vine plants. Cold weather not doing my garlic anything great. Need weather to straighten up so I can plant peas and other cold weather seeds. My 7 month old granddaughter has learned how to throw a fit if things don't go her way. Actually kind of funny to watch. You know it's a fit cause there aren't any tears just a lot of noise. Then you watch her mother deal with it. It's one of those moments when you are tempted to say, "I remember when..." but then like any smart grandparent you shut up and just watch. Oh yeh, most eggplant is ready to replant. Ordered high tunnel,(26X96), hope to have it here by end of May. May is going to be one busy month.


Well her's the latest. Seems Verizon wireless has been having trouble. First I was on the internet then I wasn't, then I was then I, well you know. Anyway most of the peppers in the plug trays are up. Tomatoes are just starting to peek through. Eggplant is pretty much planted in plug trays also. Got more tomatoes to plant. Calves are really growing and just about ready to be fully weaned from milk replacer. We are selling brown eggs now. they are from Almeda Grandjeans. She was getting just to many and wanted to know if I would sell some. Nice eggs and chickens are raised the old way. We also have some comb honey and small containers of regular honey. We do have some 5 gal pails of honey. Hopefully this week will get some more siding on addition and materials ordered for lean-to at end of barn. Dudley, the riding horse pushed the barn door open last night and made a mess out of the inside of the barn. Not the kind of thing you want to wake up to at 5:30am. Ah, life on the farm!!


Had our Watertown SaturdayFarmers market meeting today. Group made the decision to move the market to the new pavilion at the JB Wise parking lot for the season instead of keeping it at the fairgrounds. The city has done a great job redoing the parking lot and the new pavilion is huge. There are also real restrooms, lots of parking, electrical outlets and more. Should make a fantastic market. We also decided to start the market June 16 and run til Nov. 3. Weather may dictate a change come fall. Hours are tentatively 9am-2pm. Hopefully city buses will bring people downtown as I guess they run on saturday. Here at the farm I have started selling brown eggs. Almeda Grandjean was being over run with eggs and asked if I would sell them. So I said yes. She has quite a few chickens and takes good care of them. She doesn't keep them in cages preferring a large pen where they can run around. In summer they have an outdoor pen also. She isn;t certified organic but tries to follow some of the same rules.


Ok I just figured out what happened. I thought I lost everything when we went wireless. Turns out I just didn't know where to go to find my page. Yeh, yeh, I know I'm old. Just remember one of these days your kids are going to look at you and think, "they really can't be that dumb can they?". Anyway here on the farm, the calves are doing good. One still little sick but doing lot better. Seeds are all here and peppers are almost all planted. Should start planting tomato seed tomorrow. Last of seed starting supplies arrived yesterday. Hope to finish spreading winter manure pile today. Fence for horse pasture just needs tightening up and one last gate hung. Rototilled some ground yesterday in hopes of getting peas and swiss chard planted. All for now.


OK, just a quick note for now. It seems it has been announced that the Watertown Saturday Market is moving from the city fairgrounds to the new pavilion at the JB Wise parking lot. THIS DECISION HAS NOT BEEN FORMALLY VOTED ON BY THE MARKET VENDORS!! We went and looked at the potential new site. Three of use attended the latest city council meeting where one of the council persons asked if we could afford to pay the same rental fee for the pavilion. I was appointed to speak and with the agreement of the other two I said we thought we could. That seemed ok with the council. At this point, the whole group of us has not met and agreed to any changes. We also need to see what the contract will read and meet the new head of Parks & rec. and find out any details we should know. The market is to open on June 16. We have time to get this decision made. At the point where we decide the location and have a signed contract with the city we will formally announce it. As president of the organization I have appointed myself as spokeperson of it for now. We can't have everybody giving out information that hasn't been agreed to by the group. We are also looking for more fruit and vegetable growers, and possibly value added products produced from home grown ingredients, local honey and maple syrup producers. Thank you for reading this.


Finally got the horses out in barnyard. Both calves doing great now. Started clearing brush off a section of high tensile fence I haven't really seen in about 10+ years. Wire was practically on the ground but still connected. That's the beauty of high tensile. More expensive to build at first but very little maintenance after. Probably haven't replaced over 3 posts in 15+ years and no wire replaced. Once animals trained to it they don't forget. You have to use a high tensile fencer. If you touch it you won't forget it either. I've had more then one dog forget the fence was on and they didn't try it again. Just notified that I am eligible for money towards the purchase of a high tunnel thru USDA program. Now I need to get busy looking at which one I'd like and total amount of money needed. High tunnels are used to extend the growing season for certain crops. I've got some ideas but...


What's new here? Well one calf is doing great but the other one is just starting to pick up. She just seems to be slow getting up to speed and trying to stay healthy. Oh well just have to keep watching her. Seed orders are arriving and started up the vent fans and inflation blower in the greenhouse to make sure they work. Next will fire up the heater and clean greenhouse. Hopefully by first of week we will have some seeds planted. Actually a little behind right now. Ben and I spent today fixing gates in the barnyard. There are four of them and two needed new posts to hang gates from. Also covered a new drainage pipe that drains water out of barnyard. Horse are starting to shed hair in huge amounts. Sure sign spring is arriving. Oh ya, garlic is starting to grow. This past week Ben and I finished tearing off the lean-to part attached to north end of barn. Hope to start rebuilding it soon. Still don't have all pruning done and may be getting to late. All for now.


Seed orders are finally getting finished and will be sent in next couple of days. Just bought 2 heifer calves with the intention of having our own beef eventually. I was reminded by my wife that the last time I tried this I ended up breeding them and they both had heifer calves. Of course I said we would use them for beef but... We did eventually use some calves I bought for beef and I eventually got out of the beef business. Occasionally I forget some of the things I've tried and decide to try them again but I think my wife must have made a list because she reminds me. Probably a good thing. Remember, as a farmer, if it ain't broke just take it apart 'cause you know you can make it work better then the jackass engineer that designed it.


Not much happening here right now. Haven't ordered all my seeds. Just finished up the tax information now to get them officially done. Got barn doors to fix, wood to cut, painting in the house, new seat to put on tractor, and the list just goes on and on and on. No snow has got me wondering how well my garlic is going to survive.


OK it says write something. Please bear with me as I'm trying to learn about this. I'm going to try to get most people to use this site for all things about the farm. The pictures currently show my greenhouse where we start all the transplants used on the farm as well as the vegetable plants I sell in the spring. Picture of the tractor shows us laying plastic mulch before the plants are put in it. We currently lay about 4,000 ft. a year for planting peppers, melons, tomatoes, eggplant and maybe a couple of other things. all for now.


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