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Senne Farm Your one stop shop for livestock and farm products! From jams to whole beef cattle we offer it all! Here we will post the progress of our livestock and products.

This ranges from poultry to cattle! Like us to be the first to get offers on our products! Truthfully, I think happy animals produce the best and this makes a huge difference in products. We treat all our animals like family for the short time they are with us. Its difficult to let them go, but they were loved for the time they were with us. :)


Hello! I have been very busy since I was accepted into vet school for this fall.

We are looking for someone to fill a 1/2 pig order.

The bulk price per pound is $2.50 the pork will be processed through either Corwith or Ventura, depends on the appointments they have. They both charge around $30 for slaughter, $0.50 per lb for cutting and wrapping, and 0.25 per lb for grinding. This pig should have hang around a 200 lb carcass the half will be 100 lb.

The processing price for a 1/2 will be around $63. You can specify any specialty cuts your would prefer or if more should be ground. This will effect the over all price. I expect the final price for this 1/2 to be $320.

You will get with the generic butchering...
10-12 lbs of pork chops, 3 lbs spare ribs, 8-10 lbs ground pork, 8-10 pounds bacon, 15-18 lbs ham, 10 lbs picnic shoulder roast, 4-6 pounds Boston shoulder roast, 1-2 lbs jowl, you can request feet, soup bones and fat too.

If interested please message us!


Exciting news!! We have our cattle for this year. Please visit our website if your interested in ordering, our website has the details. They will be ready for butcher during mid to late August. I'll have photos later today.

This is Golden Freddy our star beef cattle for this year. He set a high standard for all our beef cattle and hung a mass...

This is Golden Freddy our star beef cattle for this year. He set a high standard for all our beef cattle and hung a massive 1028 lb carcass, the largest Ventura locker has ever had. It sounds cheesy but we like to think it was all the love we gave him. He also loved his corn, butt iches, and hugs. Here is to a new year of beef cattle as we prepare for new calves this fall.

If you are interested in Bulk Beef orders you have come to the right post!-- We are a small family farm, me and my husba...

If you are interested in Bulk Beef orders you have come to the right post!

-- We are a small family farm, me and my husband take care of our cattle.
-- We are offering pre-orders for 1/8,1/4,1/2 and whole bulk beef for Grass-fed and Corn/grass fed. All cattle are growth hormone free and not given antibiotics.
-- Our delivers start late June 2018. Your pre-orders are insured with Paypal and invoices will be sent to your emails. To start browsing or to place a pre-order visit our website ( )

-- We charge 2.50 per pound plus processing for our Corn/grass fed cattle
On average our cattle hang 900 lb carcasses so a 1/4 share will be 225 lb. Depending on the location of the clients for the beef cattle we use either Blue Earth Locker or Ventura locker. The estimated total for a 225 lb 1/4 with estimated processing for each locker is $677.25 (Blue Earth) or 730.00 (Ventura) the final price depends on the locker the cattle is taken and the final weight of the animal so it can be more or less then the provided average.

-- We charge 3.15 per pound plus processing for our 100% grass-fed cattle. This is our first year offering 100% grass fed, so I will guess the hanging weight will be around 800 or 900 lb. This means a 1/4 share is 200-225 lb. We use either Ventura or Blue Earth Locker for processing. This depends on our client locations for each cattle. The estimated total for a quarter, including processing, should be on average $823.50 (Blue Earth) or 876.50( Ventura) the final price depends on the locker the cattle was taken and the final weight of the animal, so it could be more or less then this estimation.

-- If you are new to bulk beef orders consider trying the 1/8 share. It is a great way to try our bulk beef without spending a lot! Our corn/grass feed will cost around $332.50 (Blue Earth) or $379.12 (Ventura) for a 1/8 of a 900 lb cattle and grass fed will be $405.63 (Blue Earth) and 452.24 (Ventura) for 1/8 of a 900 lb cattle.

-- We deliver the beef to your house when the locker is done processing it. You can choose to pick your beef up at the locker and you will receive a discount! All the information for on each bulk beef product is on our website.

--Feel free to message us on Facebook if you have any questions!

Farm fresh and delivered to your door


Hello, as some of you may know we are just starting our business as a small family farm.
I would like to get a general idea of how many people would be interested if we started offering whole and half pork in the near future? Please leave a like on this post if you would buy pork if we started offering it. That is super important :P
Here is some more information! Since we custom feed hogs we can't raise our own, but I know another small family farm that raises pigs in an outdoor pasture. Before I talk with them about selling pigs to us to butcher and deliver. I would like a general tally, that's were the likes play a role :) . I can't give price details yet, but if there is good demand we will talk with the other farm and I will get details out in another post.


Our cattle really love their clean and new cornstalk bedding :)


If your interested in our beef cattle here is some more information--
--We just started this page to expand our business, that's why there is a lack of reviews. :) We are a small family farm, just me and my husband.
-- We offer 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and whole cattle for slaughter.
--Our cattle usually hang a 800-1000 pound carcass.
For example, a 1/4 of a beef will be about 200-325ish pounds of beef. So if you order 1/4 beef, you get 1/4 of the steaks, T-bones, tenderloins, brisket, ground etc. butchered from the cow. We have a flat rate of $2.50 per pound. Processing is added but if you want a 1/4 of a beef you only pay for a 1/4 of the processing. Last I checked it is about $80-100 or so per 1/4 for processing.
--Pay half to reserve your portion and the rest is due when we deliver the beef. We deliver in late July through August.
--Encouragement time! Next time you shop see how much steaks cost and such. It might seem like a lot but if you love beef or eat a lot of beef it is actually super cost effective; lasts all year! Also you know where the beef is coming from!

Our 2017 beef cattle! What a healthy, happy and good looking batch.

Our 2017 beef cattle! What a healthy, happy and good looking batch.


Stay tuned. We will be posting pictures of our new beef calves for the 2017 season!


There is ONE month left to reserve your 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef portion for July 2017 delivery! If your interested or curious please call or text me at (608-434-1459). I'll happily answer all your questions and doubts!


Hey! Welcome to a new season of beef cattle! We are currently accepting pre-orders for 1/4,1/2 or whole beef! Delivery will start late July 2017. Our cattle are alfalfa, corn stalk, corn and DDG fed. We raise them with minimal hormones and antibiotics.
Please Contact
608-434-1459 or
for more details!!



Woden, IA


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